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    There was a sound in front of him, and Jianing stopped in place, not daring to go forward. As if knowing that she was afraid, then the surroundings were quiet, and the movement just before seemed like an illusion of her own.
    The wind blew through a few dead leaves on the tree, and the sound of Xixi Suosuo's voice made her tremble. Jianing couldn't help but stepped back a few steps, and stepped on the branch on the ground. With a "chat", Jianing was startled. , It turned out that he was relieved under his feet.
    When she calmed down, Jianing suddenly thought that she had Beibei by her side, and she was not afraid: "Babe, Beibei, you come out and let's talk."
    But this time, Beibei did not agree as she did the previous few times. There is only her own voice in the woods, telling herself don't be afraid, and you will find it later.
    There was nothing to comfort myself in broad daylight, and then Jianing realized that the sky was much darker than before, and hurriedly went in the other direction. Before it gets dark, otherwise she is alone on the mountain... Jianing shook her head, no, she will definitely find it.
    Just being optimistic, turning four directions and finding that nothing was right, and then looking back to find that he had changed another place, Jianing couldn't help but become scared.
    I couldn't help speeding up, and I walked a few steps forward and found that I couldn't move. I felt that something was pulling myself behind him. Jianing's heart beat two times faster, and she closed her eyes and didn't dare to move, but the feeling of being pulled behind her was still there, Jianing Encourage yourself and turn around boldly...
    Branches, seeing that only a hanging branch was hooking his clothes, Jianing exhaled and patted his chest for a while. It's just a mountain, nothing terrible at all. The legends in the palace are just spreading falsehoods. There is no such filthy thing as they said in the world.
    It's just that she just relaxed, and suddenly a gray thing came out next to her. The speed was so fast that she couldn't see it. She rushed straight to her, scared that Jianing's heartbeat almost stopped.
    ………… When
    Qin Wei walked to the foot of the mountain, there was no one alone, so he knew that they had gone up the mountain, but there were three mountains nearby. He could not guess which one they could go to. After hesitating, Qin Wei decided to go first. Go and take a look at the middle one.
    It hadn't rained recently, and Qin Wei easily climbed halfway up the mountain. The brigade was all nearby to collect firewood, and there were the most trees. Qin Wei didn't know whether the two were there or not, so he could only walk along the road.
    This piece had been picked up, and the two of them could only go inside. Qin Wei walked forward, and when he reached the fork, he would first go to the place with many branches on the ground.
    Fortunately, my intuition was correct. It didn’t take long to hear someone calling Jianing, but Qin Wei became more worried when he heard the shouts. He speeded up his pace and walked over and saw Duan Mingming, who lives with Jianing, unintentionally covering up. Qin Wei directly
    went over and asked, "Where is Jianing?" Duan Mingming turned his head happily when he heard the footsteps, and found that it was not Jianing. He was disappointed in his heart. However, Duan Mingming was a little strange when the other party asked Jianing.
    "Where is Jianing?" Qin Wei asked again, seeing that the other party was not in the state. "Where is the person?" Qin Wei regretted that the other party was going up the mountain and he should come directly.
    "We were still together just now, and Jianing disappeared as soon as we turned around." Duan Mingming also reacted, ignoring that they were unfamiliar with each other. It was important to find someone, "We were just around here just now." He pointed to the place where the two picked up the branches. She had thought that she wouldn't go far, but she turned around and no one was around.
    Duan Mingming was very worried. It was getting dark soon. If she couldn't find anyone until it got dark, and something happened to Jianing in the mountains, she would regret her death.
    "You look around here, I will go over there."
    Qin Wei is more worried than her. After dark, he can't see the road at all. There are traps everywhere on the mountain. The other party has never been alone since he was a child. If he is afraid of turning around because of darkness, a big
    heart stepped into the trap, Qin Wei thought I wanted to strangle hear this news as well as an empty home.
    Asked to know where Jianing was originally, Qin Wei followed the small road over there and started looking, but after going out there were several fork roads, Qin Wei could only walk one by one.
