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Will went in the dark hallway basically exhausted. He had to go through two more periods before school ends. Mike sat next to him, "You tired?" Mike asked. "mmmno." Will answered. Mike laughed, "Seems like it." Mike says, "I hate school." Will muttered, "Doesn't everyone?" Mike asked. Will nodded.

"I'm so fucking tired it's not even funny." Will mumbled. "Go to sleep." Mike suggested. "I can't, I have two more periods." Will replied. "Skip them?" Mike asked. "Won't that get me in trouble?" Will asked. "I mean they don't care if you don't show up" Mike responded.

"I'm actually gonna trust you this time because i'm tired." Will muttered and leaned his head on the wall. Mike chuckled and took his phone out.


After last class Will was already awake and both of the boys were sitting on the floor watching youtube. Will had his head on Mikes shoulder. "Why was she messing around with a sixteen year old anyway?" Will muttered. Mike
laughed and shook his head. "That's why the bitch is pregnant." Will said. Mike was quietly laughing.

After the video was over Mike and Will went to their lockers and left the school. "Your kinda stupid." Will said. "Why thank you." Mike responded. "Your very welcome." Will replied. Wills phone rang and he answered it. "Hello?" Will started. "No, shut up." Will said and hung up. "Anyways, I have to go home. See you tomorrow Wheeler." Will said. Mike waved and watched Will walk away.


When Will got home he went to the kitchen and took some mix out. "Mom, Jonathan i'm home!" Will yelled. No one answered, he shrugged and went into his room. He sat on his bed and took his sweater off. He went on his phone and went on youtube, he turned on music and decided to clean his room.

Meanwhile with Mike he was walking to his house. Lucas caught up with him a bit later. "Hey dude." Lucas greeted. "Oh hi Lucas." Mike said, he clicked off of Wills contact. "What are you doing later?" Lucas asked. "Uh i'm not really sure." Mike replied. "Alright then call me later." Lucas said and walked ahead.

Mike nodded and walked home. He opened the door and walked to his room. He went on the contact named, 'byers'





your mother.



anyways yesterday my sister
hit me in the head with a ball🙂



thr *






yes the ball was okay.

anyways, i have question.


what would your perfect weekend look like?

saturday or sunday bc it depends ?

sunday .

movie, popcorn,
painting/ baking and sleep.



bdgvcausr i dnut pfrppfey

omfg i'm high



i'm just stupid

oh makes sense
i'm screaming my dad just came home.

you good?



nah going to the mall✌🏼


Mike sighed and out his phone. He felt bad for Will. He had to live with his abusive father, and it was clearly obvious he hated it. Mike sat on his bed and just stared at the ceiling.

to be continued...
i'll make next chapter longer i promise.

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