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    Seeing that there was only Qin Wei in the yard, Jianing immediately did not dare to move. She was afraid that she would be discovered if she made any movement.
    Carefully holding the wall down, Jianing leaned against the corner and walked back. Halfway through, he suddenly heard movement next door and stopped immediately.
    After waiting for a long time, until there was no sound in the next room, I dared to continue walking into the house, afraid of being heard by the next room, and afraid of waking Duan Mingming, so when I walked into the room, my head was already sweating.
    On the other hand, because Qin Wei didn't want to stay in the house, he went out and wandered around. When he first wanted to go back to the house, he felt that someone was looking at him, but when he looked back, he found no one.
    Looking at the wall between the two yards, Qin Wei thoughtfully, was it his own illusion, or was someone just watching?
    He believed in his instincts, but there were only two people next door. Jianing was lying in the house with an injured foot and couldn't get out. Duan Mingming was not familiar with him, so it was really an illusion?
    Qin Wei felt it was impossible, and then heard the slight footsteps next door. If it weren't for his sensitivity to the sound, he might not be able to hear it.
    Deliberately making a little movement, and sure enough, the voice over there was gone. Qin Wei thought of someone who would run away like a rabbit without paying attention. After thinking about it, his conscience found that he didn't scare her anymore.
    The yard was quiet for a long time, and Qin Wei knew that he had guessed right when he heard the sound of footsteps sounded next door.
    I don't know how it came out. Qin Wei wanted to wait until Duan Mingming went out in the afternoon before going over and telling Jianing that he shouldn't come out, because the injury on his foot is still not healed, so he can't move.
    "The third child, what are you doing standing in the yard? What did the doctor say?" As soon as Po Qin entered the house, she saw her son staring at the corner and didn't know what she was thinking. I live in the night, I can’t walk away. Even if they can go, they are not willing to share the food soon. Now they don't earn more work points. What will the three people eat?
    "It's too boring in the room, I came out to breathe, the doctor said it will be fine in a few days." Qin Wei withdrew his eyes.
    "That's fine. What do you want to eat at noon, I'll cook it for you." Pozi Qin breathed a sigh of relief, and the doctor said yes, that is almost done. Thinking of what the doctor said last time, Poo Qin felt that she had to make up for her son, you see. How fast can one make up.
    "Just eat anything, mother, why didn't Dad come back?" Qin Wei saw that there was no one behind her.
    "It's not the educated youth academy's shit. I don't know what I've been tossing about in the past two days. It's not easy to work. Your father is talking about it."
    "New educated youth or old educated youth?" Qin Wei frowned, remembering that these people were doing it. If you are not active, there is a way to find things.
    "The new ones are the two new female educated youths who came this year. One of them has longer hair, and the one is not bad. They are intellectual youths and shouldn't work with us."
    "What does she want to do?" Qin Wei directly ignored the previous descriptions and only listened to the last sentence.
    "I want to do accounting work." After listening to her, Lady Qin felt like a joke. The accountant has been in the brigade for several years. Can a young educated youth come in and squeeze them down? Besides, even if the accountant doesn't want to work, she won't be a new educated youth. The dozens of people in the educated youth academy must be counted according to their ability. A new educated youth, let alone let her count the work points, how many people in the brigade do she know?
    "It'll be fine after a while." Qin Wei is already familiar with this. Every year the new educated youth always bounce around a few times, but later found that no matter how much he was making trouble, he finally gave up without getting an extra work point.
    "I know, it will stop after a while, but now it's upset, what do you mean to toss one by one? It's almost the New Year, and every family is ready to buy more New Year's things, only a few of them can jump."
    Lady Qin complained. , "It's weird to say that these two next to our house are so good, how come the educated youth academy is so noisy?"
    Qin Wei thought for a moment when she heard what Mrs. Qin said. Jianing doesn't worry about everything. As long as she doesn't touch her interests, she won't take a second look at the people next to her in a fight. The educated youth with her gets along well with Jianing, and she can tell that she is a good person. The two in the educated youth academy seemed not to be seen by Old Man Qin at the beginning. He still remembered how the other party complained when they had dinner the first night.
    Personality is one aspect, and the environment also has an impact. Qin Wei thought for a while and felt that the educated youth who came back in the future could live separately, so as not to be instigated by others and cause trouble. He decided to wait for the old man Qin to say something when he came back. Can't live anymore.
    "Okay, let's not talk, I'll go cooking, your father is upset and dead old man, the world can't work, and I blamed me for cooking late." Possession Qin said her son didn't know what she was thinking. Go in and cook after a sentence.
    Qin Wei has become accustomed to her scolding a few words when she usually speaks, but she doesn't take it seriously. No matter how she scolds now, he will still give this and that when the old man Qin comes back.
    "The pound of white noodles Chen Zhiqing gave is still a little bit, or I will lay down some noodles for you and lie down with an egg." Po Qin glanced at the rest of the grain, the nests he ate in the morning, and she was not willing to give it to her son at noon. If you eat this food again, the two of them can eat anything, but the son has a wound on his head. How can he not make a supplement?
