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February 14th.

It was a Sunday. Both Mike and Will were in their rooms. Both changing. Will a white short sleeve with black pants and red converse. His mom wanted everyone in the house to have at least some white and red.

Mike had a red sweater and some jeans with a black shirt. He had white shoes. Mike also let Holly dress up Sailor. Holly put a red bow near her ear and a white shirt. "Holly tell Mom i'm going out, I'll see you later okay?" Mike spoke. "Alright, bye bunny!" Holly replied and continued playing with Sailor. Mike smiled and went downstairs.

He opened the front door and closed it after himself. They still had snow so it was still a bit cold. Mike knew what he wanted to give his boyfriend. He wanted to take him on a actual date. Not one of those movie nights in his basement. He also wanted to get him chocolates and flowers.

He went to the store and bought a few things

Mike walked to Wills house, it seemed like an everyday thing. He knew him and Will spent lots of time together and they both loved every second of it.

Mike knocked on the door and it was answered by El. She pointed to Wills door and gave him a thumbs up. Mike knocked on Wills room door. "It's open!" He heard from inside. He opened the door and he saw Will putting on silver earrings.

Will didn't look assuming it was El. When he felt hand go around his waist he turned his head and gasped, he turned his full body around and kissed him. "Hi love." Mike started. "Hi Mike!" Will wrapped his arms around Mikes neck and put his face in the crook of his neck.

After a few seconds Mike pulled away and gave him chocolates and a bear. "Happy valentine's day my love." Mike spoke. "Thank you!" Will hugged him again, he got on his tippy toes and placed a kiss on one of his freckles. Mike tickled the sides of his waist and watched Will laugh. He absolutely loved his laugh.

A few minutes later Mike stopped tickling him, "Alright you ready to go?" Mike asked. "Yeah." Will replied. Mike nodded and grabbed his hand. They left the house and went to a restaurant.

It was a cozy place, dimly lit. It had tables with a dark red cloth, and the chairs were merged together. The walls were a dark wood texture and the floors were wooden planks. Mike went up to the person behind the podium. "Hi, can I can a table for two?" Mike asked, Will was just admiring the place.

A few minutes later they were sitting next to each other at a table. They had menu's in their hands and decided they were gonna share some pasta. Will had his head on Mikes shoulder and Mike had an arm around him.

"Mike."  Will started. "Yes my love?" Mike replied and put all of his attention on him. "I love you." Will spoke. "I love you more." Mike replied. Will grinned and kissed his cheek and put his head back on his shoulder.


The food came a while later and it was kind of a big plate. Mike gave Will a fork and they both started eating. 'Every Breath You take' by The Police was playing, it wasn't loud but it wasn't quiet. "Isn't this an 80s song?" Mike asked. "Whats wrong with 80s songs?" Will questioned. "Nothing, they just give me old couple vibes." Mike replied.

"I like them." Will replied. "Then I like them." Mike replied. Will grinned a dorky grin and continued eating.

He honestly didn't know how he was able to get the sweetest person as a boyfriend. He does often regret bullying him but that's in the past. He doesn't want to focus on that. He just wants to focus on him and Mike. He loved Mike with all his heart.

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