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Will woke up to bright lights blinding him. Mike was already awake on his phone. Will looked over at him, Mike heard movement from next to him and looked at Will. "Morning Byers." Mike said, "Morning. What time is it?" Will asked. "9:28." Mike replied. Will shook his head.

"It's too early." Will muttered. Mike chuckled and watched Will curl into a ball. "It's not that early." Mike replied. "No it's too early." Will mumbled. Mike shook his head and went back to his phone.


Twenty minutes later Will finally sat up. "hi." Will muttered rubbing his eyes. He had an adorable sleepy voice. Mike thought. "Hey byers." Mike replied, "You finally awake?" Mike asked, Will nodded and rolled off the bed o to the floor.

"Woah are you okay?" Mike questioned. Will nodded and crawled to his bag. "I roll off a lot." Will said. "I'll be back." Will said and picked his bag up and went to the bathroom. Mike assumed he was gonna do his morning business so he went back on his phone sense he already did what he had to do for the morning.


Will came back seven minutes later with a frustrated look. "Uhm how do you turn on the sink?" Will asked. In his defense they had a difficult sink. Mike chuckled and went to the bathroom. Will followed him and Mike turned on the sink.

"Thanks." Will said. Mike ruffled his hair up more then it already was. "No problem Byers." Mike responded and walked back to his room. Will blushed after he left.


Will came back and put his bag back and picked up his phone. He had about 15 notifications on his phone, he groaned and threw the phone somewhere. "Too many." Will muttered, Mike laughed and helped him off the floor. "Too many what?" Mike asked. "Notifications." Will replied. Mine nodded as Will put his hands over his eyes.

"Do you want breakfast?" Mike asked. "Sure." Will replied. Mike got up and went downstairs.


About fifteen minutes later Mike quietly came into the room and picked Will up. Will gasped in shock. "Mike!" Will exclaimed. Mike laughed and went downstairs. Will tried to get up but couldn't.

Mike brought him to the kitchen and put him on a chair. "Disrespectful!" Will exclaimed. Mike shrugged and walked to the fridge to get him juice. He made bacon and eggs for Will.

Mike gave him juice. "There you go." Mike said and ruffled his hair. "Thanks." Will responded."I'm gonna check on Holly, I'll be back!" Mike said and went upstairs. Will was a fast eater so when Mike came back Will was at the sink washing his dish.

"Okay why's are you so fast? Every time I look away your done." Mike said. Will shrugged and dried the plate. "Anyways, what do you want do today?" Mike asked sitting on the counter top.

"Uhm i'm not sure." Will replied. "Ice cream?" Mike suggested. "Mike it's ten am." Will replied. "So?" Mike questioned. "It's too early for ice cream." Will explained. "Never too early. C'mon!" Mike said and got off the counter top.


Next thing you know they were at Scoops ahoy ordering ice cream. Mike rang the bell five times before someone with brown shoulder length hair came out of the back room.

"Yes children?" Steve asked. "What do you think we want?" Mike asked. "I don't know but I'll tell you what I want. A raise." Steve replied. Mike shook his head and turned to Will. "What flavor do you want?" Mike asked. Wills thought for a second. "Chocolate chip cookie?" Will replied. Mike nodded and turned back to Steve.

"One chocolate chip cookie and one macadamia." Mike said. Steve nodded and gave the two the ice cream. "Here's your raise. Mike said and gave him ten bucks. "It was three dollars?" Steve muttered. Mike shrugged and walked away with Will.

They sat at a table and ate their ice cream. The mall was empty because it was ten am so they were the only ones there apart from Steve and Robin. Will looked at his stitches and rested his arm in his lap.


They went back to Mikes house after finishing their ice cream and went to the basement to watch another movie. They turned on 'clueless' And Will rested his head on Mikes lap as the movie played. Mike played with Wills hair while paying attention to the movie. Will didn't mind it because he did it all the time.

They both fell asleep after the movie finished it was 12:46 so it was still early but they didn't mind going to sleep. Karen went into the basement and saw Will on top on Mike with Mines hands over Wills waist. She smiled to herself and got a blanket from the closet.

She walked up to the two and put the blanket over them and went back upstairs after turning the tv off. She closed the basement door and went to the kitchen to make a snack for Holly.


After another hour Mike woke up and realized Will was still asleep so he decided to just let him sleep, he didn't mind the position they were in because it didn't hurt or anything. Will looked cute when he was sleeping, sure it was a weird thought but it was true.

Will changed his position. He lied next to Mike and hand his arm around him. Mike slightly smile and played with Wills hair but not too much to wake him up. Will tends to smile in his sleep when someone messed with his hair.

Mike noticed it and thought it was adorable. He wasn't planning on telling Will about his crush on him. He probably thought he would in a year but of course he couldn't keep it in that long.

to be continued...
bro my toe is bleeding, i was eating ice cream in the dark at two am i just saw the most out of pocket thing. and i just made a kid cosplay. this clothing is really tight and it hurts because it's old-

 this clothing is really tight and it hurts because it's old-

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