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  It took a long time for Jianing to accept this fact. Beibei really disappeared. This time, instead of hiding by herself like last time, she really left.
    Seeing the empty embrace, Jianing felt a piece of empty in her heart. Her sister never came back after her marriage, and Bei Bei also went back. From now on, she will be alone.
    There was only rice left on the kang. Jianing felt that she had no appetite at all. She regretted it. She had known that Beibei would leave, so she should stay in the palace and wait for King Qin to pick her up. If Beibei is still there, maybe she can escape the emperor's evil hands, and she and Beibei can stay together forever.
    "Babe..." Jianing whispered, Xiao Qinzi disappeared, her elder sister married away, and Beibei left. In the end, she was still left.
    It would be fine if Xiao Qinzi was still there, Jianing thought, Xiao Qinzi said that he was not an eunuch, and that he had only been in the palace for two years and would leave later. Jianing felt that he was lying to himself, because he was still there two years later, but the other party suddenly disappeared in the third year.
    Little Qinzi asked him to call him Brother Qin, but then my sister said that except for the prince, the other boys in the palace were all eunuchs, so there would be no Brother Qin, only Xiao Qinzi who cheated on her.
    Jianing was not angry that he lied to himself, only wanted him to come back, but after looking for it for many years, he didn't come back. My sister said that the eunuch in the palace was dead if she disappeared. Jianing didn't believe that the other party was so smart that she would definitely not be killed.
    I thought that Xiao Qinzi’s missing meeting was her most sad thing, but she didn’t expect her sister to be given a marriage later. Several emperor sisters in the palace were given marriage in turn, but few survived. Several emperor sisters were married. Murdered on the road.
    Jianing was afraid that her sister would repeat the same mistakes. During that time, she pulled her sister every day and didn't want her to leave him. It was only the emperor's order, not something they could disobey. After a while, the sister got married.
    After waiting in the palace for half a month, she suddenly received a letter from her sister, who said that she is fine now, so she doesn't have to worry about it.
    Jianing was relieved, except that she was usually a little lonely without her sister by her side, and everything else was fine, because Beibei was by her side.
    With Beibei, the day passed quickly.
    But now Beibei is gone, Jianing hugged her arm, wondering if it was an illusion, she just took out the jade pendant, and saw that it was restored to its previous appearance. The little white cat in Yu Perry was gone. .
    Really only myself was left, Jianing felt uncomfortable for a while, and the lines on the jade pendant were not in the mood to read.
    It's just that the less she didn't want to see the words flashing, Jianing moved the jade pendant closer to herself and found that the lines on it had become bigger.
    "Jianing, I'm home, I will visit you when I have the opportunity to do the task well."
    Jianing didn't expect Beibei to arrive so soon, so it would be impossible to come back. My finger gently stroked the words on the jade pendant, and then I saw the words on it changed.
    [Mission 4 is completed, rewards three catties of polished rice, two catties of boiled meat, and two low-level spiritual fruits. ]
    "Ah?" Ning feel a bit strange, Babe never told her task, how to complete?
    As soon as she questioned, a new line appeared on the jade pendant.
    [Task 4: Obtaining work points greater than or equal to five (completed)]
    Jianing thought that she had gone to work yesterday, and it might be the task she completed at that time.
    Just seeing the reward I missed Beibei more, this is what Beibei left for herself before leaving. If the other is there, the two of them must be very happy now, but now they are only happy and not happy.
    What's the use of having more rewards, only herself, Jianing put the jade pendant on her neck again, she is not hungry now, does not want to eat, her feet still hurt, and she
    does not want to go out, sitting on the kang in a daze.
    It's just that the feet hurt from time to time. Jianing stretched out his feet. It was colder than the bed outside, and it didn't feel so painful. Jianing remembered that Beibei said that Lingli Fruit can cure diseases and strengthen the body. She now has two Lingli Fruits.
    Thinking of Beibei, he took another look at his foot. One night passed, the ankle area had begun to swell, and now it was a circle fatter than the other foot.
    Do you want to eat it? Jianing hesitated for a moment and decided to try one first. If it worked, she could walk down the ground. If she couldn't do anything else, she could boil the water in advance.
    Being alone on the kang is particularly uncomfortable. And Beibei left, making her feel very lonely, especially wanting to do something for herself.
