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    "Jianing, go a little here." Knowing how difficult the crying child was, Duan Mingming gave Jianing a hand.
    Jianing originally felt that children are very cute, but now he has a new understanding and decided to stay away from crying children in the future. The old man Qin just in front was speaking, drawing her attention.
    "Members, I called everyone to come today for two things. The first thing is that I won’t go to work tomorrow. The second thing is that these two days are not good, it may rain heavily, everyone’s cabbage, radishes, etc. can Reap the harvest, otherwise it’s really raining, and it’s a pity that the vegetables are rotten in the ground.” As
    soon as the old man Qin finished speaking, some people immediately below were unwilling. The courageous only dared to speak secretly, and the courageous directly yelled:" Captain, what do you think it is, what day is it now? How could it be raining heavily? Even if it rains, it will be drizzle. It will be fine after two days. The vegetables in the ground are expected to grow in these few days. , Now that we have received it until the New Year, what do we eat?"
    "That's right, Captain, who do you hear that it is going to rain heavily? Your children don't have enough food to eat, but our family is a big family."
    "Maybe! Maybe! Knowing what it means? Yes, the heavy rain may not be able to come down, so if it really rains, the vegetables in the ground are still not?" Old man Qin knows that it is useless to talk to them, and at this time, he needs to be able to overwhelm. they are on the line, "love Do you accept, not accept or leave it, do not listen to someone of your own home without food, and that time also do not cry Stop it."
    "that can not be the last word you will receive two weeks earlier, If it doesn’t rain, wouldn’t these vegetables be in vain?"
    "If it doesn’t rain, you can’t eat it if you harvest it? What are you afraid of if you leave the cabbage for three or four months? Turnips or something, you are buried in the ground, when can you not eat it? , How much can it grow in half a month? If it really doesn’t work, you can collect the big ones at home and let them grow longer. But I’m ugly saying that if you don’t accept it, you still don’t accept it at the end. It is also his own responsibility to eat." Old man Qin stopped talking while watching the people below.
    The few people who just talked back had quieted up a long time ago. You look at me, I look at you, and they can't make up their minds.
    "Captain, can you accept your food?" Someone couldn't help but ask at the end.
    "Come, why don't you take it? I'll get up early tomorrow morning to collect the vegetables." Old man Qin looked up and said.
    "Jianing, we will be free tomorrow." On the way back, Duan Mingming looked at Jianing and said.
    "Why don't we go to town." Jianing had this plan a long time ago, and she felt that she had a lot of things to buy.
    "It's a bit far to go to town, can you go?" Duan Mingming was a little worried. When he came back, Jianing took a ox cart all the way, and now he may not be able to go to town.
    Jianing forgot about Lu Yuan, and was stunned when she heard what she said. In the end, the temptation to embroider needles and thread was great. She gritted her teeth: "Yes." It's a big deal. And no need to take anything this time. In addition, it may have been the reason for working during this period. Jianing felt that her health was much better than before. She used to take a few steps to breathe, but now she is not tired at all from here to the brigade.
    "Okay, let's talk to the captain when we go back next time, let's go together tomorrow morning." Duan Mingming nodded and agreed.
    "You still have to talk to the captain?" Jianing made it a bit. The two of them went to town, why did they even tell the captain.
    "Yes, educated youths can't run around. In case they can't find someone when something happens, they will suspect that we are running away."
    "Oh." Jianing never thought of this level at all. "We don't have a letter of introduction and can't run away." She knows a little bit about things here. No matter where she goes, she needs a letter of introduction, and the same goes for taking a car. If there is no letter of introduction, they can't buy tickets.
    "Someone will run away secretly." Duan Mingming whispered to her, "I just tell you that every year, people can't bear the hardships in the countryside. They look for opportunities to run back, but most of them will be caught." Duan Mingming told Jia. Ning is also afraid that she can't stand the grievances here, and secretly hit the idea of ​​going back. It is not so easy to want to go back. If it is not a formal method, this matter will not be erased for a lifetime. In the future, I will open a letter of introduction in the brigade better than others. trouble.
    "Yeah." Jianing knew this, because the day she came, she was too anxious at home, and she was still explaining that she had to stay well in the production team and don't run away secretly.
    "Okay, let's not talk about this, remember everything you want to buy tomorrow when you go out, don't forget it then, then go for nothing." Duan Mingming said a few words, not willing to mention this matter again.
    "I want to buy needlework and mung bean cakes." Jianing thought of the box of mung bean cakes in the house. She was greedy for two days, and it took a lot of effort to hold back her body. She decided to send them to Qin old man later, so that tonight I can sleep well.
    "Mung bean cake? Jianing, do you have food stamps and money now?" Duan Mingming knows that the cakes are expensive, not sure if Jianing has enough things? If it's not too much, it's better to save and eat.
    "Yes." Jianing nodded. In the past few days, she has read the food stamps repeatedly, and she has slowly figured out how much food each food stamp can buy. It must be used to buy mung bean cake. Bought.
    Regarding the meals for the two of them, Jianing was not in a hurry. Although the eighth mission was not completed, the reward for the seventh mission was enough for them to eat for the New Year. She knew that Duan Mingming would not be willing to eat every meal. White noodles, so even if you take it out, you can't use it up.
