Chapter 25

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|| Kara POV ||

I hear a door shut, soI walk back into the room where Maggie Lena and Alex where to see Maggie and Alex sitting awkwardly. "Where Did Lena Go?" Maggie and Alex looked at each other before Alex spoke. "Lena wasn't feeling to great so she went home" I made a funny face. "She was going to leave before you got back but she thought that it would have been rude and insensitive considering how bad the mood you was when you stormed out, you seemed fine so she went." Alex said quite fast and rambled. "Why didn't she say bye?" "Her driver was waiting and she didn't ant to disturb you" Maggie said. I am quite pissed like that is beyond rude to me and I don't get why she just didn't come and say bye. I am going to ring her. *Ring Ring RING Ring Ring Ring Ring* No answer. "Was she okay Alex? She isn't answering her phone to me?" Alex looked torn "Yeah she's probably just getting some sleep she really wasn't feeling great" She should of just stayed I would have taken care of her.

The rest of that night, Me,Maggie, Kiera and Alex where all getting to know each other. Alex and Maggie really like Kiera which is good haha.

|| Two weeks Later ||

"I HAVE HAD IT" WHY IS SHE IGNORING ME. Alex and Kiera are both looking at me quite scared. "Kar, Maybe she just needs time?" Alex says, does she know something I don't "And why would that be?!" Alex looked taken back "Damn is this what girls do to people" Kiera stood scared "No, I don't know anything different to you but that night before you stormed out of here you where really rude to her Kar, for no reason. Yes I get she cheated on you and that hurt but Kara it wasn't intentional, I mean Kiera looks exactly like you like if I saw for example another Maggie and I kissed her and then that Maggie turned out to be a log lost Twin, I would sure hope she wouldn't hold it against me." I completely get what she is saying, Kiera looked at me " I am so sorry, I mean I am so sorry" "Don't apologise, you are fine Ke" "No offence, Kiera I Love you like I have another little sister, but Kara you can't forgive one and not the other both of them didn't realise" I get what she is saying, I need to go and see Lena, I am still beyond pissed and annoyed at her for not answering any of my calls or texts like that is rude.

I attempt to call her before I go in, stepping out of the Lift saying "Hi Jess, Is anyone with her? Or has she got a meeting" "No Kar, You are good she has no more meetings today, you can go right in" I smile saying thank you. I Open the door slowly taking a breath wow I am so nervous.

"Jess I am pilled with paper work can you cancel my meetings and say I am not taking calls." She didn't even look up she doesnt know it is me I mean I could spend out before she looks up. No I got this "Well Jess can do that, but I am here to talk" Fuck fuck, Play it off, I put my bag down taking a seat. raising my eyebrow at her. She just looks at me.

"Lena, Talk to me. Why have you not answered my calls and you aren't pilled in paper work you are sitting here drinking wine" She literally is just staring at me and she just shrugged omg she didn't just oh wow "LENA" wow , she is just looking at me like I am not even here "Yes,Kara. Why are you yelling at me" She is actually really getting to me. "Because you aren't listening to me. You have done nothing but ignore me the past two weeks" she picks up her wine taking a sip. "I wasn't ignoring you, I was letting you get to know your sister" How is she using that foe ignoring me, iS SHE FOR REAL "No No, Don't you dare put this on me, trying to get to know Kiera. I have rang you I have texted you But you don't answer me, Do i even matter to you?" She just looks at me like I am nothing to her, I properly look awful right now, there is tears rolling down my face "You have answered my question," I start walking to the door I am done.

"No Kara wait." Is she for real now she wants to speak up "Why lena, you are driving me crazy!!! you are acting like i am nothing to you, I was your best friend before i was your god damn girlfriend, do you remember that?" I am literally sobbing "Of course i remember Kar" "Than why aren't you acting like it?" "There is just stuff" "What stuff lena, you are supposed to talk to me" "Just stuff Kara, i don't want to talk about it" "You don't want to talk about it?!! are you for serious right now?! this stuff is literally about to break us up and you don't want to talk about it" "Not right now i don't" "Oh wow" She is being so pathetic right now she doesnt trust me to talk to me is she for real I told her my biggest secret I am her girlfriend and now she doesnt want to tell me stuff and is keeping stuff from me. I storm shouting "Super and a Luther what a fucking joke"I probably shouldn't have said that now she is going to be pissed off but she started this. She chases after me and stops the Lift, Oh Rao Jess is abut to be in for a shock. "Are you actually joking i thought my last name never mattered Kara?! I thought that wasn't the case I thought that you didn't judge me like the rest of them ?!" I am so pissed off, Categorising me like everyone else I have always had her back no matter what. I storm back into her office. Jess looks so shocked, Lena is hot on my heels as I start taking my clothes off if she thinks a lift is the only way I can get out of here she is stupid. "I don't need a lift to get off the top floor remember" "Kara for the love of god just stop, How can you bring our last names into this and than ignore me" "Have you not checked your phone you have ignored me for 2 weeks?!!!" "I AM THINKING ABOUT STUFF" "WHAT STUFF LENA, YOU WALKED OUT MY APARTMENT WITHOUT SAYING BYE AND YOU HAVE IGORED ME EVER SINCE" "DID YOU FORGET WHAT YOU SAID TO ME BEFORE YOU STORMED OUT AND THAN YOU CAME BACK WITH YOUR SISTER THE ONE WHO I CHEATED WITH YOU ON ALL HAPPY?!!! KARA I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT I THOUGHT SHE WAS YOU EVERYONE THOUGHT SHE WAS YOU AND YOU ARE USING IT AGAINST ME" " NO I AM NOT" " YOU KNOW WHAT I AM NOT DOING THIS RIGHT NOW" we are both crying she grabs her bag and walks out of her office shouting " I will call you when i have a better last name" Urg hell no I do not think so, I Run and stop the lift. "You can't not let me walk out than you walk out, What the hell is your issue lena ?!" "YOU KARA, YOU ARE THE ISSUE" WHAT THE HELL, Jess walks into leans office getting out our way. "I am the issue okay, Than me, you us, It is over. Do not ring me because I am an issue, Do not ask about me. Do not text me because I am the issue." I am sobbing my heart out I can't even keep my tears in "No no kara, I didnt mean it like you are the issue like that" "Well thats what you just said excuse me I need to go home" "Are we over?" "I am an Issue to you so yes we are" "Kara I didn't mean it like that" "THAN WHAT DID YOU MEAN LENA" she looked taken back by my shouting but right now I don't care. "Kara, you don't let me kiss you, you don't let me hug you infect you don't like me touching you. You closed yourself off before I closed myself off. You know what I am not doing this here can you come round to mine tonight so we can talk please Kar, no arguing just talking to sort this out because I want to be with you god I do we just need to get all our issues out in a calm manner and this is not calm." I just nod at her as she walks out the elevator and I walk in. "I will text you" I nod again because I literally have the biggest lump in my that.



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