    Guessing that the other party won't run far away after getting lost, he will only turn around in one place. Qin Wei will change places within a short period of time on each path. When he reaches the third fork, after a few steps, he suddenly hears someone crying.
    It's already dark, and people usually feel cautious when they hear inexplicable crying on the mountain, but Qin Wei heard it out, it was Jianing's voice, and his nervousness all the way finally calmed down.
    "Jianing, where are you?" Qin Wei stopped and distinguished the direction of the voice, shouting in his mouth to tell the other party that he was coming.
    "Here!" Jianing, who thought she was going to stay on the mountain, suddenly heard the sound, but she couldn't care whether the sound was familiar or unfamiliar. She immediately replied, and then sat on the ground and waited for the other person to come over, waiting for the gap to be used. The foot that arrived kicked the rabbit beside him.
    The shadow that ran over just now was a rabbit. It ran too fast and hit her leg directly. She didn't stop, but she took a step back when she was hit and almost fell.
    The branches in her hand spilled all over the floor, and when she wanted to stand up and continue walking, she realized that her ankle was broken. There was no one around, let alone Duan Mingming, looking at the rabbit at her feet that knocked herself out. Jianing directly cried directly aggrieved.
    She has tried her best, and she will be sent away as soon as she wakes up. She has not refused. She was arranged to work, and she was obedient, why would she get lost. Why did the rabbit hit her when she got lost? Do you think she is bullying?
    She was crying when she suddenly heard someone calling herself, Jianing no longer cared who it was, she just wanted to go down the mountain and go home.
    "Has a foot?" When Qin Wei arrived, the girl was sitting on the ground rubbing her foot, guessing that the other party had a foot.
    "Well, it hurts." Jianing said aggrievedly, but knew that crying in front of strangers was not good, so he wiped away the tears when he saw him.
    "I'll take you down." Qin Wei just wanted to walk over and pick her up when he finished saying that there was a rabbit next to him, "Where did the rabbit come from?"
    "It hit." Jianing was even more aggrieved. She was fine. , Blame this rabbit.
    "Running out?" Qin Wei was a little surprised. Shouldn't the rabbit hide when he saw people, he would hit him.
    "Yeah." Jianing kicked the rabbit again, not only bumping her, but also frightening her.
    "Tomorrow I'll make up for your stew." Qin Wei walked over, "Should I carry you on my back, or go by myself?" If it was a previous life, he would go straight up and carry it, regardless of his three-seven-one, his fiancée still cares about it. many? But it doesn't work now, the two have nothing to do with each other. Marriage is free here, and it would be bad if you provoke the other party.
    Jianing hesitated. Men and women were not allowed to marry. Although Feng Chao did not have as many restraints as the previous ones, there was something wrong with it. There were no restraints here, but she also knew that she would gossip when she was seen. Just like the lady Wang who took her to talk this morning, after the other party had finished speaking, she was laughed at for a long time, and Jianing didn't like that feeling.
    "I'll go by myself." At the end of the entanglement, Jianing decided to go by himself.
    "Can it work?" He expected to be rejected, Qin Wei didn't believe that she could go by herself, and if she could, she wouldn't be here waiting for him to come over.
    "Yes." Jianing wanted to help the tree next to him stand up, but he couldn't stand the pain before he stood up straight. He immediately regretted what he had just said, but he dared not speak when he saw the other person's back.
    Qin Wei picked up the rabbit next to him, pulled a few tough grasses next to him, tied the rabbits aside, and then asked Jianing
    , who could not stand without his own help ,
    "Go by yourself, or Am I carrying you?"
    "You carry it." Jianing compromised, maybe the other party's tone was too natural, so that Jianing didn't feel any weird, and he blurted out a word.
    Qin Wei nodded, turned his back to her and squatted down: "Come up." After more than ten years, Qin Wei couldn't help holding his hand.