    After I figured it out, Jianing took out a spiritual fruit directly from the jade peli, it was still a small green fruit, and it still had a familiar sour taste in his mouth. Jianing resisted the uncomfortable eating it, and the next moment he felt warm in his stomach. of.
    I haven't eaten anything since I finished eating last night, and I felt a little painful just now. Jianing just didn't care about talking to Beibei, only now I feel comfortable.
    It's just that, she missed Babe even more, but Jianing also knew that the other party, like her sister, might never come back.
    My sister said that others can only help her, and the more important life is to rely on herself. The elder sister is right, she is alone now, but Jianing thinks she can live.
    When the injury on her foot is healed, she must go to work, Jianing thought, if that way, she can support herself by herself, and with the grain given by Yupei, she will live well.
    I don't know if it was an illusion, Jianing had just made plans, and suddenly felt that the pain on his feet was not as painful as before.
    I lifted the quilt, no Beibei did not complain about the coldness in Jianing, and stretched out the foot that I just put in. It didn't seem to be as swollen as before, and the change was not obvious, but it was much better.
    Jianing stretched out a finger and poked it carefully, only to find that it didn't hurt at all, but it was itchy.
    "Really better?" Jianing didn't believe that it was so magical, and after using a little bit of strength, it hurts now, but it hurts much better than just moving.
    Even if it was more than half better, Jianing felt that she could go down. Only when she stepped on the ground did she find that the pain was far stronger than she thought.
    Honestly retracting his feet, Jianing felt a little pain in his stomach. Thinking of how he felt in his stomach after eating, he glanced at the meal on the bedside table, and finally decided to pick it up and eat.
    The elder sister is right, she will rely on herself in the future, and the others will be gone, but the life will go on.
    The steamed buns and meals were wrapped tightly in the baggage. Even if it was so big, there was still a bit of temperature. It might have been stuffed with firewood just now. The kang was much warmer than when I woke up yesterday morning. Jianing sat on the kang to eat.
    I picked up the steamed bun and took a bite, and then took a chopsticks dish. It was not very delicious, but she must get used to it. There will be more unpalatable dishes in the future.
    Old man Qin said that the food distributed to them is still too much. The harvest this year is not good. There will be less food distributed over time. Let them save a little bit of food and save as much as possible for the New Year, otherwise everyone else will be It's delicious, and they don't look good when they go hungry.
    Jianing thought of her own task rewards, and decided to take out the rewards during the Chinese New Year and eat delicious food with Duan Mingming.
    My sister said that the new year is the beginning of the year, and if there is a good beginning, the year will be very happy.
    Jianing believes that as long as she is willing to work hard, the days to come will be better.
    The section clearly left the food eaten, Jianing playing a burp, since Fu Huang would like to
    later play them, she never once eaten so many things.
    The time when the mother concubine passed away was the most difficult time for the sisters. It was also at that time. She met Xiao Qinzi. My sister didn’t know this person. When she went to Yuhuayuan to play secretly every day, she was with Xiao Qinzi. Happy time is always short. Jianing remembered her previous life, and then think about it now. Suddenly she wanted to stay when she was a child and never grow up, so that there would be no troubles.
    And if you don’t grow up, your father will not die. Although your father treats them very generally, he just looks at the face of the mother and concubine, and occasionally asks, with the father, they will live much better than later.
    The new emperor’s kindness to them has a price. The value of each princess has been calculated by the new emperor, and most of them are the fate of marriage.
    There are too many things to think about when he grows up. Jianing feels a little tired. Finally, he glanced at the medicinal liquor on the stool, put it on the bedside table, and planned to rub it at night.
    Just seeing the medicinal wine, Jianing couldn't help but think of the person who sent him back yesterday. Why on earth would he be familiar with, was he seen in this life or in the previous life?
    Old man Qin had his surname Qin. He was the son of Old Man Qin and his surname was Qin. Jianing felt that he knew a lot of people surnamed Qin. Xiao Qinzi was surnamed Qin, and King Qin also had this surname.
    King Qin... Jianing thought about it again without believing it, and finally remembered who the other party looked like.
    Three years ago, she had just arrived, and the new emperor jokingly said that she was ready to marry. This reminded her of unpleasant things, so she directly found an excuse to say that she was not feeling well and went back. She did not expect to have the king Qin who had just succeeded to the throne in the imperial garden. .
