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    Two people worked in the yard for a while, and when Jianing's hands didn't hurt as much, Duan Mingming asked her to take it out.
    It was too early for such a delay. Duan Mingming helped her fill the kettle with hot water, and the two of them went to the place where the captain said yesterday to gather.
    Old man Qin knew that the educated youths were not familiar with the village, and the educated youths in the yard were not necessarily willing to take them, so he chose the entrance of the village. They knew about this place just yesterday, so the two arrived soon.
    Only when I got to the place did I find that there was no one here.
    "Obviously, did we go to the wrong place?" Jianing asked puzzledly.
    "Probably not, the captain was talking about the entrance of the village." Duan Mingming shook her head, she should remember a certain place, "Maybe the time has not come, we will wait."
    "Okay." Jianing nodded, because of this. It was too cold, and the two of them found a shelter and stood there.
    "Mingming, do you drink water?" After a while, Jianing saw that there was no one around and wanted to drink two sips of water. Before drinking, he asked Duan Mingming.
    "I won't drink, you can." Duan Mingming shook his head.
    "Okay." After taking two sips of water, Jianing set up the military kettle. After a glance at the place he was going, he saw Old Man Qin coming over.
    "Obviously, the captain is here."
    "Then we didn't go to the wrong place." Duan Mingming said, no one has come, she must suspect that she has remembered wrong.
    The two waited for a while, when Old Man Qin came over, it was not surprising to see that there were only two people, and said a word to follow him, and led the two people over.
    "Where are we going?" Jianing asked, "Why are there only two people?"
    "Others didn't come here, don't wait, they don't have work points today." Old man Qin only started doing this in the past two years. At first, as long as one person didn't come, he would wait there until later, the later he waited. When the people were not there at midday, he simply didn't do it and didn't lead them there. There was no work point that day, and he knew that he was wrong the next day.
    "Oh." Jianing nodded, knowing that no work points means no food.
    "You two are quite obedient." Old man Qin walked in front, "It's almost half past eight. I just looked at no one, went to the ground and looked around, and I won't give it to you on the first day of today. Remember to be late, and be earlier next time." There were only two people, and Old Man Qin didn't say much.
    The two agreed from behind, and Jianing took a look at the sky and decided to come here a bit earlier than this time tomorrow.
    The three of them walked halfway, and three educated youths ran from the other side. Old man Qin stopped when he heard the movement and said, "I still know how to come."
    "Captain, the first day was late." One of the educated youths apologized politely.
    He had a good attitude. Old man Qin did a good job, nodded without saying a word, and walked with the three of them. After two steps, he heard someone shout.
    "Captain, I'm sorry to be late." Tian Yuan ran over and walked over here, bending over and supporting her leg to pant.
    "Okay, just come here." Old man Qin saw that she was tired, he stopped here for a while before leaving.
    Bringing six people to the ground, Old Man Qin pointed to the person who was working and said, "This is what we are doing today.
    I will pave the soil between the two wheat seedlings." Jianing looked aside, "Why do you want to plow?" The flowers planted in the imperial garden die.
    "Loosely, water again in two days, remember not to plan the wheat seedlings." Old man Qin sighed, always feeling that a few people were watching and listening carefully, and it might not be reliable when they got to work.
    Just say how many people
    When they were all here, Old Man Qin thought for a while and gave them three hoes: "The three male educated youths work here, and the female educated youths over there." After all, I don’t really believe them, and I’m about to water them in these two days. When he was busy with watering, he had to push back. The farm tools in the team were originally not enough, so Old Man Qin didn't dare to give them so much.
    "What are we going to do?" Jianing didn't understand why he brought them here, and let the three of them go.
    "You can't do this job. Go and do other jobs." Old man Qin put his hands behind him, "You see if you can do it? Can you keep it here."
    Jianing shook her head, she even wanted to hoe the seedlings, that It's fun. Knowing that he would definitely get a training when he said his thoughts, Jianing honestly didn't say anything.
    The first time he didn't hear back, Old Man Qin deliberately raised his head and took a look. He didn't believe it when he saw the other party honestly. He talked back yesterday, but he was so obedient today.
    "Captain, I heard that your third child is awake? What's wrong? Ask what's the matter?" Old man Qin just wanted to say something, when the person next to him came over and asked him smoothly.
    "I woke up. I woke up last night. I woke up with nothing. I told me that I fell on the road. I was thinking about letting him stay at home for a year and a half. Don't go out."
    "It's really true. Did it fall?" the other party murmured.
    "Yes, I didn't see the road clearly at night, and planned to let him live in his hometown." Old man Qin explained.
    "Hey, Captain, I heard that you have given your new house to the educated youth in the Educated Youth Academy?" The other party finished talking about this, and started to talk about another one.
    Old man Qin glanced back: "The Educated Youth Academy can't be opened, and two rooms are vacated for them to live in first. Okay, I won't nag you, take them to work. You too, don't think about nagging. Lazy."
    "I'll do it now."
    Jianing listened behind, feeling that the other party's tone was a bit wrong, and a word came from behind every day when he was far away.
    "What a nice house, it's ruined for that group of people."
    Jianing was a little unhappy. They obviously cherished the new house and didn't stop at anything.
    "Jianing don't care about them, they talk like this." Duan Mingming was taken aback when seeing Jianing next to him, fearing that what she said would make others hear it badly.
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded, knowing that she can't talk nonsense here.
    "The three of you have little manpower, and you know how to do needlework, right?" Old Man Qin said as he walked in front. He touched the dry smoke on his waist after he finished speaking. After feeling for a while, he remembered that he didn't take it out when he came out this morning.
