Chapter nine

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Recap:  "damn I'm so lucky to have you" I kiss her softly hearing the door open and a gasp...
Kara PoV•||•
Win win win fuck win "erm wow I'm sorry my bad well I'll just be going back in there" noooo. I grab him shutting the door " it's not what it looks like well it is but please don't tell anyone we haven't discussed our coming out" win just smirked at me and Lena giggled "what?" " you are rambling love" I can't help blush " of course I won't tell anyone and of course I'm not gonna be the one to tell James" "I told you he had a crush on you" Lena said jealously, I couldn't help but scrunch up my face "that makes me want to throw up" they both laugh "win can you tell them me and Kara will be back in 10 minuets please we're just going for a walk" Lena said to win as she raps her arm around my waist kissing my check "come on princess let's go for a walk" she's actually so sweet like so so sweet I just can't describe to you how sweet she is. We come to a bench and we sit. "Do you want to tell people about us" Lena said shyly "I mean it's okay if you don't want to" she rambled "I do I honestly don't mind what we do as long as I have you" I say and she smiles the biggest smile I have seen her smile. "James is going to go ape" Lena smirks "I don't get why he's my friend it's just gross to see him like that and you my love there is no need for you to get jealous." Lena blushes hard " I know. I just don't trust him" "but you have to trust me and I promise you nothing will ever happen with me and James" Lena smiles so big "come on let's go back"
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