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The next day Mike had grabbed some random outfit from his closet not caring what he picked up. He put on shoes and grabbed his keys and phone. He went downstairs not bothering to talk to his family. He wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone at the moment.

Nancy already left for work so Mike had to walk. His eyes and nose were red from crying for three hours. He put his hands in his pockets and continued to walk to school.


Mike got to school and went to his locker. He tried opening it but it got stuck. Mike groaned and banging his head on the locker. El ran up. "Hey Mike, how's are yo- What's wrong?" El asked, it was obvious Mike had been crying.

Mike looked at her and sighed, "Wills in a coma." Mike started, Els eyes widened, "Oh my gosh is he okay? Are you okay? Well obviously not. Oh my gosh." El spoke. She opened her arms and let Mike fall into them. "Why did it have to happen to him and not me, El?" Mike cried onto her shoulder.

"Mike it's gonna be okay, you can go and see him after school alright?" El started. "But, but I wanna see him. I don't wanna see him lying there practically brain dead again. I want to see his eyes, his smile, his nose twitch. If he's in a coma he can't do any of that." Mike cried. El rubbed his back, "Mike even if he's brain dead, in a coma or whatever, he knows you love him okay? And he loves you too." El comforted. She felt Mike nod on her shoulder and saw the party come over with concerned faces.

"Hey what's wrong?" Dustin asked, El looked at him and mouthed, "Wills in a coma." Their eyes widened, Dustin walked up to them both and hugged Mike. The other two were just shook, they didn't move or anything. Dustin and El walked over to a bench and tried comforting Mike. Els method was telling him everything was going to be fine, Dustin's was telling jokes and insulting his least favorite teachers.

That got Mike to laugh a bit but it didn't cheer him up completely. None of this changed the fact Will was in the hospital. For the second time. Max and Lucas looked at each other with confused faces. They both looked at Mike who was leaning on the wall.

"How'd he..?" Max trailed off. Lucas shrugged, they both felt bad but they didn't know how to show it. They walked over and started patting his knees. "What the hell are you doing." Mike asked, "Listen i'm trying here." Max complaint making Mike laugh.


In first period Mike kept glancing at the empty seat behind him hoping the next time he looked Will was in the chair. When he wasn't he just stopped looking. Max noticed every time he looked at Wills empty seat and frowned. She didn't want to see her friend like this. And she didn't know how to comfort anyone in the slightest bit. She would have to ask El how to do that. And she really wanted to help her friend.

Max decided to do the first thing that she could think of. She rubbed Mikes back, Mike looked at her confused. Max gave him a slight smile and turnt back to the teacher, Mike had no idea what to do, this was the girl who said he had a contagious disease a few years ago.

Mike smiled back and turned to the board to write something down.


After first period Mike felt a bit better now because of his friends. They all went to their lockers and changed their books. "I absolutely hate health class." Max muttered. "The teacher there is so mean." Lucas added.

Mike and Dustin nodded, El was digging through her locker. "El what're you looking for?" Lucas asked, "I forgot what class I have next." El replys.

Dustin looks at her, "English." Dustin spoke. El closes her locker and picks up her bag, "Thanks" El responded and gave him a sticker. "Ooh! Thanks!" Dustin exclaimed and went to his locker to put it in his collection. "You gave him a sticker.?" Max asked,

"Yeah, he like them." El shrugged and walked away. "And she just keeps them in her bag.?" Max spoke again, Mike shrugged and put his hands up before walking off.


After school Mike said bye to his friends and left the school, he went in a different direction and saw a tall building.

He went in and went to the front desk. "Hey, can I please see William Byers?" Mike asked, "What is your relationship to him?" The front desk worker asked. "Partner." Mike answered. "Alright, room 319." The person responded. Mike nodded and walked away.

Mike found the room that had '319' next to it and opened the door. He saw Will laying there just like yesterday, except his hand was in a different place due to Mike talking with him yesterday. Mike closed the door behind him then sat in the chair and gently grabbed his hand.

"Hey my love, i'm here again. How are you?" Mike asked. He got two squeezes in return. Mike smiled, "That's good, I missed you in school and I was kinda debating on slipping to come and see you. They gave us horrible lunch like airways. I don't think you've actually ate the lunch have you?" Mike questioned, he got one squeeze.


Mike had spent about three hours there until he basically got kicked out. He went home and called El, he told her he went to the hospital to see Wills and how they could communicate. Els face lit up when she heard it. "How?" El asked, "I'm not sure i'm happy he can do it." Mike responded. El nodded, "Could I come with you to see him tomorrow?" El asked, "Yeah of course." Mike responded. El smiled.

to be continued...
hi so uhm yeas i think i'm gonna keep will in a coma for a few chapters so uhm yeah.

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