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   "No, you still have an injury on your head, sit down and eat and I will send it off." Mother Qin was unwilling. Her son had such a severe head injury, let alone her body. There are a lot of injuries. Just walk from the house to the door, and it's a bit far to deliver things.
    "Mother, I've been bored in the house for several days and want to go out to get some air." Qin Wei couldn't calm down when he thought that the next door might be Jianing.
    "That's not okay, your head injury hasn't healed yet." Mother Qin was unwilling, and she was reluctant to let the child go out. There was already an injury on her head, so how could she let the wind blow.
    "Let him follow you." Old man Qin glanced at his son and slept for a few days. He has grown much better than before. He could not do anything except talk back to himself. If you were stuck on this kind of thing before, you would definitely stay away.
    "That's fine, I'll carry the food, don't move, follow me in the yard and come back after a while." Lady Qin reluctantly agreed when she heard the old man say this.
    "Yeah." Qin Wei nodded.
    Here Qin Wei finally persuaded his parents to go out to the courtyard with Mrs Qin, who was carrying vegetables, when Jianing, who was separated by a wall, had just eaten ribs and burped.
    "Jianing, have you eaten too much?" Beibei asked worriedly.
    "It's kind of, I'll be fine later." Jianing touched his stomach, "Babe, can we really only eat this kind of grain in the future?" The grain that old man Qin brought over this afternoon hit her hard. Big.
    "Yes, it will also be sweet potatoes in the future." Beibei replied.
    "Okay." Jianing was a little disappointed when she didn't get the answer she wanted, but she became optimistic the next moment. When doing tasks, she can eat white noodles and meat. Beibei said that there will be polished rice in the future, so that she can eat corn when she doesn't want to eat rice. When you start a small stove for yourself.
    Before that, Jianing had always thought that the food distributed to them would be polished rice and white noodles. No matter how bad they were, they would have to be like the family in this life, not very tasty but edible rice, a little blackened noodles. But what she didn't expect was that what was distributed was something called rice noodles and a lot of big pieces called sweet potatoes.
    The type is different from what she thought, and the portion is much smaller. Jianing looked at the small bag in the corner. If it was just these things, she would have eaten it in half a month, and she would be hungry for the remaining half a month.
    Moreover, the meal sent over today was not delicious. Jianing couldn't drink it after one sip, and the rest of the meal was on the table. As for why he can eat ribs for dinner, Jianing has a secret that only she and Beibei know.
    She can put things in her jade pendant. The jade pendant was left by her concubine. She has been wearing it on her since she was a child. When she was six years old, she was playing behind the rockery and suddenly discovered that her jade pendant could hide things. Le is loyal to hiding things that are important to oneself.
    Later, she discovered that the jade pendant can not only put things in, but also that the things put in will not break. When the mother concubine just passed away, she and her sister were bullied, and their food and shares were snatched away. Only Yu Pei was not found.
    The palace banquet is the only place where you can get enough food. Little Jianing has learned to hide things secretly while others are not paying attention.
    Later, the emperor father thought of them, severely punished a group of court ladies and eunuchs, and handed them to the concubine De's mother, but this habit was kept by Jianing. Later, the emperor's father died, and the treatment of the princesses in the palace was worse than that of the day. Those meals supported her and her sister in the following days.
    Jianing relied on Yupei and her sister to take care of those difficult days, and then the new emperor suddenly treated them well, but there were fewer and fewer princesses in the palace.
    She has kept her previous habit of hiding things when her sister and the court lady are not paying attention. She always feels that one day
    they will have the same kind of life they used to have before.
    Later, my sister was sent to Jin country to make peace. Only herself was left in the huge palace. Jianing had more things in her possession, but she arrived here before she could share it with her sister.
    After knowing that she could only eat those meals, Jianing decided on Yupei's idea. She didn't remember how much Yupei had to eat. She only knew a lot, enough for her to eat for a long time.
    As for the battered rice paste and nests on the table, Jianing put the jade perry again, and when someone asked, he said that he ate it all.
    After eating and drinking enough, I poured myself a glass of water to rinse my mouth. After confirming that there was no smell of meat on his body, Jianing was relieved, and then suddenly felt uncomfortable. Every time I stole snacks, I was afraid that my sister would find out. Now no one cares about it. She's gone.
    Jianing put down the things in her hands, she missed her sister a bit, but she could not bring the things her sister sent back to her.
    Thinking of sending something, Jianing suddenly remembered another thing. Her brother asked her to write to him when she arrived in the brigade. I don't know what's going on today, I'm confused all day long, and often forget things.
    "Babe, I feel stupid." Jianing patted his head, feeling that nothing was right.
    "Jianing, you are not used to it now, you can recover in two days." Beibei explained to Jianing that time-space transformation requires a buffer time. She hasn't fully recovered her memory and other aspects, so she often forgets things.
    "Can it be better in two days?" Jianing asked, rest assured after getting a positive reply, as long as he can recover.
    First take out the pen and paper from the schoolbag. These are all prepared by her brother. Before coming, she told her that if she can't write, she will do it for her.
    Jianing looked at the pen in her hand, and then at the paper. She could even guess half of the words on the envelope, but it was a bit hard to write. Jianing hesitated for a long time, and finally decided to ask Duan Mingming how to write it.