    "Yes." All three nodded.
    "That's all right," Old man Qin was satisfied, and he could do some needlework. He kept the batch of sacks without having to find someone to sew them.
    Leading them to the brigade, Old Man Qin found three stools for them to sit on, and took out a large number of bags from a corner of the house: "These food bags are all broken. I will find needles and threads for you. You break these When sewing the holes, the needle holes must be small, and if the grain is leaked, your work points will be deducted."
    The work was done by the people in the village a few years ago. After all, it is easy, and you don’t need to go out and get tired. Some people sew a needle that is bigger than a finger in order to earn more work, and in the end it is no different from no sewing. Old man Qin couldn't help but let them sew well. They didn't think they were earning a lot of work points. They didn't need a bag some time ago, so they just stayed, just taking this opportunity to train the new educated youth.
    After arranging the work, the old man Qin went around the room again, didn't see anything, didn't close the door, and talked to the three people and went out.
    The three people in the room looked at the needle and thread in his hand. Finally, Duan Mingming first started to do it, and then shouted Jianing, who was in a daze: "Jianing, don't be in a daze
    Jianing sat on the stool and looked at the bag in front of him. I didn't want to take it, because the top was too dirty, but when I saw that the two people around me had already started, I endured it and picked up the top bag.
    Most of the grain bags are sack bags, occasionally one or two white ones, Jianing has never seen them. Most of the bags have holes, and some have rotten seams. She took this one in one corner. Got a hole.
    Jianing took out the needle and thread and tied a knot, then used scissors to cut out a torn sack and placed it on the upper side and began to sew.
    There is nothing else in the palace, except eating is a daze, and the only thing that can pass the time is embroidery, so it's hard to say in other aspects, there are few needlework than Jianing.
    After all, the sack is not the same as the silk embroidered in normal times. It took Jianing a long time to get used to it, and then the speed became faster and faster under Duan Mingming's shocked gaze.
    "Jianing, slow down, don't hurry." Duan Mingming was afraid that she would sew so fast because she was in a hurry to go back.
    "Good." Jianing nodded, slowing down, but even this was faster than the two of them.
    Duan Mingming took one of her stitches and saw that the needle eye was much neater than the one made by herself. Only then did he know that the other party made perfect by practice, not in a hurry.
    With dozens of bags, Jianing finished it in less than an hour, and then found out that she had nothing to do. She wanted to help Duan Mingming but was rejected.
    "Only for this, I can do it myself." Duan Mingming shook her head. She has already sewn more than half of it. Without Jianing's help, she will do it later. If Jianing helps her, then after the two of them are done, there will be Tian Yuan next to him. Will they help or not?
    Duan Mingming is not familiar with the other party, and the other party and another female educated youth ran on himself secretly when he first came here. Duan Mingming did not like the other female educated youth, nor did he like this. Compared with the two of them, Jianing although Squeamish, but easy to get along with in other aspects.
    Rather than waiting for a while after the two of them have finished their work, and have to help each other, it is better to let Jianing rest by the side for a while, and leave the two of them together.
    "Okay." Rejected, Jianing started looking for other things. The strange educated youth next to her looked at her several times, and Jianing looked back suspiciously, not knowing what she was going to do.
    Tian Yuan found that she had watched it several times, but the other party did not speak. Finally, she hesitated and asked, "Education Chen, can you sew a few for me?" There was a sister who was helping to make clothes at home, and she rushed to the sewing place. Very few, so the movements are very rusty. Now that the two people have already sewn, and the other is half of the stitches, only two-thirds of them are left. I feel a little anxious.
    "Jianing burned her hand this morning. I can't let her do more work." Jianing hadn't spoken yet, and Duan Mingming helped her block it back. She saw a lot of people like the other party. Let's not talk about her two cousins. Such people often bully their sister while they are away. When Duan Mingming heard her words, his fighting spirit was aroused, and he immediately began to protect Jianing as he usually protects his younger siblings.
    Tian Yuan didn't speak, she glanced at the two people and started to work with her head down.
    "Look, if not take me again how, people ignore you." Separated by a wall on the other side, Fang Mingzhen gloating said, "I just heard the captain say, so much to live can not eat."
    Three I’m so stupid. It’s only the first day. I’m afraid of being lazy. I’m going to work tomorrow. That’s official. I threw three people into the brigade today. I just looked at it and dealt with it casually. There must be no work points. In the morning, she told Tian Yuan that the other party still didn't believe it, and now it's alright. With such a large number of bags, you can't come back for dinner if you can't finish sewing them.
    "Mingzhen, why don't you come after you wake up?" Tian Yuan asked, "The captain said that the work
    you did today was counted." "It lied to you fools." Fang Mingzhen glanced at several people with contempt, "Quickly It’s midday lunch. Let’s do it slowly. I’ll go to dinner.”
    Jianing looked at Fang Mingzhen on the opposite side. She felt that the other party was a bit like the Third Sister in the palace, and she always looked down on others, so she didn’t want her father to marry her. In the end, the new emperor ordered to make peace with the Huns. When he left, he was happy, but he didn't know what happened in the end.
    Thinking of this, Jianing suddenly didn't want to talk to her, looked down at the bag in front of her, and looked at the needle and thread in the basket, suddenly her eyes lit up.
    Old man Qin turned around in the field, talked to a few lazy people, and planned to go to the brigade to see if a few people had made up. It was only when he arrived in the brigade that he realized that the little educated youth he thought was the most daunting did the fastest. Not only that, the other party also embroidered a flower on the bag.
    The author has something to say: Jianing: Am I great?

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