    Jianing regretted it after she said it. When she wanted to refuse, she saw that the other party was ready. She began to hesitate to let him back. In the end, the pain in her feet drew her attention back. After going down the mountain with pain like this, Jianing still decided to let him carry it.
    After waiting for a long time, I felt the girl tentatively put on her shoulder, and then retracted again in the next second, and then there was no movement, Qin Wei knew that she was scared again.
    The feeling of waiting was too boring. Qin Wei already felt the sweat on his forehead and began to threaten her: "Are you coming up? If you don't, just go by yourself." Too boring.
    "That's it." Jianing felt weird after saying this, not that he was too late to think about climbing on the other side's back.
    I was carried on the back for the first time since I grew up. The last time I was carried on the rockery when I was a child, I fell down. It was Xiao Qinzi who took her back, but when I grew up, Xiao Qinzi disappeared and Jianing felt a little uncomfortable. .
    "What are you thinking about?" Qin Wei bent over and lifted the rabbit up after lifting her up. Carrying his beloved girl on his back, I felt a little nervous. Qin Wei paid attention to the road in front of him, feeling that the girl on his back was a little quiet, and asked casually.
    "Xiao Weizi." Jianing was still thinking about things, and she said directly when she heard the other party's question.
    Qin Wei froze and almost didn't stop. After calming down, he followed the other party's words and asked, "Who is Xiao Qinzi?" The other party had a small eunuch who grew up with him, and suddenly disappeared. He knew about this, but he didn't. Thinking of changing places, the other party is still thinking about that person.
    Qin Wei didn't understand why she was the one who stayed with her the longest when she was a child, but she thought about others. He has never dared to ask about what happened when he was a child. What he was afraid of was that he would not remember when he asked the other person. He might not be able to accept it and would do bad things.
    "It's a little eunuch." Jianing was even more uncomfortable. She obviously accompanied her to climb mountains and water when she was a child, but she disappeared when she grew up. If Xiao Qinzi is so good with her, he is so smart, he will definitely find a way to escape the gift. Marriage, so you don’t have to come here.
    Qin Wei paused when he heard this title, then he was right: "What do you want a little eunuch to do?" Can the eunuch help her escape the emperor's clutches? It's better to think of her fiance and son-in-law than the little eunuch when she was a child.
    "You are not allowed to say that to him." Jianing was angry. She can call the other party's eunuch, but others can't. Xiao Qinzi was most angry with others calling him a little eunuch, and Jianing was reluctant to shout in front of him.
    "Okay, I won't say it." One sentence made the other person angry again. It was obviously the little eunuch why couldn't he shout, holding his breath in his heart, Qin Wei tried to persuade himself that what can be done with the other party in his heart, one cannot exist in this life. People can't compete with themselves.
    Suppressing the sorrow in his heart, Qin Wei stopped talking about the little eunuch, but instead asked her another thing, "Jianing, are you going to kiss you?" He didn't believe that the other party was so small, so the family thought to her. engagement? Reliable character? Good personality?
    "It's fixed." This question is too sensitive. Jianing replied reflexively. After a while, she was scared. Fortunately, her mother said it. But why are so many people asking her whether she will be married?
    Qin Wei paused: "Who did you make a date with?"
    "What are you asking for?" Jianing was unhappy. She didn't know who made a date, and her mother didn't say anything.
    "Leave you here if you don't say it." Qin Wei exhaled. It is impossible to let go. It's just that the sourness just now is doubled out.
    "Let me tell you, don't leave me." Jianing was scared, now it's darker than before, and the other party throws herself here, she is scared when she thinks about it.
    "With whom?" Hearing the fear in her voice, Qin Wei resisted his heartache and told himself that he could not be soft-hearted. He feels distressed and useless, and the other party is both a dating and a playmate, and there is no place for him at all.
    Jianing whispered a word.
    "Who?" The voice was too small, even if Qin Wei was so close, he didn't hear clearly, knowing she was starting to behave again. Grew up this way, do not want to answer questions will be installed in a low voice, tell others her back, you could not hear, "I hear you let go."
