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  It's just a question of how to complete this task. Jianing considered it for a while and decided to go out to work in the afternoon, so that he could tell him when he arrived at the captain.
    But when he said that he didn't necessarily believe it, Jianing struggled, and finally suddenly remembered that Yu Pei just said to remind the captain that it would rain the day after tomorrow, and there was no rule to make him believe it.
    Thinking of this loophole, Jianing immediately relaxed, but then remembered, if the other party doesn't believe it, will it have any effect on the brigade if it really rains? Yupei would not remind her of irrelevant things, and when it rained heavily, Jianing remembered something bad.
    When the father was alive, Fengguo was prosperous, and the new emperor oppressed the people after he succeeded to the throne. Taxes were doubled. Even a princess who had no sense of existence in the palace knew these things. The people couldn't bear the hard work, and finally abandoned their fields and fled. Then there was a flood in the next year, 80% of the food in the ground was flooded, and the overwhelmed people had a harder life.
    These were all said by the mother who had been with her for several years. After listening to these, Jianing had lost the trace of affection for the new emperor.
    Although the heavy rain would not be so severe, Jianing was still afraid and decided to wait for Duan Mingming to ask questions after he returned.
    Interrupted by the task, the sense of loss of not being able to wash clothes disappeared. Jianing took a look at the kitchen, and finally decided to boil the water before Duan Mingming returned.
    It's just that it's too early, Jianing struggled, and finally took out the needle and thread and embroidered a purse in the house.
    For several days, I didn’t have a needle and thread, and the hand feels a bit raw. Jianing fumbled a bit before becoming proficient. It’s just that a purse doesn’t take much time. Not only did she waste the time, but she also aroused the idea of ​​embroidering in her heart. It’s just There is only a little bit of needle and thread, which must be saved, and it may not be until when you can buy it next time.
    Jianing hesitated for a moment, put his purse away, and decided to wait and ask if he could go out tomorrow. If it rains the day after tomorrow, he may not be able to go out for a long time.
    After thinking about it, I went to the kitchen to cook, but the action was very rusty, and it took a long time to light the match. She was already proficient in burning the fire. Just add water to the pot. It didn't take long to boil half of the pot of water. When Duan Mingming came back, she just opened it and took a look.
    "Jianing, why did you come out? Are your feet ready?" Duan Mingming opened the door and saw the clothes basin in the courtyard. He was stunned. Then he found that the kitchen was opened. He was surprised to see Jianing burning in the house. NS.
    "It's all right now, it doesn't hurt to leave." Jianing stood up, "Obviously, I will go to work with you in the afternoon."
    "Your feet are just right, do you want to rest for another day?" Duan Mingming was a little worried. I feel that it will be better to raise another day, and it will be better to go out again.
    "I'm bored alone at home. I don't go out to do heavy work. If I'm tired, I will stop and come back." Jianing shook his head and must go out today.
    "Okay, let's go there together that afternoon." Duan Mingming hesitated for a moment, and still agreed. A person may be too lonely at home, not to mention that the door is still locked and unable to get out.
    "Okay." When I got my wish, Jianing was happy. "Obviously, can you teach me to press water?" She has seen Duan Mingming press water several times. When she looks at it, she feels very simple, but she only knows how much she does when she does it. difficulty.
    "Do you want to use water? I'll press it out for you later." Duan Mingming glanced at the tank and found that there was not much water in it. "I didn't pay attention last night. If you see it, I'll fix it for you. "It's
    okay." Jianing shook her head, "I can do it myself." She can't rely on others for the rest of her life, nor can someone accompany her all her life. Since everything has to be learned, it's better to get used to it earlier, even though I came here. It only took a few days, but Jianing had already understood this truth.
    "Then I'll make a good meal later, I will teach you." Duan Mingming saw her look serious and knew that it would be useless to say anything, so he simply agreed. Even if she only got along for a few days, she also learned about Jianing's character. She is usually very talkative, but at some point, Nine Bulls can't get it back.
    "Thank you, obviously, let's eat first, and then we will have time after dinner." Jianing was very happy, but she also knew the order. The most important thing for the two of them now is to go to work after dinner. Other things must be done. After the release.
    "Okay." Duan Mingming nodded and began to put noodles in the pot.
    Jianing had already put the wow and steamed buns on when he was boiling the water, and now they were just taken out. Duan Mingming took them out and put them in the basket and covered them with a bag.
    "Jianing, it's okay to have a lower fire." Duan Mingming said when he saw that he was almost ready.
    "Okay." Jianing agreed, and didn't continue to add wood to it.
    The two of them cooked the meal together, carried the meal into the house and ate together. Duan Mingming watched Jianing sitting on a small stool, a little aggrieved, and said, "Jianing, I remember Comrade Qin said that he would let you live in the east house. Don't you go there?" She looked at it these past two days, always feeling that the other party lived in a small room a little wronged.
    "No, I live here just right." Jianing shook his head. If you don't know the identity of the other party, forget it. Now that you know the identity of the other party, Jianing doesn't want to get involved with him too much, because it will be unclear.
