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  When Jianing talked to Duan Mingming, she didn't feel it. When Qin Wei questioned her, she suddenly felt a little guilty. But then she became more confident. She didn't say anything wrong. Why should she be afraid? Thinking of this, I didn’t bow my head, straightened up and looked at the courtyard wall: “Yes.”
    “He,” Qin Wei glanced at her, “I have received the bride price
    . Who else do you want to marry if you don’t get married?” “Who said that ......" Jianing suddenly remembered about the bracelet in the middle of speaking, and suddenly she didn't dare to speak.
    "Stop talking?"
    Qin Wei wanted to say something. He heard footsteps from the door and knew that the two elders were back. It would not work to continue to say, but he didn't want to let her go so easily and stayed at last. One sentence: "I will ask you to settle the account next time."
    Duan Mingming hid from Qin Wei's words. He didn't dare to say a word until Qin Wei left. You don't like Qin Wei?"
    "I," Jianing doesn't know how he feels now. If he likes it, he's not sure if he doesn't like it. But when I just heard Duan Mingming's words, I feel a little bit pantopathic in his heart, "I don't know either. "
    Oh, look at this." Duan Mingming didn't need to say anything. He knew what was going on by looking at her expression. Just looking at Qin Wei's face just now, he was obviously angry. What can I do?
    "Jianing, do you want to apologize? It seems that someone from outside may be talking nonsense, but I don't know what happened. What if Qin Wei just came to you to explain?" Duan Mingming couldn't wait. Slap yourself with a big mouth, you said that this matter will not be said long ago, why do you say it now, this is all right, and you have been stunned.
    "I will think about it again." Jianing said in silence for a while, she must think about whether she likes Qin Wei.
    "Don't think about it, just say if you like it, don't care if you don't like it, when will you be tall? If you say it's too late, Qin Wei really gives up to marry someone else, then it will be too late for you to regret it." Duan Mingming After talking, remember to whisper this time.
    "Are you in such a hurry?" Jianing thought it would take a long time to see the marriage, but Duan Mingming didn't seem to mean it.
    "Who knows if you are not in a hurry? I'm afraid that if you are late, someone will come to see you tomorrow." Duan Mingming was really anxious, "Would I help you ask Aunt Qin if this is true or false?
    " no, "Jianing shaking his head," do not ask. "
    " you know you are, "Duan obviously anxious to death not what, say for a long time did not advise using a little, can not wait to see her Jianing split his head thinking what
    Jianing didn't speak, and finished her meal quietly. It wasn't until late afternoon when she heard Lady Qin next door say to go out, so she mustered up the courage to call someone.
    "Qin Wei." Jianing's voice is not loud, even if he knows that Qin Wei is the only one in the house next door, he dare not shout loudly.
    "Huh?" Qin Wei just waited for her to come over, and had already made plans. If he didn't come before tomorrow morning, don't blame him for being rude. I didn't expect that this time the little unscrupulous person would be quite clever. .
    "I have something..." Jianing grabbed the clothes tangledly, feeling hard to tell anyway.
    "What's the matter?" Qin Wei was not used to her this time.
    "Come here," Jianing blushed anxiously, "Come and talk."
    "I feel uncomfortable when I hear you during the day, and I don't want to go over it now." Qin Wei said deliberately, "Is there something to talk about, it's not far away anyway.
    " I..." Jianing looked at him, looked at the courtyard, wanted to speak directly, but was afraid of being heard by Duan Mingming, crying anxiously, finally gritted his teeth, jumped off the stone and walked outside, the two courtyards walked down the path. Nearly, Jianing went out and turned in, but was suddenly caught after not taking two steps.
    "What do you want to tell me? I think it's better." Qin Wei said, not going to let go.
    "I want to say..." Jianing raised his head and glanced at him, but Qin Wei was also looking at her. He quickly lowered his head and whispered, "I like you."
    "Who do you like?" Qin Wei asked.
    "Like... Qin Wei." Jianing's voice became even smaller, and she couldn't wait for a crack on the ground so that she could get in.
    "Not Xiao Qinzi?" Qin Wei didn't plan to let her go. Jianing had always been timid. After talking this time, it would be difficult for her to say such things next time.
    "I like them all." Jianing finished speaking and lowered his head, "You, don't ask."
    "Okay, I won't ask." Qin Wei tried to hold back, not letting himself laugh, still remembering his original plan. He coughed and asked, "When will you get married? You still owe me a bride, which made me laugh at me for a long time. Now I don’t know if Beijing will make up a small song to laugh at me. Said, I also ran away as a tortoise with a
    shrunken head ." Jianing didn't know what he said to him, only thought that Qin Wei was really laughed at when he came, and didn't know how to answer for a while.
    "I think next month will be fine, what do you think?" Qin Wei couldn't wait to take her home now, but it didn't work, just...
    "Weizi?" Aunt Qin San was sure that she was right, the figure on the trail, It's really his own son, just why are you talking to people? "What are you doing that
    Shane? Come, aunt something to tell you."
    Two words Qin Wei would like to continue to say to suppress, know each other is a big mouth son, Qin Wei afraid to let her discovery.
    "Weizi, what are you doing?" Aunt Qin was a little unhappy and asked her to say that the junior should look like a junior. If you listen to her this time, what happened last time. She didn't care about it.
