Chapter eleven

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-3weeks later-
Snapper has been getting on my last nerve so has James and "KIRA" and so has miss grant
"Yes miss grant" " oh Kira I want you too go over to Lcorp and ask Ms Luther questions on her alien gadget" "her what" miss grant cocked her eyebrow at me. "Hm maybe I should get someone else to do this interview" " no it's fine I'll go thanks ms grant" I walked out ms grants office, leaving the building immediately, and heading over to lenas office.
How has she created a device where humans can tell who's alien or not that is cruel and not fair, what on earth was she thinking, I'm furious I need to hear her side of the story even if she has one. "Hey Jess" I say nicely, "hey Kara, mrs grant called ahead informing us that you was fastly on your way, Miss Luther is waiting for you" I smile "thank you". I can't believe this. "Hey love" Lena says sweetly coming over to kiss me. But I dodged letting her lips fall onto my cheek "I'm here on work business, sorry" Lena looked shocked and hurt but so am I. "Right than" she walked passsd me sitting at her desk. "Ms Danvers how can I help" she says in full business mode "how do you think creating a device what disingenuous who is human and who is not was a good idea?" I say seriously "because people have the right to know" wow is she joking " creating this divise creates an illusion that you don't like aliens?" Lena sits up straight " these aliens have disguises some living 2 lives this should give us a right to know who we are employing. Is there original plant status and why they have to leave going to effect there job?" "In regards too some living double lives are you referring to supergirl and superman?" Lena looks at me shocked " yes but there could be others" I wasn't going to ask this because it might hurt her feels but she's hurt mine"last question; some people think you are working with Lex Luther on this project to rekindle your relationship is this true?" Lena looks hurt and shocked at what I just asked. "No I am not. I haven't had any correspondence with my brother and do not wish to." I turn off of my dictaphone and but it in my side bag with a few extra notes I took standing up. It's such an awkward tension in here like it's really awkward. "Thank you for the interview Miss Luther it's been a pleasure" I say not even looking at her going to walk out as she grabs my arm turning me to face her, her eyes are watery she's about to cry shit wait no this is not my fault. "Why?!" "Why what?" I'm still not looking at her " why be that intense with me?! Why ask me they question when you know it's going to hurt me" I can't help to not feel bad yes that question was a bit far but that divise is not fair. "I have to go" I say going to turn around "Kara are you for real?!" " I don't know what else to say?" "IM YOURE GIRLFRIEND (door opens)" "I'm so sorry miss Luther Jess stumbles back out looking shocked. "You had your opinion about the divise before you even came in" " I know I did because it's disgusting some of us had to take refuge on this planet we didn't ask to come here" SHIT FUCK LENAS EYES WENT BIG SHIT SHIT SHIT. I run out her office and down the stairs knowing she won't catch to me I run to a near by side road and fly to the Deo.
•• at deo
I panic , she runs over
" you okay ?!" I start crying " me and Lena just had a pretty big argument and I might have slipped up that I'm an alien" " oh shit"

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