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  Jianing didn't know the plan of the family. After sending two letters in a row, she began to stare at the rain in the yard in a daze. She didn't expect it to be so.
    At first, she just felt cold, but nothing else. Until today, Lady Qin suddenly said that there was water at the entrance of the village and prevented them from running around.
    Jianing didn't think about running around. There was a lot of food at home, enough for two people to eat for a long time. Besides, she still had a jade pendant, so she ate even less. The only downside is that there is water in the yard every day, and Jianing doesn't want to go out.
    After three consecutive days, the fourth day was finally sunny, although it was still cold.
    Old man Qin immediately called someone to dig ditches in the ground to drain water. He didn't expect that the rain would be so heavy before, and the ditch dug out was not deep enough. He went to dig a few times as soon as he was free these days, but the effect was not obvious.
    The rain stopped completely this time, and the wheat fields were the first to be busy.
    Fortunately, it was the dam at the head of the village. Old man Qin was worried for a few days. He went to the dam every day and spent most of the day. He took people to fill the dam with sandbags. Nothing happened.
    Everyone in Tian Yiqing breathed a sigh of relief. Even Jianing, who doesn't care about farm work, can feel that the atmosphere is different. In the evening on a sunny day, Po Qin gave her a bowl of mashed potatoes and happily told her that she could go to work tomorrow.
    It had been raining for a few days and the ground was too slippery. Old man Qin was afraid of accident. He didn't let the educated youth go out today. He dug the ditch during the day and most of the water in the ground flowed out the next day. At this time, the educated youth will be fine when they go out.
    In fact, she was not busy at all. Jianing was arranged to go to the ground. When the water was blocked, she would dig it with a shovel. It felt easier than before it rained. Yupei got hot again at night and gave her a bunch of rewards, Jianing. Look at the water on the ground and think about it.
    In the end, I still don't understand why the reward is so rich this time, but since there are cloth snacks, you can find the opportunity to take it out, she has long wanted to change clothes, and this body is not good at all.
    Jianing had a small plan in his heart, and suddenly heard a little movement next to him, as if someone was talking, and then he heard that the two people were talking about someone drowning at the entrance of the village a few days ago.
    During the day, I heard one ear and didn't pay attention to it. Unexpectedly, when he returned home at night, Duan Mingming started to pull her and bite her ears, and this was the same thing he said.
    It started raining a few days ago and the people in the village didn’t go out much at night. Someone got up early that day and wanted to buy something from the town before it rained. When they walked to the entrance of the village, they saw someone under the dam. They were
    shocked at the time and shouted later. Several family members who were near there went to help, and a young guy took off his clothes and jumped down to lift someone up. The person was already out of breath.
    People caught up and found that they weren't from the Xinghua Village Brigade, and immediately called Old Man Qin to go over. Finally, someone recognized that the drowned man was from the Houhu Family Brigade next to him.
    Immediately someone went over to call someone, but the Houhu Family Brigade was positive about other things, but at this time they were daunting and unwilling to come.
    Because this man is a small bastard in their village, he used to wander around the doorways, loitering and sneaking around all day long. The people in the brigade were already annoying these young people, and when they heard about it, no one wanted to come over. As for those people who usually play together? I didn't know where to go.
    Old man Qin couldn't help but called two people to send him over, anyway? They couldn't ignore what happened in their village. It's just that Old Man Qin didn't want to care about this matter at all. The Houhu family team had more affairs than theirs. As expected, after he sent the people over, he was clamoring for money there.
    In the end, I went to the town and asked the police to come down. I didn't expect that a lot of things would be involved in the end, drowning that bastard, with injuries on his body, and seeing that he had fought with others before he died.
    This time, the Houhu Family Brigade was even more reluctant.
    The Xinghuacun brigade was definitely unwilling. When Old Man Qin saw this, he quickly asked the police to investigate. Who did you fight with before to find out who is responsible? The man in their brigade, Old Man Qin, knew himself, he knew that it was impossible for anyone to fight with others, and it was in the middle of the night. What was the reason why the men in the brigade were so busy those days.
    Old man Qin now suspects that it was someone from the Houhu Family Brigade who threw someone to their brigade after the fight. It's not that their brigade had never done these things. Old man Qin insisted that the people in his brigade could not do such a thing, and he was not willing to pay a penny.
    The captain of the Houhu family brigade also had no opinion. The members of their brigade shouted for money, and he opened his mouth to ask for it. Now the Xinghuacun brigade can’t help him if he doesn’t give it to him. Old man Qin waits for the results of the police investigation one by one. She was so speechless.
    The past few days have passed, and the matter has become clear. It was really done by the people of the Houhu family team, but there were not as many conspiracies as the old man Qin imagined. It rained heavily that night, and a few gangsters played cards in the middle of the night and had nothing to do. No I know where I heard that there have been several female educated youths from the Xinghuacun brigade this year.
    This look is not as simple as it is on the surface. They
    know exactly how the female educated youths of their brigade marry, but unfortunately, they are all male educated youths this year. They want to learn how to do it and no one can start.