    At first, Jianing didn't know who the other party was? Or the other party showed his identity. Jianing thought of the rumors in the palace about King Qin, and immediately shuddered. Maybe she should be thankful that she ran fast, otherwise it is not certain whether she can live to be seventeen.
    It was just hiding for a while, not a lifetime, and the final destiny was given to King Qin.
    Jianing sighed. She had only met King Qin once, so she had a little impression of him. Seeing that the captain's son did not react by then, but now she was sure that the other party and King Qin did look alike.
    And now more than a little bit, Jianing recalled that when she saw King Qin, the other party was still young. If King Qin were a little older, he would be the same as the captain's son.
    I never thought I would meet King Qin. Beibei said that this is her life, what about the other party? Is it the next life of King Qin?
    Jianing only worried about one thing. Does King Qin remember the past? If the other person remembers one day, will he retaliate against himself?
    Running away from marriage by oneself must make the other party lose a lot of people, and many people in Beijing must be laughing at him. However, the emperor would definitely not give him a new princess, and Jianing suddenly felt relieved when he thought of this.
    If the other party marries a new princess, she will definitely not be held accountable. Besides, she is the most common elder in the palace. The new emperor pays him a new princess. It is too late for him to be happy, so why would he be unwilling?
    After I figure it out, I can rest assured again. Don't say that the other party doesn't remember knowing things last time. Even if I remember, it will definitely not do to her. If there is an emperor here, no one can force her to marry.
    Consoling herself that it is safe now, Jianing put the bottle of medicinal wine away, and after knowing who the other party was, Jianing didn't dare to use his things.
    Even if he doesn't remember the things of his previous life, King Qin is still the King Qin, cruel, cunning and insidious, he must not change at all, and he will stay away from him in the future, Jianing thought.
    It's just that he lives in his house now, so I definitely can't hide it. I regret thinking of Jianing here. When she was drawn to the educated youth academy, she should live directly without changing with others. Although the environment of the educated youth academy is not good and there are
    many people , it is much better than facing Qin Wei.
    It’s just that it’s too late to regret it now. Jianing thought for a while and decided that he must do his job well, so that he can save food, and later go to the captain to explain clearly and ask him to change a place for himself. Jianing would rather be the two houses under the mountain as mentioned earlier than live here.
    don’t know that his identity has been found out. Qin Wei woke up early in the morning and had breakfast with his parents. After the two of them got to work, he pushed out the bicycle in the house, thinking that Jianing had his ankle yesterday. Qin Wei, who had planned to bring nothing, went back to the house and found out the food coupons he had hidden before, but when he took the baggage, he found that the baggage had a green wild fruit.
    I don't know who picked the wild fruit. Qin Wei had just finished eating. In the morning, there was rice batter and wowo again. When he saw wild fruit, he suddenly felt a little tasteless in his mouth, but wanted to taste it. Thinking of this, I took the wild fruit out and rinsed it with water and put it in my mouth. I found the acid in my mouth after eating it, but it was really appetizing.
    After eating, he wiped both handles, Qin Wei closed the door and rode his bicycle to town.
    First, I went to the hospital in town to change the medicine on my head. I sweated a little when I came back with Jianing on my back yesterday. After I got home, I felt a little pain in the wound. Qin Wei endured it all night, now he just wants to change the dressing quickly, but after one night, he feels much better now than yesterday.
    Moreover, the head pain suddenly disappeared after entering the hospital. Qin Wei felt the psychological effect. He had been to the hospital two years ago and still had an impression of the layout of the hospital. Qin Wei went directly to see the wound.
    Because Qin Wei was in a coma when he came here last time, Qin Wei had no impression of others, but the doctor inside had a great impression of him.
    "This comrade, are you awake?" The doctor was a little surprised. He looked at the other person that day, it wouldn't be better for more than ten days, and he might never wake up. I didn't expect that after only a few days, the other person could already come by himself. Dressing changed.
    "Yes." Qin Wei nodded, "Doctor, can I change the dressing now?"
    "Yes, you can sit down and I will change it for you." After the gauze saw the wound, he was particularly surprised, "Comrade, your head injury has healed so quickly?" It was the first time he saw such a fast recovery rate. The wound was actually not healed, but it had changed a lot from the previous two days. Usually such a deep hole hasn't changed much in the past three or five days, but the other person's head is about to start to scar.