    "It's okay to sit here, although it's small, but convenient." Hearing her refusal, Duan Mingming said nothing, and continued to eat.
    "Obviously, how long will it take to finish watering?" Jianing suddenly remembered what Yupei had reminded herself while eating.
    "It's estimated to be seven or eight days." Duan Mingming guessed that she didn't know the specific time.
    "Then what if it rains in the middle? The previous ones are all for nothing." Jianing asked casually.
    "It's impossible to rain. The old people in the village have said that there will be two snows in winter. Rain is basically impossible. Otherwise, we won't carry water and irrigate the ground. If it can rain, we just wait for it to come down. That's it." Duan Mingming smiled, knowing that Jianing had never done farm work, and he might be newer to these things. "Have you not noticed in the past few years? It basically won't rain in winter and the sky is dry."
    After hearing her explanation, Jianing was a little skeptical about the heavy rain mentioned on the jade pendant, but finally decided, just in case: "Then if it rains heavily, will the young wheat in the field be affected?"
    "The young wheat grows back ? OK, if it rains heavily, it will have no effect. The vegetables in the ground may be flooded. If it is too late to harvest, they may rot." Duan Mingming thought for a while, wondering why Jianing suddenly asked this question, "but Do not worry, they have planted a few decades food, and certainly more familiar than we are, the captain said, the food may be in another two weeks before closing, the maximum length of time. " "
    in case of rain will dish Flooded." Jianing wrote this down in his heart. She knows that the vegetables grown in each household are very important to them, because the old man Qin talked about this the first day he brought them back. You can’t just pick up the vegetables at the door of your house. If you want vegetables, you can tell him, His family grows a lot.
    But Jianing still remembered one thing. When they came over on the first day, Aunt Qin next door complained that she couldn't bear to eat the food at home, and was given out more than half of them by old man Qin.
    Jianing poked the dishes in his bowl. In this case, I should remind Old Man Qin early that if it really rains, the vegetables will rot, everyone will definitely feel distressed.
    "Jianing, eat quickly. It will be cold later." Duan Mingming noticed that she didn't know what she was thinking and stopped moving the chopsticks. He quickly reminded, "Didn't you just tell me that you are going to work in the afternoon? Don't eat. When I'm full, I can't work with enough energy. Today's work is more tiring than the previous few days."
    "Good." Jianing came back to her senses, took small bites to eat, cleaned the rice in her bowl, and then took the bowl and section. Obviously go to the kitchen together.
    "Obviously, will it really rain in winter?" Jianing is still struggling with a question. What if she reminds her but it doesn't rain?
    "Every winter comes here like this. I haven't seen any winter rain. Even if it rains, it will be drizzle. It won't affect anything at all." Duan Mingming said while cleaning the bowl.
    "What if?" Jianing continued to ask.
    "What if..." Duan Mingming thought about it, "Look at the size of the rain. If it's not too big, it's fine. The ground may freeze. Be careful when you go out. If it's big, it's a bad thing. Duan Mingming thinks that if it rains heavily, they will be busy during this period of time, and feel a little distressed, and I am afraid that it will not be able to go out if it rains heavily, and the vegetables in the ground will really rot by then.
    "Okay." Jianing heard the final decision and told Old Man Qin quickly.
    Duan Mingming didn't know what she was thinking. Although he was curious about why so many questions were asked today, when he thought that the other party had been staying at home for the past two days, she guessed it out of boredom. She herself is also a person who can't stay at home. If she is asked to stay at home for two days without going out, and staying motionless in the house, she will definitely be impatient.
    After the two men cleaned up the kitchen, Duan Mingming began to teach Jianing how to use the pressure well.
    "Add water here. When adding water, this hand keeps lifting up and down." Duan Mingming demonstrated it again, "Remember this hand, you must press it back and forth, so that the water can come up. Waiting for you to feel the effort. When the water comes over, Jianing, come and try." Duan Mingming put down his hands after a few presses.
    "Okay." Jianing followed her way, adding water to the pressure well with one hand, and lifting the pressure rod with the other. Although it was a lot of effort at first, but after a few times, I can slowly find the feeling. Heavenly Dao's third water When she felt a little strenuous in her hand, Jianing was overjoyed, "Obviously, I can feel it."
    "Then you don't need to add water, take your time, you try again." Duan Mingming passed the water scoop in her hand.
    Jianing simply pressed the pressure rod with both hands. The effort paid off. When she reached the fifth stroke, a little water slowly flowed out of the well.
    "Yes, that's it. Don't put too much effort into it at the beginning, otherwise you will get tired soon. Take your time, it doesn't matter if the water is slower." Duan Mingming began to explain to her.
    "Okay." Jianing didn't feel tired at all. Instead, she enjoyed it. It was fun. She didn't feel a little warm in her palms until she filled a bucket of water. He raised his hand to see that it was already red.
    "I will do the rest." Duan Mingming also saw her palms, feeling a little distressed, "When you are not in a hurry next time, you will try again."
    "Okay." Jianing put down his hands, walked down from the top, and decided When I came back in the evening, I tried my own time. The most important thing now is to tell Old Man Qin about it.

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