    "I do not know." Romantic sounds a little big, arms forbearance Can't help but tighten, afraid that he will throw himself down.
    His neck was suddenly tightened, and Qin Wei was choked by himself and murdered her husband in this way: "Let go, don't lose you." You don't need to go back anymore. They both spend the night on the mountain.
    "Okay." Jianing breathed a sigh of relief, with less strength, but he was still scared in his heart, and it was not easy to let go of his clothes.
    Feeling her dependence, Qin Wei's suffocation in his heart suddenly loosened. Jianing knew that he had married but didn't know who the other party was, indicating that he hadn't seen him. It was probably set by the family, so he would not be considered an opponent.
    If you haven't seen each other, there will be no feelings, let alone a happy relationship, so there is only one name. Marriage is free now, as long as Jianing is unwilling, no one can let her marry her by force. Based on his understanding of Jianing, the other party would not like a fiance who had never met. Wasn't his fate not obvious enough in his previous life? Jianing's character is soft and strong, and the more forced, the more she disagrees.
    How can someone who has never seen him before, who is destined to be hated by Jianing, argue with him? What's more, they still have a relationship. In the previous life, the other party should marry him, and so in this life.
    Thinking of this, Qin Wei suddenly calmed down. The identity of the previous life didn't seem to be a good excuse. If she knew that she was the person she was going to marry, she would not be willing. After all, he still remembered the reaction of the other party after the marriage.
    Qin Wei calmed down and began to think of other ways. It was not a good excuse to approach the other party with the identity of the previous life.
    The identity of this life is also a good weapon. Qin Wei thinks that the house where the other party lives is his own, so he can visit it occasionally? When the two are so close, you can boil the frog in warm water, and then talk about other things after the other person gets familiar with them. It still doesn't work now. The other party still has family members. It seems to spoil her. If he leaves in a hurry, whoever wants someone to go to.
    "My legs are broken, I don't have to go to work tomorrow." At the end of the thought, Qin Wei changed the subject cleverly.
    "If you don't work, you don't have work points." Jianing mumbled quietly, clearly saying that if she didn't work, she would go hungry for a while.
    "There is still enough food. After eating the food, I will think of a way. What do you want to do if you have my feet? I will give you what you want." Qin Wei's tone was a bit heavy, afraid that she would really go out for a few work points. But there is not much food at home now, Qin Wei frowned and must think of a solution quickly.
    "Oh." Jianing agreed, and then suddenly remembered that he had hidden a lot of food, no need to eat his food, and no need to rely on work points, "then I won't go." Yu Perry has a lot of food, if there is nothing in the end, you can eat it. , Beibei will still give her meat, and her brother will also send things here, she is not hungry at all.
    Thinking that it was his own words that worked, Qin Wei was a little satisfied, and still obedient: "I will tell my father directly tonight."
    "Good." Jianing agreed, and he said just right, so that I don't have to get up early. , But one thing is more important, "Then don't forget to send me the letter." Without the letter, my brother would not send me the meat.
    almost found a place, the rabbit ran into him, ignoring the fact that he was going further and further, Jianing scolded the rabbit.
    "Just come back." Duan Mingming didn't know what to say for a while. He said that he was lucky. The first time he went up the mountain, he got his ankles. He said that he was not lucky and picked up a rabbit again. It is hard to say that the loss or the advantage .
    To let her get a rabbit on her feet once, she would definitely be willing, but not necessarily in Jianing. The other party does not lack a rabbit, and it is estimated that the ankle will hurt for several days.
    In this way, Qin Wei carried Jianing on his back, Duan Mingming carried two baskets, and the three of them walked up the mountain together. After Qin Wei went home from the small road, it was easy for him to stumble on the road.
    After arriving home, Qin Wei sent the people directly to the house, only to find that the two people lived in a wing room. The two rooms had a single open door, and there was a door in between. Walking to the north wall, Qin Wei sent her in through this door. Only then did I find that there were no ornaments in the room, and a lonely bag on the kang looked very pitiful.
