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    next morning, Jianing opened his eyes and saw a strange environment. After a while, he realized where he was. Even if he had accepted the facts, he was a little dazed, but fortunately he recovered quickly and took the clothes over and put them on.
    However, when she put on her clothes and got out of the bed, Jianing shivered: "Babe, it's cold today." When I came here yesterday, it was later than now, and there was a big sun on the road. She didn't feel how cold, but now she felt trembling all over her body. .
    "Jianing, there are clothes in the bag, you wear a little more." Beibei worried, "can't be cold, we don't have medicine for the cold."
    "Okay." Jianing did not go down, took the bag next to it, and turned it out. There were so many things in her clothes, so she just poured them all on the kang. After pouring them out, Jianing discovered that there were not only clothes inside, but also several slap-sized paper bags.
    "What's this?" Jianing brought a bag, looked left and right, but couldn't see what it was, put it in front of him and smelled it, feeling a smell of meat.
    Guessing that it was eating, Jianing untied the rope on it, opened the paper bag and found that it was a pack of beef jerky. The two-finger-wide beef was cut into slices and arranged neatly. I don’t know what seasoning was sprinkled on it. All are tempting.
    "Beef jerky?" Jianing thought of her brother who was desperately stuffing the bag before she came, and suddenly felt sour. The brother in this life, like the sister in the previous life, left everything to her.
    "Is Jianing awake? The captain said to gather at 8 o'clock. It is estimated that it is almost here now. You should hurry up and clean up." Duan Mingming just wanted to call her when he saw Jianing come out and said a lot.
    "What is the gathering for?" Jianing was thinking about washing and going back to eat snacks, when she heard Duan Mingming's words, she looked confused.
    "I started working today, otherwise there will be no food for the next year. The captain made it clear yesterday. Have you forgotten?" Duan Mingming asked her as she put on her coat.
    "I forgot." Jianing suddenly remembered that there was something like this, but she was shocked by the grain at the time, so she didn't listen to the captain very much, and she didn't expect to miss such important news.
    "What time is it now?" Jianing looked around, there was no clock in the room.
    "I don't know what time it is, but there is a voice next door. I think the time is about the same. Let's prepare early. I will steam the wotou first. How many do you eat?" Duan Mingming put on cotton shoes.
    "I'll eat..." Jianing was stunned. She didn't eat yesterday's Wotou. She didn't know how many she could eat. After hesitating, she said a number, "Two." She wants to adapt to her current life as soon as possible.
    "Okay, I'll cook the batter by the way, Jianing, give me a handful of your noodles." Duan Mingming is used to doing this kind of work at home. He didn't think about the division of labor, and the other party didn't know how to cook kang yesterday. I don't expect her to be able to help with the cooking, it would be unhelpful to go, so I should do it faster by myself.
    "Let’s go early on the first day and get something to eat. Would you like to have some vegetables when you come back at noon?" Meat, Duan knew that there was no loss in taking care of the other party, so he was willing to take her with him.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded, then went to the house and brought out the half bowl of vegetables left over yesterday, "Obviously, eat this."
    "You didn't eat food last night?" Duan Mingming saw The dish in her hand was surprised, "Didn't you say that you ate it yesterday?"
    "I was too full in the afternoon and I am not hungry in the evening. We will eat together later." Jianing shook her head, and if she had a suitable excuse, she would take some. Other dishes came out, but no excuses were found.
    "Well, to me
    this dish hot." Obviously segment took the bowl, put aside, going to wait a while when cooking Cook hot a hot, early in the morning there is meat, they both may be in the village The most extravagant educated youth.
    Jianing saw her start cooking and watched by the side, trying to see what she could help, but found that she could not do anything.
    She knew that it was not as convenient as before, so she couldn't just take out the food from Yupeili. Every time she sneaked into the house for a meal, she would definitely be suspected for a long time, so she would eat with each other after today.
    "Jianing, go and wash, just wait for dinner. I will do it today, and I will teach you when I have time." Duan Mingming was burning the fire, turning around to see that the other party was looking at him, and laughed Laughing, "When we come back from work in the afternoon, I will take you to pick up firewood." Duan Mingming said, thinking that the other party might not be as squeamish as the captain said.
    However, when he was eating, Duan Mingming realized that he was thinking too much.
    "Cough-cough-cough-" Jianing looked at the bowl on the table, she only took a sip, but she felt that her throat hurts, but it was not really painful. It was more of a psychological effect. Drink rice porridge.
    "Jianing, slow down," Duan Mingming was startled. "How come you choke after eating, don't be so panic."
    Jianing nodded, looked at the bowl and then at the nest in his hand, breaking carefully. I put a piece in my mouth, it feels a bit strange, but I can bear it.
    It’s just that it’s not as good as what she usually eats. Jianing took two bites and put it down: “Obviously, I’m full.”
    “Ah? You just have to eat like this?” Duan Mingming saw that there was half a bowl left in her bowl. , The two well-proposed Wowotou only ate half of them.
    "Well, I ate too much yesterday, and now I am not hungry." Jianing planned to go back to the house and eat two pieces of beef jerky.
