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Jianing didn't know someone was thinking about her. When she heard that Mrs. Qin was not at home, she put the matter down and stayed in the kitchen.
    Duan Mingming puts the last three wowotou in the pot: "Jianing, there are only three wowotou, are they enough to eat?"
    "I won't eat." Jianing shook her head, she couldn't eat wowotou, "only soup . " "
    do not do that, eat such a point, will be how to work? "section obviously frown, do not necessarily afternoon, and if so how to do manual labor.
    "Then I'll eat half of it." I can eat half of it at most, and I can't eat more.
    "Okay." Duan Mingming sighed, "Jianing, what do you eat when you are at home?"
    "Eat rice." Jianing was sitting next to him, a little unhappy thinking about it, "There is no rice here."
    "Brigade There is no rice in it, and it certainly doesn’t produce rice. If you want to eat it, we will go to town to buy some later, Jianing, did you bring money when you came here?” Duan Mingming asked, she didn’t have much money in her hand, if the other party If you want to eat rice, you may not be able to feed it.
    "Bring it." Jianing nodded, and then went to the house to take out the wad of money that my brother gave me. "My brother gave it."
    As soon as Duan Mingming looked up, he saw a big unity, and he was so scared: "Jianing, hide the money soon." After speaking, he walked to the door and looked outside. "Don't take out the money when you see anyone in the future, do you know?"
    Jianing nodded and looked down at the money in his hand: " Obviously, I want to buy rice, meat, and needlework. Is the money enough?" The rice and meat are for food, and her hands are itchy for needlework and want to embroider.
    "Enough." Duan Mingming looked at the Great Unity, a dime per catty of rice is still good, ten dollars can buy a hundred catties, enough for her to eat for a year, "But Jianing, our food stamps not enough."
    The educated youth communes where they go to the countryside are subsidized, and they will give part of the food stamps every month, but only a few catties a month, and the total of the two of them is not enough for one person to eat.
    "I have food stamps." Jianing said, "When can I go to town?"
    "The captain said that we will be done in a few days, and we will go when we are done in the field." Duan Mingming finished watching. When the water in the pot boiled, I poured the rice noodles in, and said with emotion, “We are lucky, the captain gave us his son’s house. There is only one pot in the educated youth academy. They are eating together. It’s definitely not as good as us. . " "
    ah. "this Jianing know, she and her sister as a child ate large kitchen to make meals, often can not eat, then there is a kitchenette, would not have to wait, but also want to eat what to say.
    Someone said a few more words, the rice soup in the pot opened quickly, Duan Mingming took out the wow, and then put the rice out to Jianing: "Slow down, don't burn it."
    Jianing carefully handled it . The bowl was brought into the house. It was late because of the delay in cooking. After the meal, the two of them immediately went to the place that Old Man Qin said to gather.
    This time I saw a lot of people bowing their heads, but most of them were in the brigade. There were not a few people in the educated youth academy.
    "This is the new educated youth this year? I'm not very old. How old is my girl this year?" Jianing was thinking about when Old Man Qin would come over, when he was suddenly dragged.
    It was the first time I felt the enthusiasm of a stranger. Jianing looked back at her, not knowing what she wanted to do. She pulled her hand back and found that she couldn't twitch, so she could only reply to her: "Seventeen."
    "That's not big." The old lady said, "I'm so handsome, did you
    say you kissed me?" " Yes ." Jianing will answer this question. Yesterday morning, my mother focused on this matter. If someone asks her if she
    has any If you say pro, you must answer yes.
    "I said kiss so early." The old lady put down the hand that had just held Jianing, and said with a pity.
    "My auntie is still thinking about something good, why, are you
    looking at the new little educated youth?" "It is blessed to look at the girl." The old lady said, "It is good to be born and raised at first sight."
    "Blessed to be your dog The baby can’t be married either.” The man couldn’t see it. The young educated youth who came first said this. “People in the city eat polished rice and white noodles. You can’t cut off chicken, fish, meat and eggs. Can you afford it?
    ” I've all come here, how can I be so hypocritical." The old lady murmured.
    Jianing didn't want to listen to her, so she pulled Duan Mingming away.
    Duan Mingming held his breath in his heart, but knew that he couldn't take advantage of him and couldn't help with the conversation. Jianing pulled the two of them and walked away together.
    When Old Man Qin came over, there were already a lot of people around.
    "What are you doing here? What are you supposed to do? I said I had to take a break in the past two days, and we would forget about it. If we keep on going, we will come out to work on New Year's Eve. "Old man Qin was angry when he saw a group of people talking together. He ran very fast when he went home for dinner, and drew on his work.
    The person who was still talking, heard his voice and immediately dispersed. In this way, only a few educated youths are still standing next to them.
    "You guys go and work on that piece of land." Old man Qin pointed to a piece of land and said to a few male educated youths, "Captain three, look at these educated youths."
