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(someone pls give me ideas for more chapters, i'm kinda planning making this a lot of chapters so yeah.)

Mike and Will came back inside and went back to the spot they were in before. "Have a fun make out?" Dustin asked. "Yes, actually." Mike replied. "Ew." Lucas muttered. Mike whispered something in his ear and Lucas instantly shut himself up.

"It takes a lot to get Lucas to shut up, the hell did you say?" Max shouted. "That stays between me, my boyfriend, and Lucas." Mike replied. "What'd you say?" Will asked, Mike whispered something in his ear. Wills eyes widened he looked to the side of the floor.

"Yeah." Mike murmured. Max looked at Will with a 'what did he say' expression. Will gave her a 'Ill tell you later' look and Max nodded. "Hey what time is it?" El asked. Mike took his phone out and checked. "Seven pm." Mike answered. "Thanks!" El said and went to a whole different room.


A few hours later they went back home, Mike decided to stay at Wills for the night. El took her jacket off and went to her room. She closed her door and turned on her music as soon as Wills door closed.

Will went to his dresser and gave Mike pajamas. "Thanks." Mike spoke. Will nodded and got his own pajamas. Will left the room and closed the door after him and went to the bathroom.

After they both finished changing they sat in the living room and watched tv for a bit. Will had his head on Mikes lap and Mike was sitting up and playing with his hair with one hand and his arm was around Wills waist.

"Hey Will, where are the chips?" El asked walking into the kitchen. "Bottom left cabinet." Will answered. El nodded and grabbed the chips, she turned around after closing the cabinet and started walking to her room. "Use protection, dorks." El spoke and closed her door.

Wills head shot up. Mike continued to watch the movie. "Don't be surprised, Byers." Mike teased. "Give it one or two years." Will replied. "You do realize in a few days will be next year right?" Mike asked. "I'm fully aware." Will replied.


A few hours later Will went to the bathroom for a minute while Mike sat in his room. Mike saw something shiny behind Wills dresser, he didn't mind it thinking it was just hair clip El gave him.

Will came back in the room and tackled Mike with kisses. Mike giggled and put his hands on his waist with one thumb on his stomach. Will kissed him on the forehead and lied down. Mike lied next to him and pulled his body closer with his arms wrapped around his waist.

"You're so cute." Mike spoke. "You're much cuter though." Will responded. Mike smiled and made small circles on his stomach. "I love you, Byers." Mike whispered, "I love you too, Michael." Will replied. Mike kissed his cheek and put his chin on Wills head.

And with that, Will fell asleep. Mike got a message on his phone and he picked it up careful not to wake up the beautiful boy cuddled up onto him.



what if mike got a boner one of the times will put his head on his lap?

the way i wondered that every time will did that.

bro i'm tryna sleep and y'all hit me with the most weirdest shit.

i think he has gotten one tho. will legit lied there for an hour with a smirk while mike on the other hand had this face: 😣


bro your gonna wake up my baby.

listen if i don't get sleep i will disrespectfully send a nuclear bomb to your house.

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