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February 19th

Mike took Will to his house and to hang out, (or make out. but wtv) Sailor was on Mikes bed and Mike was sitting next to Will on the bed. "Will actually shut up." Mike started. "Lalalalalalalalala" Will continued. Sailor barked at him. "Even Sailor wants you to be quiet."

Mike picked her up and scratched under her chin. "Lalalalla" Mike groaned and collapsed on the bed. Mike let Sailor climb on him. He felt the paws on his stomach and looked up at the puppy tilting his head at him.

"Hi Sailor." Mike smiled. "Lalalalalalala!" Will continued. "William fucking Byers!" Mike exclaimed. "Whatie!" Will asked. "Shut up!" Mike responded. Sailor got off the bed and left the room. "Make me." Will replied.

Mike looked at him and smirked, Mike kissed him. They both closed their eyes and Mike put his hands on his waist. Will had his hands on his cheeks. (don't ask a single question about that sentence.)

Mike lifted him onto his lap not breaking the kiss. (bro can y'all breathe?) Will giggles as Mike tickled his back.


(i got bored of writing that part-)

Next day they had school. Mike found Will at his locker. He snuck up behind him and picked him up and put his down after. "Mike!" Will exclaimed. "Hey Love." Mike kissed his cheek. Will grinned like a dork.

"Hi!" Will put the book in his locker. A blonde walked by and gave them a weird look. They didn't notice him though. "We have class, Mike" Will muttered. "Skip!" Mike started. "I've skipped multiple days and classes. Not today." Will replied.

"Finee." Mike responded, he kissed him and went to first period. Will chuckled and closed his locker. He went to the same class as Mike and sat in his seat.

Max was in her seat on her phone. "CHILDREN!" The teacher yelled. Almost everyone fell out of their seats. "Let's start class." The teacher spoke as if she didn't just kill their eardrums.


After class everyone left and went to their lockers. The party met each other at their lockers. Max and Mike were arguing. Lucas and Dustin were being salty about the pudding flavors. El and Will were talking about shopping later.

"You don't mix vanilla and chocolate." Dustin put his hands up. "You don't just eat plain chocolate!" Lucas argued. "Max I swear, please shut up." Mike started. "No, froggy boy." Max replied.

"After school, at like 4?" El asked, Will nodded. "Great." El replied. "Faggots." Some kid muttered under his breath. Mike looked up and looked at the person. "Mike continue your little cat fight, ignore it." Will spoke, he knew his boyfriend. He also knew that Mike would've beat the shit out of anyone. You'd be surprised at how much damage he could do.

Mike looked at his boyfriend and leaned back on his locker and continued arguing with Max about absolutely nothing.


A few hours later school was over and everyone split up. Will and El did go shopping.


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"Mixer!" Holly yelled from her room. Mike has Sailor in his hands, he looked at and walked to Hollys room. "Yea, Hols?" Mike sat next to her and set Sailor down. "Can you play with me?" Holly asked, she did puppy eyes that Mike couldn't say no to.

Mike sighed, "Finee." Mike started and followed Holly to her play kitchen. "What would you like to eat, Sir Michael?" Holly asked, she went behind the little counter as Mike sat on the floor.

She gave him a pretend play menu and Mike flipped through it. "I'll take the.. Ham-burger." Mike had a hard time reading the words as they were all bunched together. She did get a four star for effort.

She started cutting up the plastic velcro food with a small blue knife. Mike watched Sailor jump around and play with the squeaky toy. He still couldn't believe Will got him a dog.

"Alright, Sir Michael. Your food shall be served." Holly placed a yellow plate in front of him with a pleasing burger. "Thank you, Lady Holly." Mike replied, Holly nodded and went back behind her counter. "Would you like some tea??" Holly asked. "Oh, uh sure." Mike honestly had no idea what tea was.

Holly put a cup in front of him with absolutely nothing in it. Mike nodded as a thank you and pretended to eat the food. "That will be $336. Plus tax." Holly stood next to him innocently. Mike looked at her in shock.

"Oh hey look at the rock!" Mike exclaimed, when she turned around Mike got up and stood in a corner. She turned back around, "Mike! You need to pay!" Holly spoke. Mike chuckled and Holly looked at him. "I'm not paying!" Mike put his hands up.

"You better!" Holly picked up a plastic sword. Mike slowly tried to walk to the door. Holly walked near him with the sword pointed at him, Mike put a hand on the door knob and Holly hit him with the sword.

"Pay me!" Holly exclaimed. "Gah, I'll pay! I'll pay!" Mike put his hands up and hid his face making sure it didn't it his face. "Alright!" Holly put down the sword and dragged him to the table. Mike put imaginary money on the table.

"Thank you!" Holly pat his leg and cleaned up the small table. Mike shook his head and felt something on his leg. Sailor was trying to bite his leg. It didn't hurt because she was playing.

Mike smiled and pet her while Holly pretended to wash dishes.

to be continued...
hi took me a couple days to update bc i made a whole new story plus the two other story's in my drafts-

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