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Will hadn't came to school in a week and Mike was actually worried. He hadn't heard from him at all. It was a Sunday and Mike had nothing by to do. He really wanted to talk to Will but every time he called it didn't answer.


Mike was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. He sighed and closed his eyes then rubbed them. He saw colorful stars for a couple seconds until they disappeared. He heard a knock on the door and got up. He was home alone so he had to get it.

He went downstairs and opened the door, he saw Will. He didn't look happy like he normally did, he looked like he had just watched the saddest thing ever. "What's wrong Will?" Mike asked pulling him inside and closing the door.

Will didn't respond. That's when Mike saw a purple spot on Wills face. "Who did this to you?" Mike asked. "Lonnie." Will responded. "Holy shit. Go sit in the basement I'll be there in a second." Mike spoke. Will nodded and went to the basement. Mike sighed and went to the kitchen and grabbed a clean rag and put some ice in it. He went downstairs and walked up to Will.

"Okay, i'm gonna put some ice on it. Is that okay?" Mike asked in a soft tone. Will nodded, Mike turned his head gently and put the rag on his face. Will flinched a bit because it was cold. Mike stopped for a second, "You okay?" He asked. Will responded with a nod.

Mike finished and moved rag off his face. He put the rag down and wrapped his arms around Will, Will hugged him back. Mike went behind him and sat down, bringing Will to sit on his lap. Mike took his phone out and gave it to Will. He knew Will liked the games on Mikes phone.


They were both laying on the couch in silence, Mike smiled at his boyfriend who was trying to get a high score on subway surfers. He was focused on it, Mike liked how he slightly stuck his tongue out when we was focused. When Will finally died he turned the phone off and turned around and wrapped his arms around Mike burying his head in Mikes chest.

Mike played with his hair as Will played with the loose thread on Mikes shirt. "Do you want food?" Mike asked. "sure." Will answered. Mike nodded and kissed his forehead before getting up to go to the kitchen.


About five minutes later Mike came back with pasta and put them on the table. "Thanks." Will said. "Of course." Mike replied and sat next to him. Will ate it then leaned his head on Mikes shoulder.

"You tired?" Mike asked. Will nodded. Mike picked him up and took him to his room. He put him in his bed. Mike put a blanket over him and kissed his forehead. Will slightly smiled at him and grabbed his hand. Mike sat on the bed next to him and played with his hair until he fell asleep.

He took his phone out and started texting his friends.


hi guys


say what..?

you finally greeted us normally

you never do.

oh okay

okay why are you being so dry?


mike is probably sad
bc will hasn't talked
to him in a bit?

no he's here


I thought mike was
joking when he said

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