    "If you are in good health, you will get better sooner." The doctor next door heard him so surprised, thinking he was exaggerating, and said something in passing.
    "Then I have never seen a good one so quickly." The doctor who changed Qin Wei's dressing mumbled.
    "Doctor, the injury is still not healed, you can change the dressing for me first." Qin Wei stopped when he saw the other person patronizing and talking, and urged. He was still waiting to send a letter to buy things, he didn't have time to linger here, a little anxious.
    "Okay." The doctor reacted and was not surprised, and quickly changed his dressing.
    After changing the medicine, Qin Wei rode his bicycle to the post office to send a letter.
    There is only one post office in the town, which is a bit far from the hospital. On the way, he is still thinking about what the doctor said. The injury on his head is indeed much lighter today. Is it because he was happy yesterday?
    How could it be possible that Qin Wei shook his head? He had suffered countless injuries and understood that he could heal quickly only by taking a good rest, but during this time he went out all day and went up the mountain once. According to yesterday's practice, the wound should be more serious.
    Maybe it's because of better health in this life, Qin Wei put it aside. When he went to the post office and put the letter in accordance with the postman's instructions, Qin Wei went back. The stamps on the envelope were all affixed, and they were ready at first glance. I have to say that Jianing's home is very well prepared. Qin Wei can find out from the clues that she is more favored at home, and that's okay, it's much better than in her previous life, and she could
    n't make money in her previous life .
    Qin Wei didn't worry about this problem, because what he thought of was not ordinary things, but the secret recipe in the palace.
    Not only the secret recipe in the palace, King Qin also has the secret recipe in the mansion. Because Jianing is very picky about eating, Qin Wei is also concerned about food. He understands all kinds of recipes, but he also knows 70% to 80% of them.
    However, those that are not suitable to be taken out now, it takes too much time to sell at a high price to not lose money, but this small town is not willing to spend so high.
    This may be the reason for the conditions. Everyone is not very keen on food, as long as they are full, there is no time to study more delicate things.
    But Qin Wei felt that there was a market. When I first bought mung bean cakes, I could see that a few people around him hesitated and felt distressed, but in the end he bought a little bit. The reason was the children.
    Thinking of the scenes he saw on the street when he was in Beijiang, even when the poorest family came out with their children, they would spend a penny to buy a few lumps of candy for the children.
    It seems to be the same here. Even if the family doesn't have much money, when the adults come home, they always want to bring something for the children. It may be a piece of candy or other snacks.
    Qin Wei knows that many people love their children very much. The children in the family love them most. The children's requirements will be met if conditions permit.
    But still limited by poverty, the conditions are good, willing to spend big prices to buy things for the children, but the family really has no money, certainly can not use the money to buy food to buy sugar for the children, at most a luxury during the New Year .
    But if the things are small and the cost is not large, it doesn't matter, a few cents can still be saved. In this case, food must be low cost.
    What Qin Wei thinks of is the corn at home, which is probably the most common thing besides sweet potatoes and potatoes. The yield of corn is more than that of wheat, so the price is low. The people in the brigade prefer to eat corn, and the wheat will be kept for exchange.
    One catty of wheat can be exchanged for two or three catties of corn, so that more people in the family will be able to eat, and the wheat in the brigade can be left after paying the public grain. Each person can divide ten to twenty catties. These wheat It is enough for two to three months to be replaced by corn.
    The thing he thought of was popcorn. Popcorn did not cost much, and he also knew that there was something called saccharine.
    Saccharin is much cheaper than sugar. You can buy a pack for a penny, and it is sweeter than sugar. Put a small pack in, and a pot of popcorn is sweet.
    In this way, the cost is lower, and the popcorn is large in size, which makes it look a lot. The cost of popcorn is much lower than mung bean cake, and the price can be much lower.
    He had only eaten popcorn once in his memory. It was when he was very young, when self-employment was allowed. Every year, people went to every village to shout popcorn.
    This is the time when the children in the village are most looking forward to. Qin Wei remembers including himself. When he was a child, he played at the entrance of the village when the Chinese New Year was about to hear. A group of children would rush to the village when they heard the word popcorn. A bowl of popcorn can pop a pot of popcorn. This is a snack during the Chinese New Year. Grab a small handful every day to eat for a long time.
