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It was January. They had to go back to school, and they hated it. El had finished decorating her room, Max and Lucas have broken up at least a hundred times.

Will got out of bed and cut off the alarm that has been ringing for ten minutes. He made his bed and went to the dresser, he rubbed his eyes and looked down. His eyes widened and he picked something off the floor behind his dresser and put it under a box.

Mike didn't see it, you're fine. you're fine.

Will changed his clothes and fixed his hair. He put on a little lipgloss and grabbed his bag. El was out of her room before him. "Hey Will!" El spoke and gave him a piece of toast.

"Hi El." Will accepted the plate and slightly smiled at her.


After eating they left to go to school. "Why does it have to be Monday?" El asked dramatically pretending to fall in the snow. "C'mon El, it's not that bad." Will helped her up. El shrugged and they continued walking until they got to the school.

"Alright never mind you have a point." Will started and they both walked into school. They agreed they would meet up with all their friends after getting their books.

Will went to his locker and opened it. He grabbed two books and a notebook. He felt someone pick him up from behind and lower him back down. He gasped and turned around.
"Hey love." Mike smiled. Will hit his shoulder and wrapped his arms around him.

"I haven't seen you in five days." Will spoke on Mikes shoulder. "I know, Holly and Sailor wouldn't let me leave." Mike replied. Will pulled away from the hug and closed his locker and zipped his bag up. "C'mon I said we would meet our friends before first period." Will started.

"Whyy, can't we just stay here and make out?" Mike whined. "Let's go, Michael" Will responded and dragged him to the place they always met up. All seven people showed up. Riley had both arms around James, Lucas had an arm around Max, Mike had Will on his back, (again pretend like he can lift him) Dustin and El stood there awkwardly, Troy and Angela were zoned out.

"Lucas and Maxine, I will not hesitate to send forty five fucking missiles to your house." Mike threatened. "My bad." Lucas muttered. "Dustin don't you say it." Mike spoke when Dustin opened his mouth the slightest bit.

"...daddy chill." Dustin spoke anyway. The group hid their lips and covered their mouth. Mike glared at Dustin and loosened his grip on Wills legs. "Dustin you should run." Lucas muttered. Will grabbed Mikes hand and put it back on his legs. Mike rolled his eyes.

They all split up after a few minutes and went to first period. Max, Mike, and Will had the same class.


Halfway through the class Mike passed Will a note. Will looked at him and opened the note.

 Will looked at him and opened the note

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Of course Mike couldn't wait ten more minutes to hang out with his boyfriend. And by hanging out..

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