Chapter Twenty-one

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Recap •||"Kara i had called out to her a few moments before because I thought it was you. She landed in the cut off road and put her hair down and Kara I thought she was you"
"What ?!"
Kara Pov •||
"I mean I told Alex, and she thought I was crazy, but I am serious Kara, there is someone who looks extremely like you and has powers too, the weird thing is she looked like she didn't want anyone to know" "this is so crazy I don't think I understand" "I'm saying you either have someone's test clone of you, but nothing like bizaro, or you have a twin/sister who you don't know about" I am so shocked "that's why everyone was acting weird and not telling me stuff?" Magi nods " can you ring Alex tell her where I am and to come over, I want to know what's going on, and oh god Lena" what the hell is going on I am honestly so confused.
Lena Luthor: kar please talk to me. I am so sorry I don't even know what to say over text. I love you so much and I'm sorry okay I'm so sorry I thought she was you. I swear to you Kara I would never Kara, I love you.
Me: come round, address//////////:::://////
-end of text-

I was sitting on my sofa with a blanket when there was a knock Maggie got up to go answer it, it was Lena. "I'm going to go meet Alex outside" I nod at her, Lena shut the door and walked over to me very slowly. She sits down next to me. "Hi" Lena said, this is so awkward. "Hey" "Kara listen I am sorry no matter how much you believe me, you are my best friend, I can't cope without you, I know it was my mistake but Kar she looked like you the only difference was her eyes where a little darker than yours and she freaked when I kissed her, please forgive me Kar I swear to you I would never hurt you in purpose. I can't help but look into her eyes and burst into tears, "I miss you so much le but it hurts", " "I miss you to princess, I am so so so so sorry" I can't help but cuddle into her " it's not your fault, Maggie saw her too, she thought it was me also" Lena looked shocked hugging me " who is she Kar?" " I have no idea who she is, she has powers as well though" Lena looks shocked. "Le kiss me" I say quietly, Lena looks at me taking my face so softly kissing my lips with so much passion " woah woah sorry" Maggie and Alex say as they walked in. Me and Lena break apart I left my head on her shoulder.

Alex Pov •|||••
I feel so bad not even really attempting to find Kara but I knew Maggie was looking for her. I need to find who this girl is before I tell Kara
2 weeks later •••••
So I went to karas apartment to tell her why I've been so distant, I honestly thought Lena was just looking at another girl until Lena rang me and explained she kissed a girl who looked the same as Kara. But anyway I'm here big sister and I haven't been there for her. Also she moved out her apartment and has been renting it out?!! I  super worried but I know she can handle her self I need to find out who this girl is.
•••• 1 week later••••
I kind of know some bits about this girl, she arrived in a ship identical to karas, but just outside London 14 years before Kara came here. That means her and Kara are intact the same age, she looks so much like Kara I think there twins and her mother send one to Earth because she didn't want one turning out like Astra that is what me, win and j'onn think anyway.

Maggie found Kara and she told me that I need to come so I can explain, Lena is there and her and Kara have cleared there air now it's mine.
At karas ••
Me and Maggie walked into Kara and Lena making out my Kara looked at me with so much hate and disappointment. " Kar Im so sorry but I had to find out who she was"

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