Chapter 23

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oh my gosh, someone please talk to me about the season 3
Karas POV•||
This is beyond crazy, like a twin sister, what? this is just absurd. I can't begin to comprehend what I am even thinking. I mean I know I got sent away when I was 13 but she, she was a baby they sent her away before she could even show them what she was like, They didn't even give her a chance. 

"Kara, Kara love" I fade out of my daydream, to lena's voice. "Kar, Listen maybe she saw you and came here to get some answers she, doesn't seem to be hostile. Maybe she came to see who she is" I look at Lena  "while doing that she made out with my girlfriend" Maggi, Alex and Lena all look at me with shock. Alex gave me the look "Lena Look I am so sorry that was so uncalled for" " It is Fine Kar" she stood up going to get a drink. 

"So how are we going to find her then," Alex said drinking her Wine, I need wine I need something that will actually work on me. i stood up fastly and just walked out the door, I hear them calling me but I just couldn't come to terms with it, I am going to the bar and then i will be back. 

*At the Bar*

"Hi, Could I just have a bottle of that to go" the bartender looked at me and laughed passing me the bottle, "Thanks, I passed him the money" As I was walking out of the bar I bumped into someone. " I am so sorry I was rushing I wasn't looking where I was going"  We both rushed out, I looked up laughing. " Ohhhh Boii, You look exactly like me. Oh, my God, it is you" "It's me bloody hell, It is me with an American accent" "Erm hm I guess we should sit down" she said I nodded following her to a corner seat. 

" You look like me but different glasses"  I couldn't help to say. " Are we related?" she said " I am so sorry I didn't mean to be so forward with what I was asking" "It's okay (i push up my glasses) To be honest I don't know if we are related I just know you are in an alien bar the same as me you look like me so I guess we must be, Can you tell me your story" 

"Erm, of course, I am Kiera Zor-El. (A tear falls from my eyes as I hear my last name), I got to earth, well London. I apparently Got stuck in some time thing for a few years so that messed some things up, anyway erm I got to earth with a blanket and multiple letters. obviously, the government found me and blah blah blah, I was adopted by this lovely couple who were both agents, My Mum and my Father and My older sister and brother twins. I was so close to them all as I was growing up and a couple of years ago, Me and my sister where watching the television and saw you Supergirl, and where shook my mum and dad thought I had been flying here on secret to be a hero, but I had convinced them it wasn't me and I was just in as much shock and yes I tried but I was talking to my sister and brother and they told me I should come. They told me I should find her well you"  Wow I am amazed.

 " Well Hi, I am Kara Zor-El, (she looked at me so shocked and crying) I got here a little after you but I was also stuck in some time thing so that works out to why we are the same age still, Erm I also got adopted by an agent scientist called  Jeremiah and another scientist called Eliza and their daughter Alex. Unfortunately Jeremiah was in an accident and yea he is presumed dead. but anyway yeah. Our home planet no longer exists it is called Krypton.  Oh and our birth mum is called Alura." 

"wow, I guess we are sisters well twins." 

"Yeah"  Kiera suddenly smiled really big "OMG I HAVE A TWIN" she jumped over the table and gave me the biggest hug. I burst out laughing. "Omg where are you staying? " "Oh just in some fancy hotel" she laughs "I am kinda some kinda big shot lawyer back in England" I laughed shocked. " I am a reporter, But you are welcome at my Loft hahaha I just bought it. It has 3 bedrooms so there is plenty of room but you have to deal with my Girlfriend and my sister and her girlfriend" 

"I AM SO SORRY" I looked at her 'SHE THOUGHT I WAS YOU, SHE KISSED ME I WAS LITERALLY LIKE OMH WHO ARE YOU" "omg I am so sorry "  "It is okay we worked it out" 

she smiled " well let's go back to your hotel and then we will go back to mine" 

" Sounds like a plan" 



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