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   As if he didn't hear Qin Wei's voice, Jianing quickly adjusted his state to restore his natural expression, and followed Duan Mingming to help behind Granny Qin, but always felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange.
    The three members of the Qin family are quick and swift. Compared with the two of Jianing, they are a bit daunted, but they are better than nothing. Although they didn’t help much, they collected the front and back yards and the vegetables outside before dark. .
    It’s just that you need to go down to the cellar after you have collected it. The two people here are not able to help.
    Seeing that she couldn't help, Jianing told Po Qin to go back first. After returning home, she collapsed on the bed and didn't move.
    I don't know if it is an illusion, she always feels that Qin Wei knows everything.
    It was a long time later that Jianing realized that it was not an illusion, but she didn't care about it at the time.
    At the beginning, not many people believed that it was raining. Even a few people believed it. They would rather believe it but not trust it. It was not until the cloudy afternoon that everyone knew that things were not that simple.
    Mrs. Qin collected the family's vegetables and sent half a basket of vegetables to the two people next door, and immediately went back to work on her own. The other people in the village were too busy. There was no one on the street.
    The reason why the people in the village are so afraid of rain lies in the terrain. Their village is surrounded by mountains on three sides, both good and bad. The advantage is that there is no shortage of food. Even if the green and yellow are not picking up, they can get food, but the disadvantage is that they are afraid of rain.
    The river to the south of Xinghuacun Brigade is not deep. It is fine to not let the children fall down. However, the shortcomings are also obvious. When heavy rains, the water will overflow. Can't stand it. In addition, there are mountains on the other sides, and the water on the mountains flows straight to this side. So every spring, everyone is looking forward to rain, but also afraid of it, for fear that if God is unhappy about a big event, every family will be flooded.
    Someone has mentioned moving, but ancestors have come here for generations, and no one will leave. Not to mention that the flooding is not serious, it is just inconvenient.
    There is also the most important reason. Moving houses requires money. After all, no one can lift their legs and find a place to live. You need money to build a house, and money to buy furniture. Other than that, you have to open a few doors. The doors are Large items can't be done well by ordinary people. Although you don't need money to find a skilled master, you have to buy something secretly and send it to you. Others can't do the work for you in vain.
    With the addition of wood, the trees on the mountain can't be cut down like before. No money is needed, but each family has a quota, and you basically have to exchange work points for them.
    Work points are exchanged for food, and for wood, what to eat at home. In the past few years, the harvest has been average, and every family has tightened their belts to live, and no one can waste it this way.
    As a result, several people who had ideas also shut up.
    You can’t move, but you can only repair the dam. But you need money to repair the dam. The labor cost can be paid for by work points, but the stone is not good.
    It's just that there is no money in the brigade, and no money in the commune, and the dam repair is delayed.
    After two or three years of procrastination, there were several traces of water on the walls of every house. Everyone looked at the corner of the wall anxiously, but had no choice but to pray for the commune to give money as soon as possible.
    I just didn't expect it to rain this year before the New Year.
    After I quickly cleaned it up, the sky was literally raining, and it was warmer these days than the previous few days. At first, everyone was very happy and didn’t have to freeze-dry. Now there is no joy at all. If it snows We can wait for it to slowly, and it will not give people time to react when it rains.
    Old Man Qin looked at the water in the yard and couldn't help sighing: "Fortunately, the vegetables are harvested." If this goes on, there will be water in the yard tomorrow morning.
    Granny Qin nodded beside her: "I just don't know when I can stop."
    "Alright." Old man Qin felt that the rain would not last long.
    Jianing didn't know the conversation next door, and looked out the window for a while, shivering with the cold as a gust of wind blew, and quickly returned to the bed.
    Yupei gave another reward, but Jianing didn't go to see it. She always felt that something bad happened today.
    Because of this, I stayed up until midnight and didn't fall asleep. I thought about what happened since I came here, and didn't think about how to deal with Qin Wei. Suddenly, there was a flash in front of my eyes, and then I heard the sound of thunder outside.
    The thunder was very loud, it felt like it had hit something, one after another.
    Jianing could not fall asleep at first, and was scared by thunder to make him even less sleepy. Listening to the sound of rain outside, she didn't sleep all night. When the sky was faintly light, she felt a little sleepy when she heard someone outside the wall sweeping the water. Just closing his eyes and suddenly heard Duan Mingming's voice, he woke up suddenly.
    "Jianing, the tree outside the door was chopped." When I went out early in the morning and saw the tree with a large bowl mouth cut in half, I was so surprised that Duan Mingming didn't come in anxiously to think about the problem of time. He waited until he came in. She woke up so early today because of a stomachache.
    "Which tree?" There were several trees outside the door. They didn't care about it. They just heard Poet Qin mention it when they were helping out next door yesterday. Several trees were reserved for Qin Wei to make furniture when he got married. There are too few things at home now.
    This is also the strange thing about Jianing. I always feel that there is something in Qin's words, but I can't think of what's wrong.
    Just as Jianing was thinking farther and farther, Duan Mingming spoke.
    "It's the tree on the south side of the door. I just saw it. I haven't told Aunt Qin, Jianing, should we go and talk?" After all, I live in someone's house. Although thunder has nothing to do with them, I have to say something. .
