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A few months later.
Mike and Will were both 18. Lucas and Max have broken up four hundred times. And Mike had a car. Hopper and Joyce got married. Will and El were siblings. And Wills cuts had gotten much better, though he didn't like that another person's initials were now apart of him. Mike and Will joined the DND club with Dustin.


Will was on his bed listening to music and drawing. A knock at Wills door distracted him. He turned the music volume down and opened his door. It was his boyfriend.

"Hi Love!" Mike exclaimed and kissed his cheek. Will grinned like a dork and hugged him, wrapping his arms around Mikes neck. Joyce was in a the kitchen and took a glance at them. She smiled, she knew how much her son loved the boy. Mostly because he ranted about him to her whenever they went out.

"What're you drawing?" Mike asked as the door was being closed behind him. "Flower field." Will answered, he clung onto Mikes arm while resting his cheek on his shoulder and showed him the drawing of the detailed drawing.

"It looks so pretty, just like my precious boyfriend." Mike ruffled Wills hair. His hair got a bit longer but he cut only a little smidge off. Will felt his face heat up, he loved the compliments Mike always gave him.

"So how are you on this fine evening?" Mike asked and sat on Wills bed, pulling him onto his lap. Will leaned his head on Mikes shoulder and wrapped his arms around his neck. "I'm fine, kinda bored." Will answered. "Well then we have to go on a mission! William Byers is bored! We cannot have that! C'mon!" Mike picked him up and left his room.

"Mrs. Byers, i'm gonna have to kidnap your son for a little bit." Mike spoke. Joyce laughed and nodded. "Have fun!" Joyce exclaimed. "Not too much!" Hopper and El yelled from their rooms. Mike and Will laughed and left the house.

They got in Mikes car and turned on some music. "So where does little Byers wanna go?" Mike asked, putting his seatbelt on and starting the car. "Mhh. Surprise me." Will answered and put his belt on. "Alright!" Mike replied.

Mike started driving, there was a new skating rink that had just finished being built.


Mike parked in a driveway and turned the car off. Both Mike and Will took off their seatbelts and got out the car. "Rink-O-Mania." Will murmured. "Let's go skate, Mr. Byers." Mike put an arm around his shoulder and started walking to the entrance. Will put an arm around Mikes waist when they walked in.

Mike got them socks and skates. They put them on and went to the rink. "Did you have to get vomit green?" Will asked. "Hell yeah!" Mike exclaimed, Will shook his head. Will held onto Mikes hand. "I do not know how to skate." Will spoke. "I'll help you." Mike replied. "Here. It's kind of like walking, just with wheels on your shoes." Mike held both of his hands and went in front of him to help. Will nodded.

"I'm gonna pull you with me, and you try to move both legs forward." Mike started. "Alright." Will replied. Mike slowly started skating backwards and Will followed his movements.

A while later Will eventually got it. "You got it!" Mike exclaimed. Will smiled at him, "Yeah, now I can skate away from you whenever I please." He joked. "Woww." Mikes jaw dropped and he put his hand on his heart with an offended look in his eyes.

"I'm kidding." Will giggled. "Good, you better be, Byers. I would not have shown mercy later." Will looked at him immediately, "What do you mean by that?" Will asked. Mike ignored the question and grinned, he held Wills hand and started skating with him.


After a bit they went to a table after getting drinks. Mike had his head leaned on Wills shoulder and they were holding hands under the table. Will was flipping around the necklace Mike gave him on valentine's day.

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