    It's just that the self-employment disappeared later, and because of the popcorn production method and the tendency to return to the tide, it was not available in the supply and marketing cooperatives. Qin Wei was very impressed with this incident because he had remembered it since childhood.
    Qin Wei felt that his life in this life was really different from his own in the last life. How could he remember such a thing in his heart for so long because of a kind of food in his last life, but in this life it was possible.
    Still different, Qin Wei knew that his current habits were affected by his body, which was very different from his previous life. Only Jianing, no matter how long it has been, has not changed every move.
    When he walked to the door, Qin Wei put the mung bean cake in his hand on the handlebar, and then went to the grain store to buy two catties of rice. The price of rice is not expensive, but he needs food stamps.
    You need a ticket to buy a little bit or two here. You need a ticket for sugar. You need a ticket for food. You also need a ticket for snacks. There are not many food stamps in his hand. Qin Wei plans to save the rest and wait. Next time Jianing will buy something for her when she wants to eat.
    Make sure there is nothing left, Qin Wei stepped on the bike and rode back. Today is the first time he woke up to ride a bike. He adapts faster than he thought. After riding around at home for two laps, he stabilized. Now he is on the road. The speed is not slow at all.
    Because he came out early, there was no one at home when he came home. Qin Wei glanced at the time, and it was only after ten o’clock. He knew that the people who went to work had two hours to come back. At this time, Qin Wei didn’t have to worry about getting people on the road. As I was about to walk through the door, I suddenly heard crying next door in the yard.
    Suddenly hearing the voice of Jianing next door, thinking that something was wrong, he threw the car over the wall and didn't care about the injury on his head. Qin Wei jumped off the wall and went straight to Jianing's room.
    "Jianing, what's the matter?" Qin Wei was upset when he entered the room and saw the girl's face full of tears. There were always problems where he was away.
    After eating, Jianing considered everything and decided to stay away from the next door from now on, only thinking that she would miss Beibei more in the future. If Beibei is there, she must be reminded in advance.
    When Beibei is not there, she will definitely be afraid if she only moves to the bottom of the mountain in the future. For more than ten years, I have been accustomed to each other's company, and the longest separation from Beibei was the last time I sent her away, but Beibei returned three days later.
    When you never see each other after leaving like this, only this time, even if it's sister, if Jianing held the hope that she could come back. But Beibei won't be back. Jianing knew that after accepting the facts, he picked up the clothes next to him, held it in his arms, lowered his head and rubbed it against it.
    If it was Beibei, it should be time to respond to her. It was even more uncomfortable for Jianing to think of Beibei who would act like a baby to herself every morning and get angry without responding.
    Lie on his clothes, covering his face, Jianing couldn't help but began to cry, and at the beginning of covering his face, the corner of his clothes began to wet. I didn't care about it later, anyway, there was no one in the room, and the tears fell directly on the clothes, and in the end he cried directly.
    There was no one in the room, but the only time she could cry as much as she wanted, Jianing didn't want Duan Mingming to worry about herself. The other party had to go to work in the afternoon, and she was more tired than herself. She didn't want to cause trouble to the other party.
    It’s just that no matter how much I cry, I can’t vent my sadness. Beibei Jianing has searched all the places she has been, and suddenly remembered that this is the place where she just moved, not in the palace, Beibei, she hasn’t come out since she came here. So there is no place for her to leave.
    There were no traces of Beibei in the room, as if Beibei had only appeared in memory, Jianing burped, and Beibei exists. She followed herself here, but now she is gone: "Bei Bei..."
    Silent was in sorrow. He didn't hear the slight noise in the courtyard, and suddenly heard someone talking. It took a long time for Jianing to react.
    "How did you come in?" Jianing looked on guard, and clearly said yesterday that the door would be locked, so why could the other party come in.
    "The crying in the room is too loud, I thought something was wrong, what happened to Beibei?"
    "It's gone." Hearing the words Beibei, the defense he set up disappeared without a trace, just telling myself to leave tomorrow Suddenly disappeared, Jianing didn't understand why she didn't even give her such a short time to get along.
