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  The girl who came from Jianing started talking about the Xinghuacun brigade. Although she didn't remember where she was in the lake brigade, she knew it was not. One.
    "Second uncle, I don't know why there are too many." The young man who was driving the car was also stunned. There were already enough people and it was time to leave. Who knew another one would come over.
    "Where are the four of you? Are all from the Xinghuacun brigade?"
    Jianing hesitated when he heard the old man's words and raised his head and said, "I am not."
    "What are you doing?"
    Jianing was frightened by his sudden voice. , The other party may also feel that his voice is too fierce, and the next sentence is more relaxed: "Which brigade are you from? I will send you over."
    Old man Qin was initially very angry, but he shivered when he saw the opposite child. I feel that I can’t make it through again. Although the educated youth are in trouble, the child is too young.
    I also know that I have never been wronged at home by looking at what I am wearing. I might cry for several days after being scolded by myself, so let's talk well. After all, it's not the things in the village that don't do anything.
    "I forgot, what Lake Brigade is." Jianing whispered, she really couldn't remember the name.
    "What lake?" Old man Qin raised his voice and asked again.
    "I don't know what lake it is, I forgot." Jianing's voice also grew louder.
    Old man Qin was choked by her answer, but he didn't dare to scold it casually when he saw the other person. He stretched out his finger and finally sighed: "You said what your name is, I'll check it for you."
    "Chen Jianing." Jianing replied.
    "Okay, you are waiting here for the second post. I'll take her to see which brigade she is in." Old man Qin confessed to Yizi.
    "Okay, I won't move, second uncle, you go." Qin Gang looked at the educated youth beside him regretfully. He thought that his brigade would need a long and beautiful educated youth, but it turned out not to belong to their brigade. But the second uncle is a bit strange today. He is most afraid of trouble, and now he is willing to check the list.
    Old man Qin was relieved when he heard Yuzi's assurance, and he called Jianing and left.
    Jianing followed behind him, the opponent's speed was too fast to keep up by jogging.
    "You said you educated youths, what do you think in your mind all day? You can't remember the name of your brigade, and you got on the wrong car.
    Even if you marry, you can't remember?" Jianing listened to his words and wanted to refute but didn't. Dare, the other party was too fierce just now, and now she still remembers how the other party talked to the educated youth who just left.
    "You just stumbled on me. See if someone else can help you check it out. If you ask me to let you freeze overnight, you will know that you are wrong." Old man Qin became more angry as he thought about it, just like he was taking the wrong medicine. He offered to help her check the brigade.
    "You will get sick overnight." Jianing retorted in a low voice. "Sickness will kill you."
    Old man Qin choked at her words again: "I just said, I didn't let you stand here. What are you afraid of? "
    I'm talking about it too." Jianing's voice became even smaller.
    However, Old Man Qin still heard: "I don't hear anything, don't say bad things about me behind."
    "I didn't say bad things about you." Jianing shook his head.
    "I will be pissed off by you this time. Fortunately you are not in our brigade, otherwise I will be pissed off by you every day." Old man Qin walked forward angrily. The old man who just said his name belongs to the commune. The mayor sent it over.
    Qin think of this old man angry, and he had just come out from the commune, Zaozhidaojiu look at one name
    alone, so do not run back and forth.
    Fortunately, the commune is not far from here, and the two will be there in a short walk.
    "Captain Qin, didn't you just go back? Why did you come here again?" The person sitting in the room was surprised when he saw Old Man Qin come in.
    "Don't mention it, I've got a trouble, Deputy Township Chief, is the list of educated youths here today? I'll check personal names."
    "Here, Yo, where did this bring a little girl here." The deputy township chief looked at it. When he reached Jianing, who was hiding behind the old man Qin, he asked casually, and reached out to hand him the list of names on the table.
    "Don't mention it, this kid didn't remember his team. I saw her alone and didn't know where to go, so I took her to check it out."
    "Maybe the first time I leave home, it's okay, just get used to it, just a few days later. I'm familiar with it." The deputy mayor said with a smile.
    "I found it, Chen Jianing, right? From the Houhu family brigade, go, I will take you back to find the Houhu family captain." Old man Qin finally found the other party's name here, and he was relieved. Got rid of it.
    Just as Jianing wanted to speak, the deputy head of town spoke in front of her: "How did you get assigned to the Houhu house?"
    " What happened to the Houhu house ?" Old man Qin put his name on the list.
    "The Houhu house is a bit messy lately." The deputy head of town looked at the people again, thinking about the recent things, and felt that he couldn't send it over. After thinking about it, he said to old man Qin, "Captain Qin, the Houhu house, such a small person. The girl is not suitable to go. Do you think you should keep it first and send her over after the matter over there is settled."
