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mikes pov

"MIKE COME ON!" I hear from downstairs. I groan and get out of bed. I'm already tired of the day and it barely even started. I rush to my closet and pick out some random outfit. All of my shirts are black and white so I really don't care about which on I pick, it's not like it matters.


After getting dressed Mike picked up his phone and books. He leaves his room and go downstairs. "Instead of buying a clock I have an amazing sister." Mike says him and Nancy leave the house. They get in the car and out on their seatbelts. Nancy starts driving as they both are already late.

"Why are you always late?" Nancy asked. "Because I don't have a alarm on my phone." Mike muttered. Nancy sighed and left him alone.

After they got to the school Mike rushed to get out of the car. "Bye Nance!" Mike says. "Bye Mike!" Nancy responds before pulling off. Mike runs up to his friends.

"Dude we are fifteen minutes late!" Lucas yells as they enter the school. "We'll you dumbasses didn't have to wait for me." Mike reply's. "You tell us to wait every time." Max says. "So?" Mike says annoyed.

"Guys just stop, he's here now!" El says. Mike sighs and they enter the class. The room goes quiet and all the attention goes to the five.
"Mike, Lucas, Dustin, El, and Max. You're late." The teacher says. "Thanks for stating the obvious." Mike says then walks to his seat like his friends.

"Alright so back to..."


After the first period the five rushed out of the classroom not wanting to run into 'the idiots'. Mike walked to his locker as the others went to theirs. Their lockers weren't that far away from each other's. They heard laughter not so far away, "He's such a idiot." A familiar yet annoying voice said in between laughs.

The laughter stopped. Mike looked away from his locker and saw Will and his friends. "Oh well what do we have here? Frog face. Red head. Toothless. Forever virgin and—" A brown haired boy started. "Midnight." Troy finished.

The brown haired boy turned around, he looked pissed off in a way. "Troy, I told you I do the talking. So shut your yap." Will said. Troy nodded, Will turned back to the group. "Of course all of the nerds are together. Can't make any other friends, how sad." Will said, he made the last part sound like he was talking to a baby.

"Will you do this every day, just leave us alone." Mike said, he really hated how he got bullied for no reason day after day. "No I don't think I will. But I mean you can dream can't you?" Will teased. Mike shut his locker, "Awh is Michael gonna fight me?" Will started.

Mike just stared at him. "That's what I thought, your so weak you can't even throw a punch." Will said. Mike raised his hand but Max pulled him back. "Awh bestie holding you back?" Will asked. He scoffed and walked away. Wills little minions followed of course, James tripped Mike before they walked away.

"They're so annoying, I just wish they stopped." Mike said. "I know but what can we do about it?" Dustin said. "Opposites day is soon!" El started. "So?" Lucas cut in. "So... We can be the bullies and they can't do anything about it." El said. "Wait that's actually not bad." Mike said. "I heard that Will has entomophobia?" Max said.

"Isn't that like a phobia of bugs and shit?" Lucas asked. "Yeah it is! On opposites day we can put fake bugs in his locker." Mike stated. "Isn't that a little mean?" Dustin asked. Mike looked at him, "He's called us names, pushed us around, and bullied us for three years. I think this will be fine." Mike responded. Dustin nodded and walked to his first period.

Max and Mike had a period together, Dustin had one alone, Lucas and El had the same one.


"Stupid fucking teacher!" The five heard from across the hall. They saw Will kicking lockers. "Someone's having their daily tantrum." Max muttered. Lucas laughed and that caught Wills attention. Will looked over at the group and rolled his eyes. He just walked away ignoring them.

"No bullying? Wow he must really be mad." El says. We agree and run into Angela, one of Wills minions. "Oh its you guys. Listen I need to tell you guys something, like now." Angela whispered.

"What?" Mike said, he didn't really talk to any of Wills friends so this was weird to him. "You just saw him like totally mad right?" She asked, they nod and she continues.

"Don't go anywhere near him right now he will literally kill you, i'm not kidding. His dad is coming to the school for who knows what that's probably why he's mad." Angela says. "And why would he be mad about that?" Mike asked clearly confused.

"Because his dad is like some homophobic asshole who thinks Will is gay. I mean he clearly isn't and it shows but just don't go near him bye." Angela says and basically runs off.

The five shrug until they hear the school doors open. "What could you possibly do!?" A man yells. "I don't fucking know! You expect me to know every fucking thing!" Will yells back at the man, Mike assumes that's Wills father. "Don't you talk to me like that boy!" The man yelled. "I'll talk to you however I want asshole!" Will yells.

"Your lucky we're in a school!" The man says. "Your lucky your not on the streets yet." Will mutters. The two go to the principals office and close the door behind them. Mike looks at his friends who look confused as fuck.

"Uhm." Max starts. "What the hell was that?" Dustin asked. Lucas shrugged and they walk to their lockers like nothing happened.

to be continued
i wanted to do something different bc a lot of byler bully books usually make mike the bully so i wanted to make will the bully this time.

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