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A/N What's up, y'all? It's been a minute.Recap: time to see what's happening with my sister.Keira POV. I slowly walk up the stairs looking around. The DEO people are watching my every move as if I was the fret, "hey, ignore them; they are just scared someone cloned super girl before". I loon to see Alex talking to me "ms grant knows I'm not kara. She also knew kara was supergirl? How does she know that?!" Alex smiles she doesn't look shocked. "kara told me, Cat was on to her. She knows everything, so it doesn't surprise me she knew you wasn't kara" Alex places her hand on my face wiping my tears away." I only just got to know her" Alex sad smiles. "She loves you and was freaking out about you every day! She loves you, Kiera!" I smile, hugging Alex " you are unique, and you are the reason kara is kara. Alex, you are everything to her; she loves you so much, just remember that whatever happens today, she loves you so much." Lena walks towards us with her head at the ground "hey le", she looked up, smiling softly, seeing all of our tear-stained faces."is she going to be okay?" Lena whispered out

me. Alex both stood silent, unsure of how to answer the question. Both too afraid to say what we thought was the truth.

"who did this?" Lena turned to look at Alex. "It was your mother?" Lena spun, storming out. "Lena Don't!" Alex calls; Lena carries on, rushing out, "LENA! If she wakes up and you are not here, she will never forgive you. If she wakes up and I couldn't save you, She will never forgive me, and If she doesn't wake up, I will never forgive you," Alex yells, bringing all of the agents around to a holt with Lena turning around making eye contact with Alex. "Okay... But...But If she doesn't wake up, I will not stop," Lena says. "I will be standing right next to you on that manhunt; right now, I need your help to ensure she does wake up." 


Just a small one ... Another update soon. 

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