Chapter 28

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Kara POV ••|
The past week of me and Lena has been okay I mean we have had one argument but it was literally on about an alien and that I shouldn't be putting myself at risk against them creatures I just had to remind her that I am one of those "creatures" and she soon apologised. The thing I am most nervous for is that Kiera and her sister fly into today and we're all having a movie girls night including Maggie and Alex and Lena this is Kiera and Lenas first time meeting each other properly, like normally, the last time she was here me and Lena was in a fight and when she was on FaceTime to me, me and Lena where arguing so she doesn't think our relationship is healthy. But anyway I'm driving yes i got car i got to fit in right hahha, well anyway i am driving to get Kiera and her sister Avery, I am nervous to meet her sister. like it's so weird like this whole situation like it's just weird.

5 hours later--

Karas Pov--

so Avery is really nice, we all went out to dinner with Alex so like a sisters date haha. But yea it was really nice now we're all going to go back to my apartment now, Maggie and Lena said they will meet us there to finish off the night. So it's going to be really cute and sweet.
Lena love-
Le: Hey Kar, I hope you had a good night with your sister. I'm still in the office than an old friend text and said she's in town so we're going to go for dinner as a catch up. I'll see you some time this week.
Did she really just text we an rhetorical text message. We have literally just started getting okay again and I know relationships take there time to build and fix but something is missing from us something what we used to have. The spark isn't as bright as it used to be urg.

Me: sometime this week?
Le: yeah, I'm just going to spend some time with my old friend.
Me: Okay.
"Hey kar? You okay" alex asks me
"Yeah, I'm good. Lena can't make tonight" Kiera rolled her eyes and Avery looked confused as does Lena " she's meeting up with an old friend who is in town for a visit" "basically an ex boyfriend is in town and there going to hook up" Avery said laughing, Kiera punched her "OUCH WHAT" Avery said "She's on about her best friend right?" Kiera glared at her "No her girlfriend" "Ohhhh, Kara I didn't mean it like that it was just a joke" I smile st her "haha don't sweat it I trust her"

Im still writing but I'm falling asleep but here you go I'll update more tomorrow

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