    "I will put away the rest and eat at noon." Duan Mingming said, these are all food, it is a pity to waste a little, they will work later, they must be hungry quickly, "Jianing, you will bring something, Wan When I'm hungry in the field, I will secretly eat a few bites."
    "Okay." Jianing nodded and got up and went into the house.
    When they arrived in the room, Jianing closed the door, first found the beef jerky next to him, pinched two sticks and put them in her mouth. The taste was much better than she had eaten before, and it was slightly spicy. It was just so delicious and reluctant to eat it all, Jianing thought for a while, put away all the remaining beef jerky, and then took two pieces of pastry out to eat.
    I was not too hungry in the morning, and I was full after eating two pieces of pastries, but the beef jerky and pastries were a little bit dry in my mouth.
    I went to the side and took the military kettle I brought yesterday. Jianing shook, there was no water in it. When I wanted to go out to fill the water, I suddenly saw the paper and pen I put on the chair yesterday.
    "Babe, I seem to have forgotten to write to my brother."
    "It's not eight o'clock now, you can write it, and then let the captain help carry it back." Beibei helped her out.
    "Okay." Jianing put down the kettle and went on to do the great cause that was not completed yesterday.
    She doesn't know how to use this pen, nor can she write the characters here. She remembers that she never went to school, so she didn't need to write. She picked up the pen and drew a few strokes on the paper.
    After finishing the drawing, Jianing folded the paper, stuffed it into the envelope prepared by her brother, and then went out to find Duan Mingming: "Obviously, I want to use candles to seal the letter." Yesterday the other party urged herself to go to bed early, saying that candles are used. It will be gone soon, so save some use. Jianing is not sure if she wants to write a letter to the other party.
    "Okay, wait a minute." Duan Mingming had just finished eating, cleared the table, and when he heard Jianing's words, took out the candles collected yesterday, "What about the letter? I'll help you get it."
    Jianing handed the envelope in his hand . past.
    Duan Mingming lit the candle, carefully closed the envelope with the dripping oil from the candle, and then returned it to her: "Who is Jianing going to send the letter to?" It's only the first day. Is it homesick?
    "For eldest brother." Jianing and fortunately looked through it a few times and made sure to seal it before putting it up. He planned to send it to Old Man Qin later.
    "Do you want to send a letter to your home as soon as you arrive?" Duan Mingming still couldn't hold back, and asked.
    "Yes, the eldest brother said, let me write to him when I get to the place." Jianing nodded, and made sure that he hadn't forgotten anything.
    "Your brother is really nice." Duan Mingming sighed, and being able to say this meant that he felt sorry for his sister. She is the eldest at home, and there are a few cousins ​​above. It's not bad if she doesn't fight, it's impossible to care so much.
    "Yes." Jianing nodded and agreed with her, thinking that the elder brother in this life is much better than the emperor in the previous life.
    "Do you have anything else to bring? Nothing else, let's go over." Duan Mingming glanced at the sky outside and thought it was almost time.
    "I'm going to get water." Jianing said, she was still a bit thirsty, and she would have to stay out all morning later, so she couldn't drink water.
    "Go, I'll wait for you, there is water in the pot." I just finished cooking, and then boiled half a pot of water by the way. It was a pity that there was no kettle at home, but now it doesn't seem to boil in vain.
    "Okay." Jianing entered the house and took out the kettle, then walked to the kitchen.
    Duan Mingming suddenly reacted after she entered the kitchen: "Jianing, don't soak hot water, I'll help you get it." It
    was just late. For the first time, Jianing was scooping water with a scoop, even if he noticed it was still hot. After a while, because of the heat, the scoop in his hand slipped out and fell into the pot, splashing water on the back of his hand.
    "Jianing, are you okay?" Duan Mingming was startled when the scoop fell into the water when he first came in.
    "It's okay." Jianing shook her head and hid a hand behind her back.
    "What's wrong with your right hand? Let me take a look." Duan Mingming is usually straightforward, but she has a lot of thoughts at all. She is the eldest of the family, and several people in her father's generation have followed her grandparents. The cousin didn't know if the cousin was pitted, so it was just a show of carelessness.
    "It's hot." Jianing saw that she was spotted, and stretched out her hand, "The water is too hot."
    "Next time I will fill you with water." Duan Mingming took her hand and took a look, "It's good to hide quickly. "Except for a little red, nothing else, Duan Mingming said he dragged him into the yard, scooped up half a basin of cold water, and let her put her hands in.
    "Cool..." Just now someone was hot and didn't feel anything, but now that she stumbled into the cold water, Jianing gave a shock.
    "Just use cold water to soak, otherwise the hands will foam after a while, bear with it a little bit, and wait for a while." Duan Mingming patiently comforted her, "Just soak for a while and take it out later." The other party told himself His sister is a bit like, so she can't help but get close.
    "Okay." Jianing agreed, but the back of her hand was sore and cold, she decided to be careful next time.
    "It may foam later, don't touch it." Duan Mingming sighed, and the back of his hand was red. If Jianing's family knew that they had burnt their hands on the first day they came here, they would definitely feel distressed.
    The author has something to say: Qin Wei: I also feel sorry.

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