Chapter 20

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Kara POV •|||
I storm into catco, getting a few strange looks as I'm always happy and perky. Well sometimes people have bad days you know and they days include my sister ignoring me and breaking up with your girlfriend. I walk into snapper to get my next assignment. He looks at me over his coffee looking a little concerned. "Danvers I wouldn't usually care because you normally look way to happy to care but are you okay" I nod how has he even noticed. "I'm fine thank you, what report do you want me to focus on. "Oh yes no problem can you do the Lena Luther and her secret girlfriend please" he looked at me smirking handing me a picture "so really you'd just have to right about your own relationship" he passes me a picture. That's not me "that's not me and me and Lena aren't together" I spit out. He gulps his coffee down looking at me worried  I can feel my anger radiating off of me. "Oh right. The alien law to protect all aliens what madam president has just released" he gives me a weak smile. "yes of course I'll get right on it" I walk out walking into my office sitting st my desk bursting into tears. Wow I ended it between me and Lena.

•• 3weeks later••
I've kinda dropped off of the radar. Dropping off the radar meaning I moved into a different loft. I'm taking a break from supergirl so I basically only go to work. Me and Alex haven't spoken in just over a week she's been blowing up my phone along with Lena, win, Magy and Sam. All asking where i was am I okay and to answer. I am also thinking about getting a new number. So my new loft is closer to catco. I kept my old place and I've just rented it too a collage student but I got my new flat under an alias because I know everyone will try find me I just want a break for a little while. Meanwhile I'm standing in snappers office he likes me now ? When there's a knock and Alex and j'onn are there snapper looks confused I rolled my eyes. " come in" snapper said "hi we are from the FBI, we just need to talk Ms Danvers for a few moments" j'onn said as him and Alex show there badge. I role my eyes snapper nods his head looking very shocked " Kara Do you want to use this office or your own" " neither I'm not talking to them" snapper looks so shocked. " uh Kara you have to" " I don't have to do anything and they won't say anything while your in the room" Alex looked so mad and j'onn was obviously reading my mind. " Kara Danvers, you need to talk to us this is confidential" Alex said. " hm yea whatever" " you know what fine" she wouldn't not while snappers in here looking all confused, she looked at j'onn he nodded " we need to know why supergirl has dropped off the radar" snapper makes a noise "you ask her where supergirl is" j'onn looks st him. And he stopped talking. " Alex, j'onn I really don't want to talk to you" " wait how do you know there names" snapper said I turned to him "that's my sister and I help out with them sometimes" "jhesus" I laughed "snapper Im going to do that interview and then write the report you'll have it by tomorrow 12pm" "perfect thank you" I go to walk out and Alex look at me like I'm crazy and try and block me "are you really going to try that" j'onn moves her obviously reading my head and how much of a mess it is.
Urge so now I've actually got to a story on Lena I've avoided it but snapper said other people wasn't capturing her so he needs me to do it. This is going to be awful. All this thinking and I'm already there I walk out of the lift and jess is sitting there looking a bit nervous, " hi Kara" she eased " hey, can you let her know I'm here" she nodded a sad smile. "Go right in" "Thank you" I release a big breath I didn't realise I was holding and I knock on her door, "come in" I walk into her office she is sitting at her desk in full Ceo mode she doesn't look at me. This is actual torture, I can't believe that I've had to, "you can sit down" she says. "Thank you" "also thank you for taking time for our interview" Lena finally looked up at me looking very pissed off, "why are you being so fake" did she really say that. "Because i don't want to be here but it's my job and I'm being professional un like you, I am here for an interview that's it" i re start the recording " Kara you can't be serious" I just need this interview " Can we do the interview than you can say what you like to me, but I don't feel like loosing my job over you" okay maybe I could have worded that better. She looks at me mortified "fine"
•|| after interview •||
Thank you.
"Kara why are you ignoring everyone, shutting yourself away your sister has rang me? And you moved out of your flat and not told anyone where you live ?!" " I am not ignoring everyone, everyone ignored me when I needed them and using me like I'm a toy or a rag doll, and you I don't want to talk to you, you really hurt me but that doesn't matter anyway." "Kara I am sorry, I honestly didn't mean to, I thought- "please don't" "no I'm going to finish you never let me explain" I can't I got up to walk out and she ran and held me, looking into my eyes. " NO, seriously Kara, I thought she was you" I scoffed "3 weeks Lena and that's the best you can come up with" "kar I'm serious" "my name is Kara, Lena" she looked shocked " no I'm serious, I though she was you Kara" "okay" I just walked out and I could hear her burst into tears, jess gave me a sad smile as I walked out wiping the tears from my eyes.
As I walk up the stairs to my loft I see magy sitting on the floor, I huff "hey little Danvers" "hi" "don't worry no one knows I'm here" I arch my eyebrows " pop zor-el" I laugh " your the only one what got it" "true, come on in" I say opening the door "Danvers this is nice !!!" "Thanks" " so I came to talk to you as a friend and someone who actually saw Lena kiss the girl" I nod "Kara i had called out to her a few moments before because I thought it was you. She landed in the cut off road and put her hair down and Kara I thought she was you"
"What ?!"
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