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    "Or else, the team leader put the money in it, and put the passbook on the fifth team leader, so no one can get it." Party secretary Yang helped them with their ideas.
    "Hey, this is good." The second captain nodded.
    "No way, no way." It's just that not only Old Man Qin, but also the fifth team leader began to refuse.
    "It's just that you two are old here. Come, yes." After the second captain said, he quickly asked them to save money in the town. "Weizi will follow when the time comes. We are older and don't understand anything, you follow.
    " Hmm." Qin Wei nodded, and finally brought the money back, but everything was resolved. He hasn't gone out these days, so it's okay to leave the money at home.
    On the way back, the two of them walked together, and when they were about to get home, suddenly someone called Qin Wei.
    Qin Wei is not very familiar with the people in the village, not to mention that these indifferent people are even more strange to him after the memory is fused, and he didn't even turn his head when he heard the voice, because your name is Xiao Ming, who has been useless for more than ten years, or Old man Qin reminded him that he was called himself.
    "What's wrong with my aunt?" Qin Wei didn't take it seriously for the aunt who came out of the fifth server. Why did he know it was from the fifth server, because when he woke up, he recalled all the relatives in the fifth server. If you look at it clearly and don't know who it is, it's a five-server version. Just say hello when you see it.
    "Father Shan is also there. I wondered and asked you, Chen Zhiqing, who lives in the yard next door, is not talking about being engaged to someone? Why did I look at Shan Ziniang being so close to her. You can be optimistic. What kind of brother or brother is here, you are not a good person at first sight. I don’t know what crooked ways do not go out at home all the time. For such a person, it is a bad thing to marry home..."
    "Who said that?" Qin Wei's face became darker as he listened. At the end, I couldn't help itching my hands. I didn't do anything for the sake of seeing the other person as an elder. Seeing that she said more and more, she interrupted.
    "Isn't all that said," Mother Qian saw Qin Wei's expression in her heart, and she knew that he didn't have this idea. Qin Wei is a good candidate for the family in the village. The girl had an awkward relationship with her family and went out for a few days. When she came back, it was almost New Year. Qin Wei was not at home, so she didn't mention the matter.
    Unexpectedly, when she wanted to talk about it, she would hear other people saying that she was going to marry Chen Zhiqing. Mother Qian was panicked. Then she thought of an idea. Mother Qin was satisfied. As long as Old Man Qin and Qin Wei didn’t nod, the two of them It won't be possible.
    "Bullshit." Qin Wei and his face does not look good, ever do each other's identity, Qin old man is still around, off
    key when it comes to Jianing, that much most suffer or Jianing, can only bear down.
    "The bitch girl can stop, don't listen to the wind or rain, just say anything, don't say there is no such thing, even if there is, you don't need to make irresponsible remarks." Old man Qin was very happy after discussing the matter, thinking It’s better to cross the village. After the dam is repaired, everyone will share the money they make. You don’t have to go hungry in the future. I was thinking about it. When I heard these broken mouths, my face suddenly pulled down, “I’m free to help go to the dam to fill in. The soil is better than here."
    Old man Qin usually doesn't like to talk about people. This is the first time he doesn't give any face. It's really that Mrs. Qian's words are too ugly. After speaking, he called his son and left.
    Mother Qian was told that her face was not good, but after a few minutes she suddenly recovered. The two were so angry that those who said that Qin Wei was going to marry Chen Zhiqing must be false.
    Thinking that this old lady couldn't bear it anymore, she packed up her things and had to go back to her natal family. She just finished going there yesterday, but she didn't decide the day she wanted to see. This time, it is important to set a date quickly. Such a good young man can’t miss it. Thinking about it this way, Mrs. Qian took the things and walked. When someone started talking on the road, she said today’s things more and more. The focus is on two things, Zhiqing Chen and Dad. The captain’s third son is okay, her wife wants to see the captain’s third son.
    So before Qin Wei and Qin's family did not know, most people in the village knew that Qin Wei wanted to meet people. Speaking of Qin Wei, there are a lot of people talking about him in the past few days. The reason is that he has been fainted for a few days. This person is actually more clever than before. Not to mention, he also took the whole team to build a processing plant, as if he had changed himself. of.
    At first, everyone was thinking that such a good young man didn't know who was cheaper. Judging from Mrs. Qin's attitude, he thought it had been ordered. Unexpectedly, he wanted to see each other now. It was the poorly-known Mrs. Qian and her maiden wife.
    "I knew I had to tell my second wife, so I don't have to be cheap. My maiden wife is just the right age." Aunt Qin said with her lips, "just her feet fast."
    "Farewell, your wife comes over Can you like it?"
    "Chen Zhiqing looks good, but it is not the same as disagree. How about I tell my second wife now? Since I don't like Chen Zhiqing, it doesn't matter who you marry?"
    "That's not it. The same..."
    Chen Jiarong was here a year ago, and Duan Mingming was often outside in order to avoid suspicion. Now people's habit has not changed. He heard the news when he was outside to pick up the soles of shoes with others. The insoles ran to the house.
    "Jianing, Jianing, something big
    happened ." "What's wrong?" Jianing was embroidering a purse in the house. She wanted to go to the insoles along with her, but she couldn't make a jab at all. She heard Duan Mingming. He thought that something major had happened, so he put down the things and came out.
    "I heard that Qin Wei wants to see people. What's the matter with you?" Duan Mingming didn't believe it at all when he heard what the outsiders said, but everyone said that half of the village knew it was definitely not fake. Come and ask.
    "It's okay," Jianing thought it was something serious, but it was just a look at it, what did it have to do with her, "You wipe your sweat." Duan Mingming ran back in a hurry, now with sweat on his head.
    "Why are you not in a hurry?" Duan Ming was quickly killed by her unhurried tone. "If you want to get married after reading it, what should you do?"
    "What should I do?" Jianing didn't understand.
    "My little ancestor, are you really stupid or fake?" Duan Mingming felt that he was like the little eunuch next to the emperor, and was anxious. "Qin Wei is really married, who are you going to marry?"
    "I won't marry him again." Jianing suddenly knew what Duan Mingming had misunderstood.
    "Not getting married?" Before Duan Mingming had time to be surprised, someone asked her before her.

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