    "Jianing, you can't ask." Just when Jianing wanted to go out, Beibei suddenly said.
    "Why?" Jianing was puzzled.
    "Going to the mountains and going to the countryside is at least a primary school graduation. It would be bad for others to find out that you don't know words." Beibei explained, "You can't let others find out."
    "Okay, then." Jianing stopped helplessly, but she couldn't write, and didn't know the words here, how could she write to her brother? Writing with a brush will definitely not work. Jianing has seen the list taken by the captain. The characters on it are all very small ones, so writing with a brush will definitely not work.
    "Babe, how do I write to my brother?" She doesn't know how to use the pen, but she has learned how to hold the pen. The key is that the written characters are so ugly that Jianing doesn't want to read them, and she still knows the characters. Jianing didn't dare to write because he was afraid of being discovered.
    "Why don't you draw two strokes at random." Beibei gave Jianing an idea, "As long as he can receive the letter." She knew what Chen Jiarong meant, and wanted to see the address on the envelope, so that he could hurry up. Know where Jianing is assigned.
    "Okay!" When Beibei reminded him, Jianing reacted immediately, took a pen on the paper, and drew carefully.
    Just before she finished drawing the first object, she heard a sound outside. The voice seemed to be calling them. Jianing went out and asked Duan Mingming, "Mingming, do you hear any sound?"
    "No, Jianing, what did you hear?" Duan Mingming was thinking about how to lead his life in the future. He raised his head when he heard the movement.
    "Someone is calling us." Jianing was sure that she had heard it right.
    "Then let's go out and have a look." Duan Mingming picked up the candle on the table.
    "Good." Jianing nodded.
    They go out cautiously, winter afternoon that black day black day, just eat when the sky is still bright, now reaching not see five
    finger, Jianing tight grip section next to the obviously for fear fell.
    "Chen Zhiqing and Duan Zhiqing have come out." Po Qin breathed a sigh of relief. She did not dare to shout loudly at night, and was worried that they would not be able to hear her.
    "Aunt Qin." Jianing shouted obediently.
    Qin Wei waited for a long time on the other side of the wall, and when a certain figure appeared, his heart beat quickly. He knew that he was right. The other party looked cautiously, exactly the same as when he was a kid sneaking out with others behind his back to play in the Royal Garden. Who else could it be if it wasn't Jianing.
    "Chen Zhiqing, the piece of meat you sent during the day, I fry some dishes, you take it back to eat for both of you." Possession Qin said.
    Duan Mingming was cautiously holding candles next to him. Just now when the captain came to deliver food, he gave two candles, but these two candles were used for a month, so they could save some use. So she was very careful, lest she would break the candle without paying attention.
    "Thank you, auntie." Jianing thanked him.
    "What's the matter? We haven't thanked you yet. The third child woke up when you brought me something." Qin didn't say anything in the second half. She felt that the other party was blessed, "Come on quickly, it won't taste good when it gets cold. "
    Good." Jianing walked over and took the food. She just didn't know if it was an illusion, she still felt that someone was looking at herself.
    It's just that it was dark, Jianing looked around and found no one, and then thanked Po Qin, and then went back with Duan Mingming.
    After everyone left, Qin Wei's clenched fist was finally released. He can now be sure that the other party is Jianing, which can be seen from every small movement. It's just that you can't act rashly now, Jianing is too wary. It's okay to be vigilant, but you can't target him, you have to find a way to get acquainted.
    Qin Wei saw the empty courtyard opposite, and suddenly remembered that this is his house, in other words, is Jianing living in his house?
    This thought suddenly disappeared from the uncomfortable feeling just now, but Qin Wei was excited for three seconds, and then the mother Qin next to her spoke.
    "Go, go back to eat, it will be cold after a while"
    "Well." Qin Wei promised, and finally glanced at the next door, and decided to tell Old Man Qin that the wound on his head did not hurt tomorrow, and then went out to have a look.
    After eating a few mouthfuls of dinner, Qin Wei was still thinking about the things just now after lying on the kang. He didn't dare to recognize Jianing. In case the other party had forgotten what happened when he was a child, it would be bad if the other party had forgotten what he had done when he was a child. .
    He remembered that when the other party was fourteen years old, he found the opportunity to enter the palace, because he missed her identity and made her hide. Be careful this time, not like last time.
    Just how to get close to each other? Qin Wei frowned. Old man Qin meant that tomorrow, the educated youth would be arranged for easy work, but even the simplest one would definitely be bad news for Jianing who had never been wronged.
    Qin Wei thought of making a decision. Tomorrow, no matter what method is used, he must follow the past and see, and cannot make her wronged where he can't see it.
    It's just that how to conceal the identity and proximity is a problem. In this life, his appearance is almost exactly the same as in his previous life. Qin Wei frowned, too much to hide. Also, the head injury is a trouble. The old couple may not agree with him to go out and find a reason to fool it. Because of something in his heart, Qin Wei thought of falling asleep in the middle of the night.
    In another room not far from Qin Wei's room, Jianing shrank into a ball under the warm bed, sleeping with a blush on her face, she didn't know what she would meet tomorrow.

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