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    "Big." Qin Wei nodded, not where there was so much water.
    "It's a bad thing." Old man Qin took a bench and went out, changed his water shoes, wiped his hand and took out the cigarette, his face was distressed, "The dam is not big and safe." The dam was useless at all, it was just a pile of dirt. Those who have gone up, have been added again in the beginning of spring in previous years, but this year is different from before, and no one has had time to prepare.
    "Father, do you want to repair the dam this year?" After Qin Wei finished speaking, he knew that the original plan might need to be changed, and then said his thoughts.
    Qin Wei guessed right. He wanted to do the dam repair, but he had no money. Old man Qin had been troubled by this for several years. Now he heard his son say that there is a way to make money, although he thinks it’s not as easy as his son said. But thinking about the dam that is about to seep water, gritted his teeth and agreed directly.
    Qin Wei didn't expect that he would agree so easily, and the originally prepared rhetoric was useless.
    It’s just that whether you agree or disagree, things have to be set aside. What matters now is that it’s still raining, so you can’t leave it alone.
    There is no good way but to call someone to pile up dirt. Although it is not very useful to be busy now, it is better to ignore it.
    Yesterday, I was busy working for a day, and I was frightened again at night. Now I am called to work and everyone looks tired, but no one complains. Everyone knows the importance of dams.
    Hurry up and go to the dam in the evening to add a layer of rock and soil, which is better than nothing.
    "Go back first, and come back tomorrow." Old man Qin saw that it was dark, and immediately drove the person back. It was cold and he couldn't see clearly at night, and it would be broken if someone slipped.
    Everyone also knows that it is not safe at night, and after hearing the words, they went back one after another with the tools in their hands.
    Old man Qin saw that everyone had left before returning home slowly. He was too old and had back pain and leg pain when he stayed outside for a day. When he got home, he heard someone say it was raining.
    "It's down again." Old man Qin sighed.
    "Old man, where's the third child?" Mother Qin finished cooking and waited for her father to come back, but only one came back.
    "I went to the brigade to deliver things, what are you doing looking for him?" Old man Qin took a basin and poured some hot water out of the thermos. "I'm exhausted."
    "The boss and the second are not at home, and I wondered about the cellar. I know if it's done, I want the third child to see it."
    "I'll be here later."
    "Okay, I'll take the things first." Old lady Qin steamed a pot of vegetable dumplings, planning to divide them.
    The old couple were talking, and Qin Wei came back from the outside. He was taken aback when he heard that he helped two brothers build a cellar. This was the first time he was asked to help his brothers.
    There were brothers in the previous life, but they were all half-parents. It was a good relationship not to frame each other. He was sent to the capital because he was framed to steal things from his aunt's house. In fact, he really didn't like those things. His mother's status is no lower than his aunt, and it was designed to end this way. The mother and son are not interested in rights, but others don't believe it.
    In the end, several half-brothers died, and when they entered the cell, he was left in the Qin Palace. Old Qin Wang knew that he had moved in it but was helpless.
    In fact, Qin Wei envied himself in this life. After escaping from the palace in the previous life, his mother died. Because of being targeted, he didn't even enter the ancestral grave. In the end, he took his mother back after he took power.
    Nothing else in this life, at least, both parents.
    The same is true for Jianing. Qin Wei vaguely felt that this life seemed to be a kind of compensation, but couldn't figure out the reason. She was in a daze. Over there, Mrs. Qin asked her son again when she saw that her son hadn't spoken.
    "If you are tired, I will go after dinner. I'll go with you." I thought about letting my son go while it was still dark, but now I changed my mind.
    "No." Qin Wei shook his head, "I'm going now, you eat first." After saying that, he went straight to the house, but went out, and walked a few steps in the other direction.
    "Obviously, there is still a bit of bacon at home, or we will make steamed buns tomorrow."
    "Okay, I heard it will rain. I will definitely not go to work, but the noodles at home are almost gone."
    "It's okay, I'll write to my brother ." I believe it, and I'll be here in a few days."
    After stopping at the door for a while, Qin Wei looked up at the sky and turned to the other side when he heard the movement from the yard.
    "Weizi, what are you doing here?" An aunt came over with a burden on the road.
    "Six aunt." Qin Wei recognize this person is the same clan, two pretty good relationship, stopped to answer, "to see Big Brother house is leaking it."
    "Then go." A six aunt is also down to business He didn't say much, "Don't rain on the child at that time."
    "Yeah." Qin Wei nodded and continued walking. The distance between the three houses is not far, and Qin Wei's eldest brother, Qin Shan's house, went first.
    There are only two people in Qin Shan's family now, Qin Shan's wife and son, Qin Wei went in and said a few words to his sister-in-law, patted his pants and planned to leave. On the one hand, he is not used to talking to others; on the other hand, it is getting dark and he wants to go home before dark.
    Sister Qin watched the children at home and didn't grow many vegetables. So yesterday, she was finished by herself, but the cellars were not good enough to collect the vegetables. Now she is very happy to see her uncle coming over, so she hurried to pour water after she was busy.
    Qin Wei waved his hand and rubbed the Yizi who had been staring at him: "The third uncle is gone." After speaking, he went directly to the second brother's house.
