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Mike and Will were in facetime picking outfits for each other. "Mike shut up, I know your whole closet." Will spoke. Mike shook his head and sat on his bed. "Okay so take out your grey wife beater, and the black pants on the third white hanger. And a belt." Will spoke.

Mikes eyes widened, "I said I knew your closet now go get it." Will rushed. Mike took the outfit out and showed it to him. "Good, but you still have that hoodie with the white designs right?" Will asked. "Yeah." Mike answered.

"Get that and put the outfit on." Will responded. Mike took the current dirty he was wearing off, "Mike, I didn't mean in front of me." Will spoke. "Yeah, yeah. Like you haven't seen me shirtless." Mike replied. "Whatever." Will muttered.


Mike picked Wills outfit for him. Will had to hang up so he could help El pick a outfit to wear. "Alright so you still have that black long sleeve shirt right?" Will asked, "Yeah," El took the shirt out. "Okay." Will picked up a green crop top and put it with the black long sleeve and some jeans. "Alright done." Will gave her the outfit.

"Thanks Will!" El spoke. "Of course!" Will responded. Will left the room and closed the door.


Eventually the two finished changing and Hopper gave them a ride. Apparently they were going to Riley's. Hopper decided to be nice and pick up the rest not knowing the consequences.

"Lucas shut up!" Max yelled. Will and El had headphones on so they couldn't hear anything they were talking bc about, Mike and Dustin thought it would be fun to sit in the back of the truck. Hopper was driving not saying a word to the teenagers. He had no problem, especially because Mike wasn't sitting with Will.

"Tomato, tomato, tomato, tomato. Shh." Lucas annoyed her. "Oh my gosh your so annoying." Max murmured. "Thanks." Lucas spoke. Will and El just texted each other.


i'm starting to rethink my decision on asking dad to pick them up.

tbh if you keep the headphones on you can't hear it.


wait why is there a party in the middle of winter?



About twenty minutes later Hopper dropped the six teens off. "That's dad!" El waved, Hooper nodded and drove away. "Okay one rule. No drinking." Dustin spoke. They all nodded and went inside.

"Hey Will you made it! Max and Dustin, James is in the living room. Lucas, Troy is in the kitchen make yourself at home." Riley greeted. They all went to find their friends except for Mike and Will, they wanted to stay together.

Whenever someone wanted to dance with Mike or Will Mike just kissed Will and ignored the other person. Dustin came up with like five caprisuns. "No one told me these were here." Dustin muttered and sat on the counter near them. "Dustin you had like ten of those before we left." Mike said.

"So? I'm still thirsty, they barely fill me up." Dustin replied. Mike put his hands up in defeat. Will giggled and got some water from the cooler.

"Dude, they have cupcakes." Lucas said while walking up to the group. "Where?" Mike asked. "Over there, where Max is." Lucas answered. Mike nodded and took Wills hand then went to get them cupcakes.

Max noticed them and glared at Mike. "What're you looking at?" Mike snapped. "A donkey." Max answered. "Freak." Mike muttered. "Bitch." Max replied. "Hoe." Mike added. "Whore." Max added. "Okay!" Will put a cupcake in Mikes mouth and pushed him away from Max. Max chuckled and went over to El.

"Hey, you want a cupcake?" Max asked, El looked over, "Sure!" El replied. Max gave her a cupcake and El nodded as a thank you. Max smiled in return. El took off half of the wrapper and ate a small bit of it. "These are most definitely store bought." Max spoke. El nodded, "Yeah." El replied.

Max decided to change the conversation, "So how do you like your room so far?" Max asked, "I like it, I didn't get to put up some more decoration yet, we still have three hundred left. We can use that for decorations?" El answered. "Yeah sure, Maybe tomorrow we can go to that store that opened up near the mall, I think they have lots of decorations that would fit your style?" Max suggested.

"Ooh, yeah!" El exclaimed. They continued to talk about things they could put in her room, Lucas and Dustin ate their snacks, well Lucas ate his snacks, Dustin just drank caprisuns.

Mike and Will were listening to the music and talking to each other every once in a while. "Hey Will." Angela greeted, She had her hair down and straightened, she also had a white top with a navy blue long sleeve on top of it and jeans. "Hey Ange." Will replied.

"You okay? You're a little pale." Angela asked. Will nodded, "Just a bit cold." Will replied. "Oh, okay." Angela ruffled Wills hair and walked away. Mike turned Will around and gave him a sweater. He furrowed his eyebrows. "What? I'm prepared." Mike started.

Will giggled and put it on. Will kissed his cheek and sat on the counter. "Will." Mike started. Will hummed in response and looked over to him. "I had to go home early, but come here." Mike spoke and took his hand and helped him off the counter and dragged him outside.

Max and El came up to Lucas and Dustin. "Where's Mike and Will?" El asked. "Oh they went outside to make out." Lucas answered. "Damn. Wait that means they could also be fucking." Max murmured.

"Max!" El hit her and and Max shrugged. "Who fucks in the snow?" Dustin asked. "Mike and Will could legit be fucking at the bottom of a pool and we wouldn't know." Lucas muttered. "Okay no more of this topic, let them make out in peace." El spoke. Max chuckled and took a water from the cooler.

to be continued...

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