    When I think about the past, I will be lucky enough to marry a female educated youth from the city in two days. Several people can't help it, so they just leave.
    It happened that the rain was heavy that night, and someone fell on the road. He scolded and got up and pushed the person next to him, complaining that the other party wouldn't help him.
    This was the cause. I don't know how the two started fighting. One of the brothers came over next to him. Seeing that his brother was beaten, he immediately went to help. Two fights and one would definitely lose out.
    The gangsters were originally related to each other, and there were brothers here and cousins, and finally they became a group. In the end, nothing was done. Everyone was wounded. After the fight, a group of people went back cursingly. The road was slippery in dark and the rain became heavier. No one noticed that one was missing.
    When someone heard about the drowning the next day, they knew something was wrong, and a few people got together. You blame me and I blame him, and they didn't admit that they did it by themselves.
    Finally, someone said that they would have to go in if they were caught in a fight, and no one spoke immediately.
    These punks usually wander around in the village because they are their own family and can't do anything to them. But I was still scared of the Public Security Bureau, not to mention the deaths this time, it would certainly not be easy to pass.
    The person who had just spoken with horror coaxed and told several other people that they had to refuse to admit that they had been there. Several people discussed it and avoided them one by one.
    The police in the town are not vegetarians. After so many years of being a public security officer, they can see through how many things they deal with in a year. It didn't take three days to get people to be interrogated one by one, and the matter became clear.
    And because this incident also involved several other things, why did the female educated youth of the Houhu family brigade be so anxious to marry? Why was Qin Wei suddenly beaten that night.
    Pulling out the radish to bring out the mud, and another day later to figure out these things, the timid captain of the Houhu family brigade couldn't hold it anymore, and took the initiative to go to the town to socialize.
    The captain of the Houhu family brigade is different from the old man Qin. Old man Qin is a native, and half of the people in the brigade are from his own family without a five-server team. More on his own family, plus his own fairness and justice. , So even if someone in the brigade complained about old man Qin's lack of affection, he knew who was right and who was wrong, and couldn't make any waves.
    After Lake home is not the same brigade captain is inserted down the door of the village women
    to marry, because literacy became a captain, a little voice in the house at all, let alone the outside.
    In addition, the ancestors of the Houhu Family Brigade were from banditry, and for so many years, the banditry on the body has not been worn away, but it is not obvious, but some things can still be exposed.
    The female educated youth is one of them. The Houhu family brigade is poorer than the Xinghuacun brigade, and there are many bachelors who cannot marry a wife. Over time, seeing an educated youth doing the same job and eating the same thing as myself, the life is worse than myself, and some people are more careful.
    In the beginning, it was coaxing. Several educated youths got married. Over time, it turned into intimidation, defrauding, defrauding, and various means. The remaining educated youths in the academy were all married.
    The captain also knew what the team members were doing, but he had no real power in the first place. He was just a mascot in the brigade. Except for the commune to use him for meetings, there was no place for him to speak anywhere, plus he was timid and fearful. He never said it.
    The commune was almost furious, and several people who could call the shots discussed it in the middle of the night, and finally changed the captain of the Houhu family brigade, and sent several police officers to guard in the brigade.
    That's not even counted. The commune called all the educated youths in the past few years. The focus is on those who have been married in the past two years. They have found a reliable old lady to talk about it. It is clear how everyone gets married.
    "I heard that there are two educated youths here, and they may come over tomorrow." After finishing the inquiry, Duan Mingming whispered to Jianing.
    "Do you live with us?" Jianing asked.
    "I don't know." Duan Mingming shook his head and told Jianing that this matter also wanted Jianing to ask with her, "I want to figure it out and prepare early." She was a little worried. It's so convenient, but these are arranged by the captain, and they don't have the right to intervene.
    Jianing also wanted to know sooner, if we really live together, we have to be more careful in the future.
    The two didn't waste time, and went directly to the next door to find Granny Qin after speaking.
    Mother Qin was washing the sweet potatoes. Seeing the two of them coming over and getting up to wipe their hands clean, she suddenly thought of something and shouted into the room: "Lao San, come out and pour two bowls of water."
    After saying that, let the two sit down: "Don't mess around in the big night. I can hear something directly in the yard in the future. I'll be here when I come back. Don't mess around next time. Do you know? "At first, she was not so worried. It wasn't because of the team next door. I heard that someone came out at night to take advantage and threaten people. Although all the offenders were arrested, it's not wrong to be careful.
    Jianing nodded, and as soon as he sat down, he saw Qin Wei coming out of the opposite room. Thinking of what the two said last time, he suddenly became fidgety. After moving a few times, he still felt that his gaze had not left.
    Duan Mingming didn't realize that Jianing was wrong, and had already asked what he had just said.
    Mother Qin couldn't help but raise her head and glance at the third son who went out to pour water. The son is not too young anymore. Shouldn't the house be used?

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