    "Okay." Jianing agreed, waiting for Duan Mingming to change clothes after going out, so the sleepiness of staying up all night was gone, especially when he went out, he was more energetic than yesterday.
    "Go now?" After going out, seeing Duan Mingming in the kitchen, Jianing walked over and asked, avoiding the stagnant water in the yard.
    "Let's go now, while it's okay." Duan Mingming was afraid that he would have to go to work later, although he didn't need to water, but what if something else happened.
    Early in the morning, the two of them did not go out and shouted directly in the yard. Duan Mingming had heard the movement next door before and got up.
    "Auntie." Jianing stepped on the stone and called out when she saw Granny Qin sweeping the water in the yard with a big broom.
    "Hey! Jianing is up now? It's cold today, so you need to wear more." Lady Qin quickly agreed when she heard the movement, and when she saw Jianing was not wearing too thick, she confessed distressedly, "If the clothes didn't bring you Tell me, I'll get you a piece, but it can't be frozen."
    Jianing shook her head: "Thank you, auntie, I'm not cold."
    "That's fine." Mother Qin said and glanced into the room. My son didn't even come out today, so he put the broom in his hand, who hated iron and steel, aside.
    Jianing originally wanted to talk directly about the tree, but when she saw Po Qin's movements, she was taken aback and glanced aside.
    Duan Mingming didn't know why he suddenly changed his face when he said so well, but he had to continue speaking, so he could only bite the bullet and said, "Auntie, the tree at the door was split in half by lightning last night."
    "Tree? "Ms. Qin thought of the trees that were originally reserved for the younger son. She felt a little painful, and then suddenly thought of one thing, the daughter-in-law has it, and it doesn't matter if the tree is not a tree? Besides, with the tree, I can make my son go around a few times in the past two days, not to mention anything else, it's better to be familiar with it.
    Granny Qin wanted to be more and more beautiful, and now because of her son's dissatisfaction, she felt that God was helping his family. Yesterday, she could tell that something was wrong with her son's eyes. The brat wanted to hide it from the family, and didn't want to think that the two old people in the family were parents, and she found out what happened to her child before he could.
    Yesterday's attitude, coupled with sending things back and forth a few days ago, the old couple had a discussion at night, and they were all reminiscent of it. After talking about the children, the two of them talked about the rain before they fell asleep. Early this morning, Mrs. Qin got up to look at the stagnant water, and found that the cellar in the backyard was well-covered, and there was absolutely no water leaking in.
    After reading it, I am even more grateful to Jianing. If there is no reminder from the child, they still don't know to accept the vegetables. I still have to order it today. If you don't accept it, it will take a day or two.
    I don't know what Po Qin thinks, Jianing looked at Po Qin, who became happy after Duan Mingming finished speaking, with a puzzled expression on her face.
    Granny Qin saw the doubts of the two of them, took away the joy on her face, and replied: "It's okay, the rain was so heavy yesterday, and the thunder was also ringing. I still wondered how such a big movement could be made. I just hacked it when I hacked it. "The most feared thing on rainy days is that some people wander around outside in a leisurely time. Fortunately, everyone is at home.
    When Mrs. Qin said this, Jianing and Duan Mingming were still a little embarrassed. They lived in the house and things suddenly broke down. Although they had little to do with them, they were full of apologies.
    How old is Mrs. Qin, she saw the embarrassment of the two children at a glance, waved her hand and continued, "You didn’t know when you first came here. There are often thunders on the trees here. Generally, you don’t care if you don’t hurt people. Besides, the trees don’t. Big, wait until the beginning of the Spring Festival to buy a plant, and go back soon, I see it will rain again this day, you two will go to dinner, when it’s clear, I will let Weizi go and cut down the tree. Firewood." The
    two nodded before returning obediently.
    Mother Qin watched the people go, and the water in the yard didn't get rid of them. She went into the house to see Qin Wei: "The third child, what are you going to do? I haven't come out to help out after working in the yard for so long."
    Qin Wei listened. The movement outside, but he thinks other things are more important. What he is writing is just the beginning of the plan. If he wants to move Old Man Qin, he must take advantage of it. Otherwise, even if he is his own son, he will not be able to look at his face. Agreed.
    It's just that Qin Wei doesn't have any benefits in his hands. He can only write down the feasibility first, and then calculate the cost. As long as there is enough profit, he is not afraid that Old Man Qin will disagree.
    Hearing Jianing’s voice outside, he didn’t plan to go out. What can I do if we meet more now? Besides, the other party is still avoiding him. It's better to slow down and raise the conditions first. He can't let Jianing follow him to eat the chaff. vegetable. Qin Wei didn't want to count his wife's eating a piece of meat as how much money he had in the family, so he made as much money as possible.
    When Mrs. Qin came in, Qin Wei had just finished writing the raw materials and methods, and put the paper on the table: “I’m writing, you don’t have to worry about the mother’s yard, you will have to leave it later anyway.” The scene he saw was not like that. It is estimated that there will be a few more games caused by the rain.
    "Alright? What's the big deal?" Old man Qin came in wearing the only pair of water shoes in the brigade. He heard these words as soon as he entered the house, and he felt a little bit in his heart.

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