    After waiting two days for her brother’s delivery to arrive, she took out the white noodles and meat. She had eaten a meal without much fun for several days. Jianing decided to cook a few more dishes when the meat was taken out. She wanted Eat to your heart's content.
    "Then buy less." Duan Mingming still feels distressed. The price of mung bean cake is not at the same level as the price of mung bean. She can save a lot of money by doing it herself.
    "I can do it." Jianing turned to look at her, "Obviously you want to learn?"
    "You can do it yourself, then why don't you just buy mung beans?" After Duan Mingming finished the reaction, Jianing might have cheated herself. You can’t cook, so how can you make mung bean cakes, "Jianing, do you really know how to make mung bean cakes, or are you just for fun?"
    "I can do it." Jianing is a little unhappy. She can do it, and there is more than one type of mung bean cake. "I can also make red bean cake, yam cake, and sweet-scented osmanthus cake."
    "Jianing, have you eaten all of these?" Duan Mingming I was taken aback and looked around. Fortunately, I was almost home. There were only two of them here.
    "Yes." Jianing nodded. She could do more than that, but there were only three kinds of skills. Because her sister was not there, she learned to try it herself. The only bad thing is that the mother and the cook in the palace always stop her from letting her do it. She can only do the middle steps. They will do the first kneading and the final steaming, otherwise she would have learned to light a fire. NS.
    "Then buy less mung bean cakes when you go out tomorrow, and buy more mung bean cakes. Next time you want to eat mung bean cakes, we will make them directly." Duan Mingming originally wanted to say that he would not buy mung bean cakes this time. It's probably a waste of time, so it's better to buy something to eat first.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded, and tried to recall the steps of making mung bean cake, and found that he still remembered every step. Don't worry, "I also need sugar, honey and sesame oil. Obviously, can you buy these?"
    "Honey" And sesame oil?" Duan Mingming was asked this time and thought for a while and said, "Jianing, let's buy it and eat it." She found that she was thinking too well, for sugar, sugar for oil, oil for oil, and honey. I don’t know how it is possible to prepare so many raw materials where they are sold.
    "Okay." I don't know why Duan Mingming suddenly changed her mind. Jianing was a little disappointed. She thought that she could make a bunch of mung bean cakes and eat slowly by herself, but her wish came to nothing, and Jianing suddenly frustrated.
    "We'll talk about sugar tickets and oil tickets later." Seeing that she was so disappointed, Duan Mingming changed his mind again. "Now we only have food stamps and can't buy these things."
    "I have sugar tickets." Jianing thought of the package. There are a bunch of various tickets, including oil tickets.
    "Huh?" Unexpectedly, her family had even prepared these. Duan Mingming, who had just walked into the yard, felt bitter. When she came over, she wanted to get a food stamp to prepare her grandmother and refused to let her. It was her mother who took advantage of her father to watch. Before that, she secretly stuffed some money in her hands.
    "Both." Jianing thought about it for a while and made sure that he had the ticket in his hand, "Wait a minute, I'll show it to you." After saying that, he ran back to his room and took out three tickets. There were three kinds of tickets. .
    "It’s half a catty of sugar and half a catty of oil." Duan obviously didn’t pick up the other food stamp. After making sure that he had the sugar ticket and the oil ticket in his hand, he immediately said to Jianing, “If this is the case, we’ll buy it tomorrow and buy another two catties. Mung beans, make some when you want to eat them in the future." Duan Mingming doesn't know how to make mung bean cakes, but the guessing steps should be similar to making steamed buns. Anyway, they have to be cooked at the end, so just put them down when steaming the steamed buns.
    "Okay." Confirmed that he had the two kinds of things he needed, Jianing changed the loss he had just received, collected the tickets, and then began to think about what else to buy, and a piece of cloth. Only needles and threads are not enough, so there must be a place to embroider." Obviously, is there a place to sell writing brushes?" She wanted to write, and she didn't tickle her hands for a few days, but there was no writing brush and paper in the bag. That day, she saw that there were writing brushes in the brigade house, indicating that she could buy them.
    "The supply and marketing agency should have it. I'll take you to see it tomorrow." Duan Mingming has never used a brush. They use more pencils and ballpoint pens. The supply and marketing agency can sell these two types, and there should be brush pens too, right?
    "Obviously you are so nice!" I can buy everything I want, Jianing looked excited, "When will we go to town tomorrow?" She wished to leave now.
    "Tomorrow morning, I will talk to the captain first." Duan Mingming smiled, she heard the sound of opening the door next door.
    "I'm going too." Jianing thought that he still had mung bean cake and medicinal wine that Qin Wei had given him, and planned to deliver them together, and then went to the house to get something.
    "Okay, let's go over and watch together." Duan Mingming watched her return to the house and waited in the yard for a while.
    Everything was packed, Jianing was very fast and came out directly with the baggage.
    "Jianing, what did you take?" Duan Mingming asked when she saw her carrying such a big baggage.
    "Borrowing something from Qin Wei." In the end, Jianing used this reason. She found that food in this era was much more precious than she thought, and she would be suspicious if she were to tell the truth.

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