Chapter Two

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•|| Kara POV
Oh rao oh rao why did I ever go to meet her with Clark for rao's sake, the way she Bites her lip slyly or shuffles nervously, oh rao her confidence she's so fiery and intense when she's in her CEO mode or the way she stares into my sole with her mesmerising green eyes she---- "Kara Kara earth to Kara earth to Kara" "damn it win you scared the life out of me" "sorry Kara you was just standing there staring at nothing like actually nothing like the wall, I just thought I'd say something before alex saw you" "Alex saw what?" Kara gives win the eyes  " nothing just nothin" win and Kara say "you two are strange" "we know" Kara grins at wins response. "OH RAO I GOT TO GET A DRESS FOR TONIGHT " " don't worry I got you covered " alex said passing Kara the dress. "THANK YOU I LOVE YOU" Kara says running out of the DOV
Kara POV •|•|•
I quickly fly home getting ready, damn it I haven't got long cat is going to be so angry if I'm late right I'm ready this is the best I'm getting. I've got everything yes I've got everything.
Time skip2 hours•||
"Yes miss Grant" "Go mingle you look lonely it's just sad" did she really say that "(laughs) erm okay miss grant I'm just waiting for someone anyway" "hm hm Kira " DAMN LENA she looks so good omg she looks so good, Kara stop thinking like that stop it "LENA HI, I'm so happy your here I was so bored and miss grant keeps telling me to mix " sugar I think I said that too loud.
"Oh my Kara you scared the life out of me" she giggles, oh my god why am I such a dork for I mess things up before they even start.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. You look amazing by the way Lena" I can't help but look her up and down biting my lip, she looks so good and she definitely just saw me check her out.
"th-h-hank you Kara, you look amazing, seen as we are both here alone and it's filling up, would you Kara Danvers my best friend be my date" i can't help but laugh loudly pushing my glasses up nervously " of course Lena Luther I will be your date " i snakes my arm around her waist smiling when she rubs my hand on the side of her waist " might as all play the part " I giggle. she smiles big waking us over to cat grant. Oh gosh this is about to be very interesting.
"Cat Grant always throws the best events, thank you so much for the invite" Lena says very confident smiling big at miss grant. Miss grant keeps looking between me and Lena shocked I move my arm off Lena feeling nervous just to have Lena rap her arm around my waist. "You two?! Since when? Kiera ?! I knew you had a crush on her it's so obvious but wow" OMG DID SHE JUST SAY THAT "Kiera ? Crush?" Lena smirks looking at me " erm erm Keira she calls me Kiera as for a crush no miss grant she's my best friend" "would have fooled me you two look like you have been together for years" miss grant says waving her hand walking off. Lena spins to face me "soooo Kara Danvers has a crush on me" Lena teases, I role my eyes walking away feeling embarrassed enough turning a dark shade of red. "Hey hey hey Kara wait I was joking" Lena pulled me back " don't walk away from me" Lena said seriously "okay" damn she makes me nervous. "Kara your my best friend don't walk away from me when I was joking I mean would it really be that bad if you did have s crush on me ? Do I repulse you that much" Lena looks to the floor looking pissed off, urge for raos sake I say pulling Lena to cat, " erm hi miss grant we're just leaving thank you for a lovely evening and I'll see you tomorrow" miss grant smirked looking at a pissed off lena trying not to look pissed off and s rambling me "you know what Kara take the weekend off I'll see you 12pm Monday" huh did she just ? " are you for real ? " "yes now go before I change my mind, now miss Luther please make sure she doesn't come in she hasn't took holiday in 3 years" I blush slightly bidding my fair well. I guess I should address the situation with Lena but we are going back to my apartment. "Are you really just going to avoid what I said" Lena looks at me in disbelief going to walk the other way until I pick her up and put her in the taxi with me. "You must be kidding me " "Nnope" I said blankly paying the man getting out" walking fastly up to my apartment with a huffing Lena on my heels. This is about to be interesting.

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