    "Gone?" Qin Wei was taken aback. Beibei was the cat picked up by the two in his previous life. Why did Jianing mention it now? A few days before
    getting married, he heard that the other party had sent the cat out. Qin Wei thought that the other party was playing tricks, and he deliberately brought him back to raise it, but the cat arranged for anyone to go on a hunger strike except for letting him approach.
    For the face of Jianing, Qin Wei has always personally fed the cat. After all, he picked it up by himself when he was a child, but he didn't know if it was an illusion. He always felt that the cat looked down on him. I don't know why I can see such a heavy thought from a cat, Qin Wei specially invited a master to look after the cats and dogs, but the other party came to Beibei but didn't wait to see him.
    Originally, I wanted to rely on my cat to get good feelings after getting married, even if the cat did too much, Qin Wei would endure it, and while waiting for Jianing's pet, he made preparations for a kiss.
    It's just that he and Jianing suddenly arrived here. Only the two of them came. There was no cat at all. Is it such a coincidence that Beibei also came here, and then took possession of a wild cat?
    Qin Wei didn't believe in such a coincidence, he was more inclined to Jianing being fragile than reality after being injured, and suddenly remembered Beibei's sadness. In addition, she was the only one in the family, so she might have cried when she felt lonely.
    "It's gone." Jianing felt uncomfortable, feeling bored. She had comforted herself countless times before, and Beibei also told her that she had returned home, but Jianing still couldn't accept this fact. After more than ten years of company, she has already regarded each other as her family. Beibei and her sister have been with her for the longest time. When they were young, the family always thought that they would be together forever, but she just grew up, sister and Beibei. Left.
    Qin Wei feels that Jianing’s state is not right. Thinking of what happened in the past two days, the chances of having a nightmare are even greater. After all, Beibei was not lost today: "Maybe it was lost a few days ago, you didn’t notice. Don't cry, Beibei definitely hopes that you will be happy every day."
    "I left today..." Jianing whispered, suddenly remembering the identity of the other party, and immediately swallowed the second half of the sentence, not wanting to tell the other party.
    "Maybe to go out to play and come back later." Qin Wei said, deciding to see who has a cat nearby these few days and want to come over one.
    "No." Jianing shook his head. The only connection between the two of them was Yupei, but the voice was so small that Qin Wei beside him did not hear it.
    "Have you eaten this morning?" Qin Wei was relieved to see that her mood was much better than just before. He felt that he could accept everything, but he just couldn't see the other person crying. Every time Jianing cried, he felt that his whole heart was grabbed.
    It was so difficult when I was a child, and I never let her cry, let alone cry in the future. Qin Wei moved his fingers and wanted to wipe away the tears by himself, but didn’t dare. They are not yet familiar with it. If you mess up, you will definitely be guarded by the other party.
    "Eat." Jianing wiped her tears with her hand, she didn't want to cry in front of the other person.
    "That's good." Qin Wei felt relieved when she saw that she stopped crying. He tore off a clean towel from the side and handed it to her: "Wipe the tears." In fact, he wanted to come in person, but he couldn't. Telling himself once again, Qin Wei strongly resisted the hands-on sex.
    "This is for wiping feet." Jianing whispered. She was a little scared after knowing the identity of the other party, but after the other party took the towel for wiping feet, Jianing couldn't bear it anymore. This towel was obviously used for her feet yesterday. After washing it, she hung it beside her casually. Jianing looked at the towel entangledly, but finally did not take it over.
    Qin Wei's hand stiffened, put the towel back, took the one next to her and gave it to her: "Is this it?" It has been a long time to take care of someone, and he looked clumsy.
    Jianing didn't speak this time, and took over and wiped away the teardrops on his face, then put the towel aside.
    "This is mung bean cake and rice. Don't eat too much mung bean cake. Tell me what you want." Qin Wei watched her stabilize and put the things he took next to her, "Don't leave the kang now."
    Hearing this sentence , Jianing, who was still uncomfortable, suddenly froze. Why would he know that he likes mung bean cake? After Jianing made sure that she was here, she never mentioned mung bean cake to anyone. Rice told Mingming last time that it might be known to the other party, but for mung bean cake, Jianing could only think of one possibility...
    King Qin was also here.
    The author has something to say: If the vest is off, Jianing will pack up and run away in the next chapter.

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