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The next day the two woke up and sat there for a bit. Will was lying normally and Mike had his head in his chest just like a few day ago. The puppy was on the pillow, she was awake and currently climbing onto Mikes head. Will giggled and looked at Mike who had a straight face.

Mike picked up the puppy and put her in between him and Will. "I think she was chewing on your hair." Will spoke. "That's fine. She cute." Mike replied. "I mean your not wrong." Will responded,


Will changed his clothes and was getting ready to leave. He was putting on his shoes, he got up and turned around and saw Mike coming downstairs and Sailor was following him down. "I'll see you tomorrow, I love you." Will spoke. Mike smiled, "I love you too." Mike kissed Will and Will smiled.

Mike pulled away and looked down, Sailor was clawing at Wills shoes. "I'll see you later too Sailor." Will giggled and ruffled Mikes hair before walking to the door.


A while later Holly came back home from her grandmas and screamed when she passed Mikes room. Mike three his phone and shot up. "What's wrong?" Mike asked, "Oh my gosh your holding a puppy, a little baby puppy oh my gosh. Can I pet her? Can I hold her? Please, please, please!" Holly walked over.

Mike chuckled and nodded, Holly sat down and Mike placed the puppy in her hands and made sure she didn't drop her. "She's so cute, what's her name?" Holly asked, "Sailor." Mike answered. "That's cute! Can her nickname be Sails?" Holly asked, "Of course!" Mike chuckled.

Holly put her on the bed and watched her chase her tail and go in circles.


Will was walking home, "Shit forgot to take the pain killers." He thought. "It's fine. It won't affect anything, I barely feel pain anymore." Will added to his thoughts.

He made the thought go away and took his phone and headphones out. He turned on his usual Spotify playlist and went to another app. He went to instagram and saw Mike posted. He clicked on his account and smiled after seeing his post.


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wheelersexual: stop it she's so cute, legit love you @byersexual

gabby.2011: give me your boyfriend.
^ wheelersexual: gir- your twelve?? he's almost an adult-
^ gabby.2011: so? he's like six years older?
^ wheelersexual: you do realize that would be a crime right?
^ gabby.2011: fine.. then gimmie dog.
^ wheelersexual: give me* the* fix your grammar kid. And, no.
^ byersexual: mike ik your not arguing with a kid.
^ wheelersexual: she's tryna steal you and my dog.
^ gabby.2011: did it work??
^ byersexual: babes. i'm gay and almost 18. I would be a pedo if i ever dated you. and your at the supermarket with your mom rn pls put your ipad down and pick up the coco puffs your mom told you to grab.
^ madmax: 😀 bro just roasted a twelve year old in the nicest way possible-
^ gabby.2011: bro how did you know me at store?
^ byersexual: girl. you posted it.

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