Chapter 31

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"Le you look so nervous" Kara laughed coming over to me "because your sisters just more than likely heard ya having sex" Kara giggles "it's fine" Kara stood up taking my hand you ready ? "Of course"
Kara Pov •|
Lena looks so nervous right now "le you okay?" As soon as I said that she nodded and went into shit off ceo mode, this is literally how she copes with her nerves I mean it's cute but not how she should be dealing with them around me "le? Le? Lena!" " shit sorry" "Are you okay?" I look her in the eyes she looks Down " I pull her chin up gently" "hey hey hey talk to me" " I'm just nervous Kar, yeah I know and love Alex and Maggie but I don't think Kiera likes me that means her sister won't like me and that's so awkward" "Kiera hasn't met you properly she's just been here when we have been fighting and if I met her and her and her partner where always arguing and fighting and she was upset I wouldn't like them either, but we are good we are perfect in fact so let's go out there and so what if they heard us having sex it was amazing make up sex le" she smiled so big and kissed me gently than looking in my eyes breaking the kiss "and this is why I love you, you are my common sense you are my everything and I'm so sorry for everything love" "I love you too and I'm also sorry about everything I've done" I'm so glad we made up and are back to normal time to conquer the family.

Just a quick update because I promised but I went to see Demi Lovato and split up with my partner soooo yeah it's whatever 😂😂😂 5 likes for the rest of the chapter

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