    If it’s something else, it’s the educated youth who recently discovered that the commune has been assigned to the Houhu family brigade. I will be married within two months.
    It is reasonable to say that the educated youths are happy to marry, but it is too strange that there are no female educated youths left, so the commune intends to investigate, but before it has time to investigate, a new batch of educated youths will come.
    "No, our brigade has a lot of educated youths. We have added six this year. Where can we get another one?" Old man Qin immediately shook his head and disagreed.
    "It's really hard to handle." The deputy head of town glanced behind him again. If the educated youth is older, he can also explain a few words for her to help observe and help the commune to investigate clearly. But for such a small girl, let alone help, she might only cry when she has something to do.
    "How about this." The deputy town chief looked at the list in the hands of the old man, "You take her over, and I will transfer her subsidy directly to your brigade. Next year, your brigade will take one less person."
    "That's it. No.” Old man Qin disagreed. It’s such a simple matter to have one more person. Don’t talk about food and housing. The more educated youth, the more inconvenient it is to manage. The educated youth in the village are enough for him to have a headache. One doesn't know anything, only talks back, he really wants to be just like what he just said, getting mad.
    "Captain Qin, one sheep is also to be used, and a group of sheep is also to be used, and for such a blessed little girl, it is necessary to add 10% of the food to the village, don't you think?" The deputy town chief understood his temper and said. He said desperately, "When the township chief comes back from the meeting, I will tell him about this, and this year's fertilizer will be given to your brigade."
    "Really?" Old man Qin heard the last sentence. I hesitated. There is not much fertilizer in the commune, and there are fewer in each brigade. If you can get one more bag, you won’t lose money. Anyway, you can just plug the other party into the educated youth academy and treat it like other educated youth.
    "Really, if you don't believe me, let's make a note?" The deputy town chief happily picked up the teacup again, knowing that the other party couldn't let himself make a note.
    "Yes, deputy mayor, you write me a note." Old man Qin thought to himself why he hadn't thought of it just now, so he won't be afraid if he has the note.
    "Do you really want paperwork?" The deputy mayor just said, but he didn't expect the other party to take it seriously.
    "Why? The deputy mayor wants to repay the debt?"
    "What am I relying on? Wait, I'll write it for you."
    Old man Qin walked with wind after taking the paperwork, and Jianing followed him and walked over. At the place where the bullock cart was parked just now, I saw that the female educated youth who had left came back again, adding her to a total of seven people.
    "It's done, let's go." Old man Qin didn't care whether the educated youth had come back. There were so many things like this, where would he not come back? It is impossible for the commune to take in people, so in the end it will go to the brigade.
    "Second Uncle, which brigade does Chen Zhiqing belong to?" Qin Gang was puzzled when he saw that they did not move their luggage or change cars after they came back.
    "Their brigade went back first, and the deputy head of town said to follow our brigade. Okay, we will go back when we are all together." Old man Qin happily folded the papers and put them together. , He now looks at several educated youths that are more pleasing to the eye than before.
    "Oh, that's just right." The best-looking educated youth this year was from their brigade, Qin Gang thought to himself, slamming the whip and urging the old bull in front to start leaving.
    Old man Qin had not gotten into the car, and was walking slowly behind the bullock cart. A few educated youths followed him, and a few people followed the car and turned left and right, and walked to a place with no one.
    Jianing saw that there was only one small road ahead, and the grass on both sides of the road grew to be the same height, and the grass was not frozen to death in such a cold day. Jianing walked and looked at both sides for several times.
    She was thinking, her arm was suddenly torn, and she turned her head to see that it was the last girl who came.
    "Hey, your name is Chen Jianing, right? My name is Duan Mingming, and you can call me Mingming." Seeing her turning around, the other party immediately started talking.
    Jianing nodded and memorized her name. Duan Mingming remembered her better than the various lake teams: "You call me Jianing." Both my brother and Sister Yunyun called so.
    "Okay, Jianing, how old are you? I am nineteen this year." Seeing her respond to him, Duan Mingming continued happily.
    "Seventeen." Jianing replied.
    "You are so young, two years younger than me." Duan Mingming heard that the other party was younger than him, and quietly compared the heights of the two, and found that the other party was the same height as him. , Will definitely be shorter than her, I didn't expect the parents to be faster.
    She felt that she was too short. She thought that the brigade would be shorter than her, but she didn't expect that even the youngest would be as tall as her.
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded, wondering why she sighed.
    "Where is your original brigade? Why didn't you go there?" Duan Mingming's emotions came and went quickly. After finding that he couldn't match, he gave up, and then asked the next thing.
    "I don't know where it is," Jianing shook her head and asked in a low voice, "Obviously, what is fertilizer?" Is it worth more than himself?

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