    "Got it!" Now responds to the captain of the roster. Screamed.
    Old man Qin called out the remaining four people when he heard the response. Fang Mingzhen also came this time. Old man Qin glanced at her more. He thought that the other party could be so tough that he wouldn't come out to work for a day.
    "Arrange some light work for you in these two days." Old man Qin mumbled, "If you don't do well, you will be deducted work points." He said that he took a few people to the dirt house on the other side of the ground.
    These rooms are the places where food was temporarily stored in the brigade when the food was harvested. They are now empty, but there are also many things in them, that is, garlic sprouts.
    Nowadays, cabbage is planted in the field. These garlic seedlings are planted in wooden boxes. When they grow into a bunch, they are directly planted in the field. At that time, the cabbage will be harvested.
    The work that Old Man Qin arranged for several people was to divide the garlic seedlings: "The house is warm, don't think about being lazy, two boxes for one person, separate the garlic seedlings and put them in a new box, keep with some soil, don’t break the roots. Be careful, do so much first this afternoon."
    "Once you are the captain, we are watching here, and we will tell them later." There are two other women in the room who are doing this, Jianing curiously. After a glance, they found that they were able to divide the garlic sprouts very quickly.
    "I don't worry about it. Watch more and don't let them break the garlic sprouts." Old man Qin coughed. He didn't want his mother-in-law, but he knew that these educated youths would make mistakes if they were not good.
    "Don't worry, we'll take a good look." The woman in the black cotton-padded jacket said, "We can teach these things. How can
    I trouble you anymore." "I'll go now." Old man Qin nodded and was right before leaving. Several people confessed, "You can't break the garlic seedlings."
    Jianing waited for the old man Qin to leave and looked at the box in front of him, and then at the stool behind him. He directly pulled the stool and sat down, learning the appearance of two women. Pull out garlic sprouts.
    Duan Mingming saw that Jianing had already sat down, so he sat down and tried slowly.
    "Yes, that's it. Be gentle, don't pull too fast, the roots will fall off easily." The woman who just spoke saw Jianing's movements and nodded in satisfaction. "
    Jianing didn't know whether to nod or shook her head for a while. She didn't know if she had done it. She hadn't plucked wheat seedlings, but had plucked flowers in the Imperial Garden.
    Fortunately, the other party didn't think of her answering, seeing that she and Duan Mingming had already begun to do it, and the other two were still standing beside them, because they were a little dissatisfied, and their tone of voice was not good: "Stand here as a guest?"
    Fang Mingzhen Glancing at the two people and blaming them, Tian Yuan sat down honestly and began to work.
    The three people had already sat down. Fang Mingzhen sat down reluctantly. She didn't want to do this kind of work. The hands of the two people in the room were all mud.
    Jianing didn't care about them, maybe it was the experience of secretly pulling flowers when he was a child. Although the speed of the garlic sprouts was not as fast as the other two, they were all intact.
    It was just a little tired to keep bowing his head to work. After half the box was divided, Jianing straightened up and rubbed his hands.
    "I haven't done it for so long before     , so I'll be used to it."
    Jianing heard the voice raised her head and asked,
"I will do this in the future ?" "I will do other work in the future. After resting, I will be busy for these few days." The woman said, putting aside the divided garlic seedlings, "This work will only be done for a few days a year."
    "Oh." Jianing understands, there will be something else in the future. Although he knew that he had to listen to what the captain said, Jianing was a little unhappy looking at so many things.
    It's just that the work in her hands should continue to work if she is unhappy, knowing that she can take a rest by dividing the remaining half and half, and Jianing's movements are faster than before.
    Jianing took a look around after dividing what was in front of him. Duan Mingming had one more point, and the other two had half left. Take the small half box left in front of Duan Mingming directly.
    "Jianing!" Duan Mingming whispered, "There is only a little left."
    "So fast." Jianing whispered back, knowing that she could go back after finishing her work.
    However, even if the speed of the two people is fast, two boxes of garlic sprouts took most of the afternoon. The two busy women over there did not expect that the two educated youths had finished their work.
    The woman who had been talking came over and looked at the garlic sprouts that had been divided between the two people. She was sure that they were divided and it was not something to deal with. She said to the two of them: "The captain said, you have to go back after your work. "
    Jianing agreed, and Duan Mingming went to the place where the other party said to wash their hands.
    "Hands hurt." I didn't notice it when I was working. Now I stopped. Jianing felt her fingers hurt. After washing it, it turned red.
    "I don't think there is much in the room. I guess we won't be allowed to do this tomorrow." Duan Mingming also felt a burning pain in her hands, but she knew that this might be the easiest job that the captain could find. If they let them do it now If you go to the ground, you may not be able to help, and you will hurt yourself.
    "Obviously, when can I take a rest?" Jianing now hopes that the time for rest as mentioned by the other party will come soon.
