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It was a Saturday and no one was really planning on doing anything, except for Mike and Will. Mike invited Will to his house.

Will was his room picking an outfit. He had picked a pink shirt and a white button up shirt for on top, he unbuttoned it and put on some random jeans that matched his outfit. He put on converse and went to the kitchen.

"Hey kiddo!" Jonathan greeted, "Hi Jonathan!" Will replied. "How'd you sleep?" He asked. "Good!" Will replied, "That's good, you want some orange juice?" Jonathan asked. "Sure!" Will answered. Jonathan went to the cabinet and got a cup and went to the fridge. Will grabbed a bag and put it on the chair.

Jonathan gave him a cup of orange juice and Will thanked him before drinking it. "Is it okay if I spend the night at Mikes?" Will asked. "Yeah, sure!" Jonathan responded. "Thanks Jonathan!" Will squealed and hugged his brother. "Okay i'm gonna go pack." Will said and picked the bag up off the chair.

Jonathan was happy his brother was able to make a few more friends. Will packed some clothes and toiletries. He grabbed his phone and went on Mikes contact.




i can come!




holly won't leave me alone

play with her!


why not:(

because she's gonna
make me play dress
up and i'm not for it.

i bet you would look cute tho


now hurry up i miss you

i'm omw






holy fuck.





Will knocked on the Wheelers door and it opened five seconds later. Mike smiled and dragged Will in. "Byers!" Mike greeted. "Hi Wheeler!" Will replied. Will hugged him with his arms around Mikes neck and Mike had his arms around Wills waist. They laughed and went to Mikes room. "Okay- wait you have something right..." Mike started before tickling Will.

Will started laughing, "Stop!" Will said in between laughs. Mike loved his laugh, it was adorable and bubbly. It was a lovable laugh, it made Mike like him a lot more.

"Mi-Mike!" Will laughed. "What's the magic word?" Mike asked. "Please!" Will responded. Mike stopped and let Will breath. "I hate you." Will muttered, "Nah you love me." Mike replied. "Yeah your right." Will spoke. Mike chuckled and fixed Wills hair, "You want pizza?" Mike asked.

"Sure!" Will responded, "Okay I'll be back." Mike said. Will nodded and when Mike left the room he decided to change because the pants were a bit uncomfortable. When Mike came back he saw Will on his phone in his pajamas. "How long was I gone for?" Mike asked. "Like two minutes." Will answered.

Mike nodded and sat on the chair. Will turned his phone off and put it on the nightstand. "Wheeler, i'm bored." Will complaint. Mike got up and got a pillow off his bed. "Think fast!" Mike said and a second later he threw the pillow at Will. "I said think fast!" Mike said. Will fixed his hair and hit Mike with the pillow.

"No you didn't." Mike said, "Yes I did." Will stated. "No you didn't." Mike said while grabbing a pillow and hitting Will with it. "Disrespectful!" Will yelled and hit Mike.


They had a ten minute pillow fight before they heard the bell ring. They dropped the pillows and opened the door. They went downstairs and opened the door. "Take your pizza." The delivery guy said. Mike made a 'shut the fuck up and take the money' look. Mike gave him the money and took the pizza. He closed the door and went to the kitchen.

"Wow.." Will whispered. "He always does that, get used to it." Mike said. "How many slices do you want?" Mike asked. "Mm, three." Will answered. Mike nodded and got a plate, he put three slices on a plate and gave it to Will, "Thanks." Will said. "Your welcome." Mike said. Will put the plate in the counter and sat on the counter.

Mike put one slice in a plate for Holly and gave it to her, when he came up and Will was already finished. "Okay why are you so fast?" Mike asked. Will shrugged and went to the sink to wash the plate.


Two hours later the two were in the basement watching a horror movie. Will was terrified and Mike was laughing because of Will yelling at the tv because the characters were being stupid. A jump scare popped up and Will screamed. Mike chuckled as Will go hid his face behind Mike.

"Nope." Will whispered to himself. "Will you good?" Mike asked. Will shook his head and stayed behind Mike, "It's gone now." Mike said. Will looked at the tv and moved his head looking back at the tv.


After the movie Mike came up with an idea, he got water and got his phone. He went downstairs to the kitchen and saw Will there. "Hi!" Mike said putting the water on the counter. "Hello!" Will replied. "Okay so put the water in your mouth but don't swallow it." Mike said.

Will was confused but still did it, Mike gave him his phone and Will looked at it with a 'what am i supposed to do' look. After a second a video started playing. It was a video of sound effects.

After about seven seconds Will laughed and out the phone down. He went to the sink and spit the water out. "That's very mean!" Will said, Mike chuckled turned the phone off. "Ehh I don't think it is!" Mike responded.

Will hit Mikes arm and laughed. "That was still mean." Will pouted. "Okay finee! I'm sorry." Mike said before tickling Will. "No stop!" Will laughed. Mike stopped and ruffled his hair. "I don't know if I should forgive you." Will said.

"No forgive me." Mike responded. "I don't knowww." Will replied attaching out the w. "William Byers!" Mike yelled. Will giggled, "Okay fine! I forgive you." Will responded, "You better." Mike said. Will shook his head and went upstairs.

to be continued...
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