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"Mike! We get it!" El exclaimed. "Okay, sorry. I'm just worried he wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore after this." Mike responded. "He would still be friends with you, he might just be mad at you for a bit but he would like to be friends." Dustin said.

Mike sighed and just continued to think about the bad things that may happen if he ignored him for a long time. Will looked at Mike and saw him talking a lot. James tapped Wills shoulder. Will looked at him.

"You still like Mike?" James asked. Will sighed, "To he honest I don't even know, it's kinda confusing." Will replied. James nodded, "I think he likes you. It's a little bit obvious." James said. "I don't really think he does." Will replied. James shrugged.

cool time skip<3

It's been a full two weeks and Mike managed to not talk to Will in those two weeks. Will didn't try to talk to Mike a week in. He was pretty sure Mike hated him.

Will went to class and sat down in his seat. Mike came in after him and saw Will on his phone, he dive look like he usually did, he looked almost sad. Will looked at Mike for a second then then looked back at his phone. Mike sat down next to Max. "I really hate this. It's been two weeks." Mike said. "Mike fashion famous time. Also it's not that bad." Max replied. Mike shook his head and looked at Will a couple times. The teacher walked in and they all began to pay attention to the teacher.


After class there were two people in the classroom. Everyone else had left but Mike and Will were putting their stuff away. Will stopped for about ten seconds. He went on his phone and turned on music, he had headphones on so he didn't really care.

After they both finished they walked out not saying a word to each other. "Max, fourteen days is too long." Mike complaint. "Then talk to him?" Max responded. "No, then he's gonna know I like him and then he won't be friends with me and he might go back to bullying me and then i'm gonna die inside so-" Mike ranted. "Mike! It's gonna be okay. I need you to take a breather." Max started. "And play fashion famous." She finished. Mike shook his head and Max gave him her phone.

"Return that after your done playing." Max said. "I'm not gonna play this." Mike replied, giving her phone back. "It would help you but it's whatever." Max said and walked to her locker. Mike shook his head and took out his phone. He leaned on his locker.


El came up to Will as he was digging through his locker for the seventh time today, "Hey." El said. Will looked over, "Hi." Will greeted. "So Mike would absolutely hate me if I told you this, so i'm just gonna word it differently." El started Sill nodded and took his headphones off.

"Mikes a shit liar so he didn't want to be around you because he would say something stupid. That's why he's been ignoring you for the past two weeks." El said. Will made a puzzled face, "So he ignored me because he didn't know how to lie?" Will asked, El nodded. Will chuckled, "Yeah he's kinda stupid. But try to get him to talk to you. He's been going absolutely crazy." El replied.

"He avoids me every time he sees me, how would I do that?" Will asked, "Don't let him see you, at lunch try to sneak up on him. He's jumpy." El suggested. Will nodded, "Thanks El." Will said, "No problem!" El responded.


At lunch Will was at his table, he asking himself if he should talk to Mike. "I'll be back." Will said, They all said okay and continued joking around. El saw Will walking over. She smiled at him and put her head down so she didn't laugh. She heard a 'boo!' and laughing. "Holy shit!" Mike yelled. Will laughed.

"That was disrespectful!" Mike said, "Oh no more ignoring?" Will asked. Max covered her mouth in shock. "Well damn." Lucas muttered. "Uh, I guess not." Mike replied. Will chuckled and shook his head. "Well that slower then I expected." Max whispered, Dustin nodded.

Mike and Will walked out of the cafeteria and decided to talk to each other for a bit.


"so uhm, how's your hand?" Mike asked, "It's better, i'm getting the stitches out next month."  Will replied. "Oh cool." Mike responded. "also uhm, sorry for ignoring you." Mike said, "Oh it's fine." Will replied.

to be continued...
i'm watching 9.1.1 something with my mom and she keeps saying  "They gone kiss" oath she loves gay people

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