    Qin Wei looked at it again. There was only one bedside table, not even a table. He felt that Jianing was too wronged to live here: "I will bring the key here tomorrow, and you will live in the East House." The East House is his room, and he has only stayed for two days now. Everything is in my hometown, the room is always empty, but there are wardrobes and tables, which is much better than here.
    "Why?" Jianing raised her head, candles were lit in the room, she could see more clearly than she was closer to the mountain. At this moment, Jianing felt that the other party was more familiar. She felt that last night was not an illusion, she really was with whom Like, I just can't remember where I have seen it no matter how I think about it.
    "East House is more comfortable than here." Qin Wei explained.
    Jianing nodded and stopped talking, moved her leg carefully, and then took a breath of pain in the next moment.
    "Be patient and bear it again. I'll bring medicated liquor over tomorrow." Qin Wei saw her movements and knew she was hurting. He remembered that there was a bottle of medicated liquor at home to treat iron damage. Just bring it over. It’s just that I can’t rub it today. I just need a cold compress on my feet. “You can only apply the medicinal wine tomorrow night. Don’t rub it before, it will swell even more.”
    “Okay.” The pain in the feet was severe. Jianing wrote down the other party’s words and decided Listen to him.
    "Take off your shoes, let me see the injury." If you don't see it with your own eyes, you won't be relieved after all.
    "No." Jianing shook her head and looked at him defensively. How could the girl's feet be shown to others casually.
    Qin Wei thought of his request only after being rejected. It might be too much for the other party, and the influence in this life was too deep. He forgot about it, shook his head, and couldn't make this kind of mistake in the future.
    Then the two of them didn't speak, Qin Wei wanted to speak, but couldn't find the topic, but even if he didn't speak, Qin Wei felt warm when he saw the other person in front of him.
    Qin Wei stayed in the room like this, waiting for Duan Mingming to come in with water before Jianing said: "Today I have a cold compress, and tomorrow I will come over to give you medicated wine." After that, she still didn't look at herself and knew that tonight. I was a little disappointed when I couldn't see it anymore. "I'll go back first."
    "Okay." Jianing never looked up. The other party's attitude over the past two days is so strange that she still can't understand.
    "Comrade Qin, there is no one outside now. Go back quickly. Thank you for your help to find Jianing." Duan Mingming felt a little strange when he saw Jianing hadn't spoken since he entered the house. Now he sees Qin Wei's eyes. It feels weird. I feel that Qin Wei must have said to Jianing when he just went out, and his attitude towards him immediately changed from gratitude to defensiveness.
    "I'm leaving, call me something." Towards Duan Mingming nodded, Qin Wei said to Jianing. He also knew that he would not be able to stay any longer. If he was seen when he was going out, there would be someone tomorrow. Gossip, take advantage of no one at the door to leave quickly.
    "Ah." Ning nodded, one
    no words to say.
    Qin Wei obviously felt that the attitudes of the two were not very good. He didn't care what Duan Mingming thought, but what was going on with Jianing?
    There were other people in the room, and Qin Wei could only endure what he wanted to ask, and then said to the two of them and left slowly.
    After Qin Wei left, Duan Mingming immediately closed the door, and then went into the room and asked Jianing: "Jianing, did he just say something to you? Did he ask for anything?" She shouldn't have gone out just now, and sent the person away. Just go and prepare cold water with Jianing.
    Jianing looked at her suspiciously, and finally shook her head: "No, what's the matter?" She clearly felt that Mingming's current mood was not right.
    "Nothing." Duan Mingming breathed a sigh of relief. If the other party asks for no problem, Jianing looks like a good deception. She always feels uneasy. , You must not easily agree to what they say to you. And when I'm not by your side, it's best to ignore anyone's words." Men don't have many good things. Seeing that Jianing is so deceitful, it's hard to be uneasy.
    "Okay." She treated herself very well, although she didn't understand why she said that, Jianing still agreed.