    "I'm not hungry yet. Just eat like you." Qin Wei shook his head. Possession Qin didn't mean that three people would eat noodles together. No matter how young he was, how could he eat good food by himself and let two elderly people watch beside him? .
    "You have wounds on your body, what did I not eat well?" Po Qin was annoyed and glanced at her son. In the end, there was no noodles, but an egg was put in the pot. I won’t make it for a short lunch time, but I must make something delicious for my son in the evening.
    Lady Qin remembered that there was half of the meat left, and more than half of cabbage was added when making dumplings. There was not much meat used at all. She waited until the evening to chop a little and stir-fry and order something to eat.
    Qin Wei didn't know how Mrs. Qin was thinking about turning him on a small stove for dinner. He saw that there was no need to go directly to the yard to chop firewood in the kitchen, and planned to help chop the firewood.
    It’s just that he hasn’t raised the axe in his hand, and the old lady in the kitchen has already yelled: "The third child, don’t mess around. Put the wood there and let your father come back and chop. The doctor said, you can’t move the wound on your head. , And can’t walk around.”
    “The injury on the head is almost healed, it’s okay.” Qin Wei shook his head, he knew the extent of the injury on his body more clearly. After returning from the medicine, he felt that the injury on his head became lighter and lighter. Now, if you continue like this, you will be able to fully recover in a few days.
    "The injury is so serious, how can it be better in just one or two days, a hundred days of injury, not to mention you are still on your head. If you really can't rest, come and help me to help me, and don't chop the wood. "Ms. Qin was frightened for a while. The wood in the house was pulled by her sons on the mountain in the summer. They were all big wood. Now it’s dried and can be used after splitting. It's just a big piece of wood even if it's dried, and it's numb after a few chops.
    "Okay." Qin Wei looked at the axe in his hand and decided to listen to her. Although he felt that his head injury was almost healed, don't worry the family.
    "That's right." Mother Qin breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that her son hadn't been stubborn with herself this time, thinking that her son was really much better than before. It turned out that she was still obedient, but when her temper came up, no one would listen.
    ………… What
    happened next door Jianing didn’t know, she finally discovered the fact that Qin Wei was at home when the old man Qin and Mrs. Qin were not at home, and Qin Wei was at home when they were at home, so they couldn’t deliver these things in her hands. NS.
    , Looked down at the pup who had a little bigger slap in her eyes, and finally found out what was wrong.
    She thought the dog she found would be a great wolfhound with high calves, but the dogs sent out by others were all just after the full moon.
    "Jianing, how is it? Do you like it?" Duan Mingming asked with a smile. When she passed by today, this dog was lying on the big dog and suckling. It was a rounder one, but it looked better than the other two of the same birth. It more than doubled, reminding her of Jianing at home.
    Jianing glanced at the puppies in his arms for the last time, and nodded: "I like it." Good-looking is good-looking, but a little small.
    "That's good, I was afraid that you didn't like it." Duan Mingming was afraid that the other party would not like the dog. When she came back holding the sister-in-law, she walked up to Fang Mingzhen and the other party sneered at her, making her a little bit. Worry.
    "Then you play with the puppy first, I'll go out to cook." Knowing that she should be bored in the house all day long, Duan Mingming wants to accompany her for a while after eating.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded. The food they ate in the past two days was in the kitchen. She didn't worry that the other party would notice the difference in their food bags.
    Sure enough, Duan Mingming went out directly without even looking at the grain in the corner. After she went out, Jianing and the puppy in his hand looked at each other for a few minutes.
    "Woo~" may be because of the insecurity in an unfamiliar environment, and the puppies arched in her hands.
    "Be small..." Jianing whispered, "Raising will be big."
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    /Guoyue Twenty-three
    [The female protagonist of the koi carp has her own good fortune, and the family of the best two aunts can't be eaten by themselves. ]
    Liu wheat that she wore book, the book is her real mother is the best Ershen, they control the room is the care of the household that happiness home.
    She doesn't need to fight for the best, because her home is the biggest best.
    Seeing the troubled dad of the actress' mother, the stuttering elder sister and the crying little brother, Liu Maizhou hugged the textbooks in her hands tightly. Reading, she must read!
    when the mother of the koi heroine's family lay eggs in the world, Liu Mai received the scholarship.
    When the koi heroine found the money and the ticket, Liu Mai jumped.
    When the family of the koi hostess became rich, Liu Maimai brought her best family into the city.
    Everyone: "..."
    Liu Maimai touched his heart: Cherish life and stay away from the masters of men and women. As for finding a target, you have to find an honest person who is far from the plot line.
    Thousands of people selected He Zaizhou, a little white face who had no background and was oppressed, and he was almost burnt to ashes under his eyes.
    Liu Maimai felt something was wrong.
    play is a demon but the motivated heroine x is miserable and ruthless. The black hero is
    sweet and refreshing. The day is
    changing ~

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