    "It's not good now. There will be no work points. When the grain is divided, we will not be able to divide the grain." Duan Mingming sighed, "Work for two more days and get used to it."
    "Okay." Jianing was a little bit. Disappointment, the only thing that can raise her emotions is that she is going home now, and she can eat delicious food when she goes back.
    "Obviously, what to eat at night?" Jianing suddenly asked when the two were walking on the road. She thought that there was no such unpalatable nest in the kitchen.
    "Let’s go back early today, I’ll go to steam the noodle soup." Duan Mingming also thought, it’s better to rely on others than on her own. She would steam the steamed buns together, thinking of this, Duan Mingming turned around and asked, " Jianing, do you eat steamed buns?"
    "Eat." Jianing nodded. The steamed buns are much better than Wowotou. She has some jade
    , but she didn't dare to take it out.
    "Then steam a few more steamed buns this time, you will eat the buns first these two days." Duan Mingming said, the other party is unwilling to eat Wowotou, and it will definitely not work anymore.
    "Okay." The
    two of them returned to the yard. The first thing Duan Mingming did was to pick up the noodles in the house: "Jianing, take your noodles out, I'll make them together later."
    Jianing went to his house and took the noodles. I took out the noodles I received yesterday, but found that it was very rare. After thinking about it, I asked Beibe: "Babe, what about the reward?" She remembered that a task was completed yesterday.
    "Three catties of noodles, one catty of meat, what do you want, Jianing?"
    "Two catties of noodles." Jianing thought for a while, decided to take out two catties, then put the noodles together and took them out.
    "Jianing, why are there so many noodles?" Duan Mingming was a little surprised to see the white noodles that Jianing proposed.
    "Brought it from home." Jianing said.
    "You still brought noodles from home?" Duan Mingming was a little envious. Her family didn't prepare anything for her, but when the other party came over, carrying the big bag, he understood.
    Jianing nodded: "Yeah, my brother gave it." After speaking, I suddenly remembered that there was one thing that I didn't do today, "Obviously, I forgot to write to the captain."
    "It's okay, wait for the captain to come over. Give him the letter again. He won't go to town for these two days. He won't be able to post the letter until he goes to town." Duan Mingming comforted her.
    "Then I'll give it to him later." Jianing handed the face to Duan Mingming.
    "Okay, let's go make the noodles." While the
    two people were busy in the kitchen, Jianing had been paying attention to the movement of the next door. He heard the sound of the door opening next door, and said to Duan Mingming that he immediately took the letter out and stepped on it. The stone shouted into the yard: "Captain?"
    "Huh?" Qin Wei, who had just opened the door and walked into the yard, raised his head. The bastard finally got him caught.
    The author has something to say: Qin Wei: Let me grab the
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    1: I was
still participating in the Fairy Demon War a moment ago, and I was born a moment later. Yan Ling's whole person was not well.
    Then I found that the breath next door was a bit familiar... Is the
    Demon Venerable also?
    Can she chase after she is here? Yan Ling kicked, come, then hit!
    The next moment I heard the surprised sound of my mother.
    "Oh, my girl's little feet are really strong."
    Yan Ling:......
    Yan family daughter-in-law gave birth to the sixth child. The three-generation single-passed Yan old man was so happy that the scars on his face were invisible, Mrs. Yan Going around to exchange brown sugar for the daughter-in-law.
    The family was pampered until one year old, and the little granddaughter who had just learned to walk went to fight with the child next door.
    Yan Ling, who was held in her arms by Mrs. Yan, was speechless. She couldn't think of her generation's great ability, and now she can't walk well.
    Pre-harvest 2:
    Deng Tao is a peach tree spirit, who has worked hard for thousands of years, waiting to become immortal in one fell swoop after crossing the catastrophe.
    Unexpectedly, as soon as she was about to be cultivated, a thunder slashed her into the 70s. Not to mention that he became a milk doll, and his true anger was ninety-nine percent.
    The wheat in Deng’s Village matured overnight, and the true qi could never be recovered.
    Deng Tao: I have something to say.
    Forced to accept reality, Deng Tao planned to practice for another thousand years. It was unexpected that when she was eighteen, Deng Tao knew that she had a baby fiancé who had been in the army for six years, and his life and death was unknown.
    Deng Tao thought he had escaped, but he didn't expect that the man would come to the door on the third day.
    Man: Marry me, separate families after marriage, live in two places, don't have children, don't do housework, and don't go to the land.
    Deng Tao, who is afraid that someone will disturb her practice after getting married: It's just what I want.
    After the marriage, Deng Tao looked forward to it, hoping that the other party would return to the army, but the man took out two train tickets before he left.
    Deng Tao: What about separation?
    Man: Good boy, I'm not here during the day.
    One-hearted practice, unintentional love, little fairy X one day is not seen like three autumns, brother Bing.

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