    Seeing her being so obedient, Duan Mingming's worry has not alleviated at all, but has increased. Qin Wei has no other thoughts today. If the other party is really unkind, will Jianing easily agree? From now on, she must look at Jianing carefully so that no one can take advantage of it.
    "Obviously, my feet hurt." I didn't know what the other party was thinking. Jianing sat on the kang for a while, and felt that the feet hurt more. When I first started to feel the pain, my feet hurt more and more.
    "You take off your socks first and put them in the water for a cold compress." Duan Mingming stood up and felt no good after speaking. "The water is a bit cold, should I get a towel for you to wipe it?"
    "Okay, I have it in my bag. Towel." Jianing pointed to the bag on the other side. When she looked at the clothes yesterday, she found a lot of things inside, no wonder it was so heavy.
    "I'll get it." Duan Mingming walked over and took a towel out, put the towel in a basin soaked in water, and then wrung out the water and put it on Jianing's feet.
    "Cool." As soon as the towel was put on, Jianing shivered immediately.
    "Cool is right, forbearance, put it on for a while, so that tomorrow will not be swollen." Duan Mingming comforted her, "tomorrow can be hot compress, then we will give you a big pot of boiling water, we will slowly scald your feet Okay?" She knew that the cold water was uncomfortable in winter.
    "Okay." Jianing calmed down, knowing that this was for the good and faster, trying hard to endure the coldness on his feet. Fortunately, there was not much water on the towel, and it was warm after a while, but as soon as the towel was warmed by her, Duan Mingming took it away and put it on again when it was soaked.
    "Obviously, when can I take it off?" Jianing was used to it the second time, but he was taken off again just after he was warm, feeling that his feet and legs were cold, Jianing asked.
    "It will be fine in a while, forbearance." Duan Mingming could only say to her like this.
    After changing towels back and forth three times, Duan Mingming let Jianing go.
    As soon as she let go, Jianing immediately retracted her leg and put it under the bed: "Obviously, it's cold."
    "Be patient, it will be warm after a while." Duan Mingming stretched out his hand and touched Jianing's hand, and found that it was indeed a bit cold, "You said that I will boil some hot water to warm you up later."
    "Okay ." "Jianing nodded.
    Seeing her behaved, Duan Mingming didn't care about the candles at night. He just lit another candle and went to the kitchen to help her boil water.
    It's just that Qin Wei, who has just left, heard someone shouting in the yard before going to the kitchen.
    "Comrade Qin something?
    Lang Fei Jianing food. Romantic and scrape together when she is the happiest time, babe want to go to Hou Jianing can be happy as before.
    " Jianing, I After you leave, you have to watch and listen. No matter what happens in the educated youth academy, you don’t care. Stay here and you must listen to Old Man Qin, you know? "Beibei is not relieved.
    "Good. Jianing agreed.
    "Jianing, you can still do tasks in the future. The tasks will be placed in Jade Perry. You can take them out when there is no one. Do the task well and reward yourself for being able to feed yourself. "This is the only treatment she has won for Jianing.
    "Yeah. "Jianing no longer wants rewards, she wants Beibei to stay with her more than that.
    "Jianing, hug me." "Beibei felt that the more she said, the faster she consumed her spiritual energy, and the ability to swallow space was stronger than she imagined. She might have to leave sooner. Beibei came out of Yu Perry and became the white one that Jianing was familiar with. Cat.
    "Good. Jianing hugged her and was reluctant to let go. After a long time, Jianing felt sore in his arms and wanted to change his posture, but the big white cat in his arms remained motionless.
    "Babe, Beibei?" "The white cat who has been with him for more than ten years, Jianing couldn't accept it for a while, and he agreed to leave tomorrow?
    "Jianing, I'm leaving. "
    Hearing these words, Jianing hugged Beibei in his arms tighter, fearing that she would leave as soon as she let go, but this time, she hugged her for a moment.
    The author has something to say: Qin Wei: Today’s harvest, love rival x2

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