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"Babe, Beibei?" Jianing was flustered, but afraid that people would not dare to shout loudly, nervously put the military kettle in his arms and the ground The package was checked, but Beibei still did not show up.
    Maybe on the body? Jianing began to look for clothes, but neither the top nor the bottom had that small button.
    Was it just lost in the car? Thinking of this, Jianing turned around and walked back.
    "Jianing, what are you going to do?" Liu Yunyun was just looking at the people around him, and when he turned to find Jianing running back, he was shocked.
    "Sister Yunyun, I dropped something in the car." Thinking that Beibei might have fallen into the car by herself, Jianing had the urge to cry, but no, she couldn't cry because the emperor was not there.
    "I can't get it back when I got off the car. The car has already drove away." Liu Yunyun pulled her tighter on the contrary, lest he let go of his hand and the other party ran back into some accident.
    "What?" Jianing didn't believe it, and Che clearly stopped there just now.
    "Really, it's gone now. What you lost, we took everything when we got down." Liu Yunyun pulled her over, "It may be that you misplaced it. If you look for it again, it is absolutely impossible to lose it. , There is nothing on the seat."
    "Lost..." Jianing shook her head, bit her lip to prevent herself from crying, she lost Beibei.
    "Jianing, I checked the seat when I came down. I didn't drop anything. You look elsewhere to see if there is any?" Chen Feng saw that she was about to cry and explained distressedly, "I have seen it with Liu Yunyun, and did not leave anything behind. . " "
    but no. "no car, no arms, babe Jianing do not know where he was.
    "That must be the wrong place, Jianing, don't worry, when you get to the village, I will help you find it." Liu Yunyun took a look at her schoolbag, now it is unrealistic to open the bag to find, the contents inside will be seen by others .
    "Okay." Jianing pinned her hopes on Beibei and changed places. Maybe she found that this place was dangerous, and another place was better, so she didn't have time to tell herself. Jianing thought to herself, now there are so many people, Beibei hasn't appeared, and she will definitely come out to find herself in the middle of the night.
    After comforting herself a few times in her heart, Jianing raised her head and found that there was only a short time, and she was already surrounded by people.
    With a built-in fear of strangers, Jianing hid behind Liu Yunyun.
    "Jianing, don't move, leave a good impression on them." Liu Yunyun held her and reminded carefully.
    Jianing stood there and didn't dare to move, but couldn't help being scared, because an old man who looked like a Taifu was walking towards him on the opposite side.
    Fortunately, the other party didn't get close to him, and stopped when he reached the leftmost side of the group of people. When he came over, Jianing realized that the other party didn't want to look like the Taifu, but that his beard was too long to resemble the Taifu.
    "Just be quiet, I started to call, and the one who clicked the name came out and shouted, remembering my team name, and when the team leader came to pick up people, I would press the team and get on the bus." The other party walked to a group of people and coughed. Start saying the name at once.
    "Liu Tian, ​​Shuangqiao Brigade."
    " Here ."
    "Zheng Hua, Xinghuacun Brigade.
    "Here ." "Liu Jianguo, Qianhu Family Brigade."
    "     Here ."
Jianing was listening attentively, just listening. Listening, I felt something in the palm of my hand grabbing me, and looking down, I saw Beibei, whom I had been looking for for a long time.
    "Babe?" Jianing whispered, "Hide
    and get
    "Jianing Jianing, my mana has recovered a bit. They can't hear my voice. I hide my voice in your clothes. You do the task well, and then wake me up when you arrive."
    Jianing nodded slightly. The second task is Go to the village and it will be done in no time.
    "Chen Jianing, Houhu Family Brigade."
    "Jianing, call you."
    Jianing was looking down at the task, feeling that someone was pulling her clothes. As soon as she looked up, she heard Liu Yunyun's words and immediately returned to her mind: "Here." After I answered, I looked at Liu Yunyun gratefully. When I was a child, I went to the study to study. Every time I wandered, the emperor reminded her like this, but now the emperor is no longer there.
    Seeing the depended eyes of the other party, Liu Yunyun just wanted to say something. When he heard that the next one was himself, he didn't have time to answer and immediately listen to which team he was assigned to.
    "Liu Yunyun, Shanghu Family Brigade." "Here
    "Chen Feng, Xiahu Family Brigade." "Here
    ...... After
    hearing the name, Jianing said the parking position of each team, but There were too many teams, Jianing remembered the ones behind and forgot the ones in front.
    Seeing that the other party left after speaking, the people around began to carry their bags to the ox cart. Jianing suddenly remembered what she had missed. She didn't seem to hear which brigade she was in.
    "Jianing, we are not the same brigade, I am the Shanghu family brigade, you are the Houhu family brigade, your car is behind, hurry up and carry things." Liu Yunyun quickly confessed to her, and hurriedly carried things to go. Running ahead, I was in the forefront of the Shanghu Family Brigade, and there was no place to put things when I was late.