    The second brother's house is also in the same state. Qin Wei took a few stones and pressed it on after setting it up. It was almost dark after finishing the two houses, but when he went back, Qin Wei made a detour again, and he didn't expect to stumble this time. NS.
    Jianing stayed in the house after dinner and was fine. Duan Mingming was sewing things in her house. She bought a needle and thread today and suddenly didn't want to do it, so she went out to play with the puppy.
    It's just that it's cold, I just put the puppy in my arms, planning to go to the door for a moment. I used to stay in the palace and there was almost no chance to go out. Now I followed the young birds out of the nest, where I wanted to fly.
    It's just that Jianing didn't expect to walk up to Qin Wei as soon as he arrived at the door. Now Jianing is very entangled, what attitude to face him, but before she can think about it, the other party speaks.
    "Why didn't you enter the house?" Qin Wei squeezed a fist, and finally said what was in his heart, his voice soft.
    Unexpectedly that his attitude was so good, Jianing was stunned for a moment, and then he turned his head down and replied: "Just turn around."
    Guessed that she might be bored, Qin Wei thought about the bad weather these days, and said after thinking about it: "Outside It's cold, I want to go shopping for a few days, and wait for a sunny day to take you to the county town." After finishing talking, he went home without waiting for Jianing to answer.
    "Huh?" Jianing raised her head and reacted for a while before she understood what Qin Wei meant, but Qin Wei's back was far away.
    "Take me out to play?" Jianing muttered, thought for a while, and returned to the house with the puppy in his arms.
    The fact that the two recognized each other has not been exposed, but they are inexplicably clear, and they get along much smoother than before. After dinner at night, Qin Wei handed over a piece of clothing from the wall.
    "Wear it when you come out." Knowing that even if it rains, she won't be in the house all the time, Qin Wei made preparations early.
    "Yeah." Jianing took the things over and glanced at the wound on Qin Wei's head. "Does it
    still hurt ?" "What?" After Qin Wei finished speaking, he remembered that he still had injuries, but the gauze was just a cover. the wound was healed,
    Qin Wei was about to tell the truth, eyes suddenly see Jianing that a trace of worry, changed his tune ︰ "a little."
    "that's ......" Jianing frown, she would have thought a spiritual power fruit can now see It still doesn't work. Jianing feels a little distressed when she thinks that she doesn't have much, but Beibei left it to her.
    However, Jianing quietly raised his head and glanced at Qin Wei. King Qin had a bad reputation, but there was one thing that everyone recognized. The northern borders were all guarded by King Qin.
    The Qin King of the Chen family was half guarded, not to mention anything else, if only this item is not given, Jianing's conscience is disturbed. It's just that the thing was too precious. Jianing regretted it after giving it back last time. Fortunately, it didn't cause any problems. You have to be cautious about what you say this time.
    "King Qin," Jianing finally used this name, "When did you come here?"
    "Huh?" Qin Wei was stunned for a moment when she didn't expect her to say that, and then he felt warm. Can you ask this question, does it mean? Not so defensive of yourself?
    After thinking about this, I feel comfortable all over, and I still have a conscience, Qin Wei thought.
    "Two days ago, how about you?"
    "Me too." Jianing replied in a low voice.
    "Yes?" Qin Wei recalled. The educated youth came over when he woke up, so when the other party came, he would go to the countryside?
    Thinking about the blisters on Jianing's hand that day, Qin Wei knew that he had guessed correctly: "Are you afraid?"
    Qin Wei raised his hand, and after thinking about it , he let it go.
    Jianing shook his head: "
    I'm not afraid." Qin Wei sighed in his heart: "What is missing? Tell me." In fact, he really wanted to say something else, but he can't say that, although his attitude is good, what if he asks about it and runs away. ?
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded, so that Qin Wei was not as scary as the rumors.
    "Go back." No amount of words are suitable for speaking now. Qin Wei told himself to calm down, and it won't be too late for a while. There are still too many problems to deal with now.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded and took the clothes from Qin Wei, "Thank you King Qin."
    "Call me Qin Wei." Qin Wei didn't want to hear this address.
    "Thank you Qin Wei." He asked to call Jianing, and then took out the spiritual power fruit that had been prepared long ago, "I'll eat it for you." As long as she doesn't say anything, no one will think this fruit is abnormal, Jianing What is scared is that if someone else eats it, she will feel distressed.
    Qin Wei was even more surprised when he received a gift here since he had no conscience since he was a child. He didn't get a reply for how many things he gave in the palace.
    Is it possible to follow the customs and learn to socialize? Thinking that Qin Wei feels a little distressed, Jianing is sensible. Although he wants her to be as carefree as before, but he can protect her for a while and protect her for the rest of her life, but there are always things that cannot be taken into consideration. Only she is sensible. , In order not to be wronged in the future.
    Qin Wei was very pleased, and then found that he was thinking too much.
    The reason was that Jianing asked him to eat the fruit. Qin Wei saw this thing at home and didn't take it seriously. Although he was wondering why he wanted to eat it now, he always followed Jianing and ate it without asking anything.
    It's just that Qin Wei just finished eating, and when he heard Jianing's next sentence, he wanted to spit out the fruit he had just eaten.
    "Qin Wei, our marriage contract is not counted anymore, right?"
    Jianing asked with a look of expectation when Qin Wei had eaten the spiritual fruit that she had given her. stand up.

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