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They were done and they didn't really know what to do. "This is like, a really dumb question but you teach Holly?" Mike asked. Will nodded, "I'm a volunteer at the lower school." Will replied. "Oh cool." Mike said. It got kind of awkward again until Will decided to talk.

"This time I have a question." Will said. "Go for it." Mike replied. Will took a breath before talking again. "Why are you so nice to me?" Will asked. "I don't know, I guess I just like being nice." Mike answered. "Also i'm sorry for the past three years. That probably doesn't do shit but I really am sorry." Will apologized. "It's fine." Mike reassured.

"No it really isn't. I was treating you horribly for no reason. I was just a bad person and I shouldn't have done it and-" Will was soon cut off. "Will, i'm serious. It's okay, you don't need to apologize." Mike chuckled. Will slightly smiled at him, "So... friends?" Mike asked. Will nodded.

Mikes alarm rang and he turned it off. "I hate this little bitch." Mike muttered. He walked to his closet and got a random shirt and pants. He put on shoes and ran his fingers through his hair to get rid of the tangles. He picked his phone up and smiled when he saw the notification that 'byersexual' followed him. He followed him back and went downstairs.

He went to the kitchen and put waffles in the toaster and waited for them to finish. Nancy came downstairs and saw Mike on his phone. "Morning Mike!" Nancy said. "Hey Nance!" Mike greeted. The waffles came out and Mike put them on plates. Holly came downstairs rubbing her eyes. "Mornin' silbos." She muttered.

"Hey Hols." The older kids greeted. Holly hugged them both sat sat at the table. "Toast or cereal?" Mike asked. "Cereal." Holly answered. Mike nodded and gave the waffle to Nancy and grabbed the cereal.


After breakfast they let Holly change and they walked to starcourt mall. Saturdays were for siblings to spend time together. "Where do you guys want to go?" Nancy asked, "Scoops ahoy!" Holly cheered. Mike shrugged and went to scoops. "What flavor do you guys want?" Mike asked. "Chocolate." Holly answered. "I'll take the same as Holly." Nancy spoke.

Mike nodded and got the ice cream for his sister's. They sat at a table and talked to each other.


"Stop! Stop!" Will yelled. "No!" James yelled. He had a spider in his hands. "I'm allergic!" Will screamed. "Wait you are?" James asked. "No!" Will ran. "I have to stop falling for it." James said and put the spider down and chased him.

Will went to the side of the mall and pulled out his phone and saw the notification that Mike had followed him back. He smiled and put his phone away. James found him, "I put the spider down now come on!" James said and they both went back to the park.

"Finally!" Riley exclaimed. Will rolled his eyes and stood on a bench. "Wait tell me who I look like." Will said sand did a pose. "That old guy from Monster House?" They both guessed. "Yeah." Will replied and got down. "I bet you ten bucks Will can climb up the tree." James said. "Make it twenty then I'll do it." Riley responded. "Deal." James said.

"Will can you climb up the tree?" Riley asked. "Yeah." Will answered and got back on the bench. He grabbed onto the branch and climbed up. "Can I jump down?" Will asked. "Yeah!" James yelled. Will nodded and jumped off. "Holy shit!" Riley muttered.

"We'll hi there." Will said and laughed. James gave Riley the twenty dollars.

time skip <3

Mike and Will have been friends for a month but none of them told their friends, mostly because Mike would never hear the end of it from his friends.

"Will I have a question." Mike started, Will nodded meaning he can keep going. "Can you like bully us again, the rest are like very suspicious." Mike asked. "But I don't wanna bully you." Will replied. "I know but it doesn't have to mean anything." Mike said. Will thought for a second, "Okay then sure." Will responded. "Thank you!" Mike said. Mike walked into the school and Will went in three minutes after.

Will sighed and found the rest of his friends before walking up to the party. "Hm let's see, we have Toothless, wannabe basketball player, redhead, forever virgin. Oh and frogface." Will said the last name with a bit of pain in his voice. "What are you gonna do this time?" Max asked annoyed.

"I believe i've done something of yours already." Will started, "That is?" Max asked. "I believe it was your mom or your aunt. Probably both." Will replied. Mikes eyes widened. Max was left speechless. "Do you actually fuck her mom?" Troy asked. "How dumb are you?" Will asked. Troy shrugged and Will just shook his head and walked to first period.


At lunch Will was in the dark hallway on his phone. Mike came up to him and sat on the other side. "Hey sorry i'm late. Max kept asking me questions." Mike said. Will looked up and smiled, he put his phone down. "Yeah, yeah."

"I'm not lying!" Mike defended. "Should I believe you?" Will joked. "Yes!" Mike responded. Will started humming. "You really should!" Mike said. Will continued humming. "Will!" Mike exclaimed. "Alright fine I believe you!" Will giggled. Mike sighed in relief. "Okay..."


After five minutes both of them went to tables with their friends. "Where did you go?" Lucas asked. "Uhm- Will kept me and I went in the bathroom." Mike lied. "What do you mean by Will kept you." Max asked. "Made fun of me, not a big deal." Mike said and looked at his phone.


After lunch Will had his headphones on and he was digging through his locker. He didn't want to clean his locker but he had to eventually.

to be continued...
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