    Before Jianing could hear her clearly, she only saw her back, but she remembered that sentence later.
    Carrying her big bag, Jianing carefully avoided the people around her and walked behind the convoy. When she got to the place, there were three cars left, and the fourth one had just left.
    Each car has a board with words on it, but Jianing doesn't know a word. The words here are different from what she has learned.
    "Why are you dangling? Quickly put things away, just waiting for you."
    Jianing was thinking about which car was picking up her, when she suddenly heard these words, she raised her head in fright.
    The boy who was yelling in the car had a sudden pause, and then his ears were a little red, and his voice became much lower: "You can leave with your luggage in the car. Come here soon."
    Jianing was sure. The other party was talking to him and hesitated. Walk over with things.
    "I, I will help you take it." The boy said and stretched out his hand.
    Jianing shook his head, put the things in the corner of the car, and then stood aside. There were already five people standing next to him, and Jianing lined up behind them.
    Looking at the bullock cart next to him, Jianing was not used to it. She hadn't been out of the palace for a long time. The last time she went out of the palace was when she was ten years old, there were horse carts and bullock carts outside the palace.
    But there was no one sitting in the bullock cart. She asked the emperor curiously, and the emperor told her that for the people, cattle are very important assets, and they are not willing to make them tired.
    Looking at the cow in front of the car again, Jianing thought, he might have to walk back later. But the other party just said that he came and left immediately, but he had put everything away, and he still didn't mean to go.
    The two people in front may also be weird, getting together to say something.
    Listening to the whispers of the two people in front of him, Jianing suddenly missed Sister Yunyun who was taking care of herself in the car. Her brother said that he should listen to her, but what should he do if they are not together?
    "Two Gang, who together yet?"
    Jianing hear the voice answered a God, look to the future a glance, is a more than 50-year-old old man, holding one of her
    things do not know, looks fierce .
    "Second Uncle, we are all here, shall we go back now?" Jianing saw the person who had just called him answer him.
    "Don't go back and stay here for dinner? You pay for it?" The
    other party was really as fierce as he thought. Jianing shuddered. Sister Yun Yun just told herself that he wanted to listen to the captain. The person in the car was so afraid of him, isn't it? He is his captain?
    "All right, go." Choked cry boy is not angry, began to laugh coachman, the car was talking to the old man turned his head just in, "Uncle you ride, I go away."
    "You catch Go ahead, I'll take a few steps and say a few words to them."
    Jianing saw that the other party was referring to a few of them, and just about to follow each other, someone in front of him suddenly spoke.
    "We don't take the car?" said the girl with braids, one of the two people who had just spoken together.
    "The bullock cart pulls things, but it's not for you to sit in." The boy driving the cart didn't seem to be surprised by what she said. He raised his whip and gently patted the bull on the back.
    "Then how do we go back?" The girl looked upset.
    "Of course I walked back, how else? You jumped and walked?" This time, the old man who had just talked to the young man said angrily.
    "We took the train for a day to get here, so you just let us walk back?" The girl couldn't believe it.
    "Others can go back, so why are you spoiled?" The more the old man listened to her, the more impatient he was. "If you don't want to go, go to the commune and respond, where you want to go." These educated youths are spoiled one by one. Like the eldest lady, he doesn't want it yet. When I get to the village, I can't do anything, and I have to share food with the villagers.
    "Go and leave, who is afraid of who, we are here to help build the motherland, how can we treat us like this? Yuanyuan, let's go." After finishing speaking, she pulled the girl next to her to leave.
    Then the girl next to her glanced at the old man, and quickly shook her hand away: "Mingzhen, stop making trouble, everyone can go, we just follow."
    "You just said that you want to take a good rest in the bullock cart?" The girl who was rejected seemed a little disbelief.
    "I didn't say, I was just joking with you."
    "Okay, you go by yourself and don't pull others." The old man became impatient and knocked on the dry smoke in his hand.
    "Go and go." The girl left with a look of anger.
    "Okay, let's go. The other brigade members have gone back. Only a few of us are left. Don't dare." The old man didn't care about her departure at all, and only spoke to the remaining five people.
    It's just that he hasn't walked two steps before, suddenly someone ran over with a big baggage.
    "Sorry, I'm late." The other party said as he put his luggage on the car, "I suddenly had a stomachache when I finished the order, and I won't be late next time."
    "No, right," the old man looked at her. The things were put on the car before the reaction came, "Which brigade are you from? Why did you come to our brigade?"
    "Xinghuacun Brigade, what is written on it." The educated youth who came last pointed to the words on the wooden board of the car and said.
    The old man was taken aback, then turned to ask the young man: "What's the matter? Why are there too many people?"

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