    Qin Wei ignored her at all, and whispered to Jianing to go back first: "I will find you tomorrow."
    Jianing was relieved when the person came. He didn't take Qin Wei's words seriously, so he went back as soon as he finished speaking.
    Qin Wei was in a hurry just now, so the place where the two of them stayed was close to the corner. In addition to the darkness, Aunt Qin vaguely saw someone walking, but she didn't see who it was. She didn't ask Qin Wei. She was angry and thought about it. The purpose did not continue to speak.
    "Weizi, how did I hear that you want to see the wife of the Qian family? Listen to the third aunt, but you can’t talk to her. My aunt’s wife has a wife who played with you when she was a child. Now she’s older. I also asked me what Brother Weizi did. I didn’t come back if you weren’t at home. If you come back this time, or should I let her come, you two will meet?"
    "You got it wrong." Qin Wei patted. In the corner, the head didn't quite replied.
    "Huh?" Aunt Qin San didn't understand what he was saying.
    "I said you got it wrong, I didn't look at it. Third aunt, go home quickly, your two grandsons are waiting for you, don't care about other family affairs."
    "What's this kid talking about? I'm your third aunt. "
    When will your son pay me back? Now the eldest brother and the second brother are at home, or should I call a group to collect debts?" Qin Wei was annoyed when she heard her voice. Embroidery purses, let alone purse now, there is not even a piece of cloth.
    "This kid speaks so horribly, I'm an elder anyway, so I just talked to the elders?"
    "I'm telling the truth." Qin Wei might take into account her elder's identity and be polite, but today the other party scared his daughter-in-law She ran away, regardless of her elders, the daughter-in-law is more important than anyone else.
    "Her third aunt is not at home to watch the children, what are you doing here?" Mrs. Qin went outside after the meal. Just after the new year, everyone was idle and chatting. Two days later, there would be no time to start work, but she just went outside and listened to others. The son wanted to look at someone, and after explaining it again, he hurried home and asked his son what was going on, but he heard the movement of the two before he even entered the house. Whether his son listened to her words, Mrs. Qin didn’t care, no matter what was going on, she had to Towards the son. She didn't know who was in the third family, she definitely didn't know what to do.
    "Mother." Qin Wei greeted Mother Qin when she came back, without even looking at Aunt Qin San, and went straight into the house with a clear attitude, and he would pay the money again if he talked about it.
    Aunt Qin didn't care about this. She was anxious to stuff her natal wife to her second child's house. Don't look at the second wife who is holding the money tightly. When the time comes, the wife will marry her. Sooner or later, the money will be hers.
    With a sweet dream in her heart, Aunt Qin smiled with a smile on her face: "Second sister-in-law, Weizi is such a good child. You can't say that she is a widow to Mother Qian. You can tell by the way she is a widow. What a person, marrying must make the family uneasy. If you want me to say, Tweety is not bad, if you are willing, I will take her over tomorrow."
    "Who?" Qin San said to the bean-like Barabala. Heap, Po Qin didn't hear clearly except for the first two sentences.
    "Tuier, my second brother's little girl, she came to play when she was a child, don't you remember the second sister-in-law?" Aunt Qin said with a smile, and Mrs. Qin thought she could be a matchmaker directly by wearing a flower on her head.
    "Don't." After hearing who it was, Po Qin shivered. Why didn't she remember that she was young at the time and the three families had not yet separated. Sister-in-law's oldest natal child is not young anymore. When she came here, she looked like an adult, and she was not sensible one by one. Although her own natal child is young, several sister-in-laws have explained that they all sat obediently after they came.
    Only the third family’s family came with a pot, like locusts, they took everything to eat, and the tribute on the big table also moved in disorder. After two visits, the old lady was also annoyed. Every year, she asked the third child whether her natal children would come. If she answered, she would immediately put away everything in the house. But the third child thought that the old lady liked her natal children too much, so she showed off to herself and her sister-in-law.
    Thinking of the past, Mother Qin rejected Qin San’s plan at once: "Weizi has a partner, so there is no need for his aunt to worry about it. Then he will call you when he gets married, and his aunt doesn’t care about other things."
    "Is there a partner? Who? Yeah, second sister-in-law, don’t tell me it’s Chen Zhiqing, everyone said, Weizi is not rare Chen Zhiqing, don’t add to Weizi if you are satisfied with it, you are the mother-in-law who is dissatisfied and suffers after marriage. Besides, Chen Zhiqing wants nothing. You can’t understand how to cook. Don’t think it’s good to be obedient."
    "I don’t know who it is. I'll talk about it when I get married. The child is crying, go home and have a look." Mother Qin sneered in her heart. She can’t cook, isn’t she still there? It’s better than Tweety flowers. Is that good at cooking? That’s because no one is stealing in the kitchen. eat.
    One year before the separation, Tweety came to the house and harvested wheat. The old lady made a pot of dishes. She felt that her sons and grandchildren were tired. She cut a big piece of meat and stewed it with cauliflower. When I asked Tweet to watch the fire, she went to the house to get a vegetable pot. The old lady walked slowly. When she finished cleaning the pot and came back, there was not even a diced meat in the pot. People who watched the fire would eat it. Full of hiccups.

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