Chapter 36

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Lenas Pov
I walk into the room and sofie looks at me worried. I just can't help it so many things are running through my head right now, I walk upto sofie and kiss her, I don't stop I just keep kissing. She kisses me back it's getting quite heated as she pulls my top of not missing a moment kissing me as I pull hers off as she starts to kiss my neck, I pull her back upto my lips and kiss her as we stumbling onto the couch. Sofe kinda freaks out pushing me off her a little
Sofie: No lo hagas, no así. He querido esto durante tanto tiempo y ahora porque tú y Kara tienen una pelea, yo soy tu opción. se supone que soy tu mejor amigo (Do not do it, not like that. I have wanted this for so long and now because you and Kara have a fight, I am your choice. I'm supposed to be your best friend)
Sofie goes off into a rant pulling away with tears falling down her face.
Sofie: Te quiero como mejor amigo, esto no puede pasar. (I love you as a best friend, this can not happen.)
Lena: Sofe sofe listen to me, I am sorry okay, I am upset wait wait what do you mean you've wanted this to happen why didn't you tell me?!
Sofie: It doesn't matter lena, I'm going to go out for a break, I'll be back later okay?
Lena: no no no, Sofía talk to me
Sofie: le you've been my crush since boarding school and I've never wanted to wreck our friendship because you are my best friend and our friendship is to beautiful to lose and you have kara and I have just broke up with Louis I'm not ready to be with someone. You and kara are fighting right now but you both are always fighting you will figure it out you're love is beautiful.
I just burst out crying hugging her
Lena: i love you sofe im so sorry for not realising this stuff sooner but I love you and you are the best best friend I could ask for.
As sofie goes to speak shes looking behind me to a crying kara.
Kara: I forgot my phone here.
Kara says sobbing I stand up putting my shirt back on as sofie walks into my bedroom.
Kara: lena, we're done.
She says calmly whipping her eyes. She walks around the apartment grabbing her stuff which she has left here walking into the bedroom going into the closet grabbing her duffle bad putting her stuff in there grabbing her clothes stuffing them in.
Lena: kar kar, hear me out please please hear me out I don't know what you saw or what you heard but it's not like that I swear to you it's not, please listen to me. KARA STOP
I scream and she stops in her tracks
Kara: tell me why I should stop? You literally just proved what I was saying you've been sleeping with you're best friend while I've been in London, how did you have the audacity to tell me that you didn't do anything and then I walk in to you half naked rubbing her leg talking about let's not ruin the friendship?! Well guess what you doing this just ruin our friendship and our relationship.

Im always on fucking edge! Thinking that you think I'm doing something when I'm not I love you so much and you just act like I don't you treat me as if you have no hope in me and you have no hope in our relationship so what do you think expect me to do?! Maybe this Is for the best now I don't have to beg you to not walk away when I haven't done anything wrong in the first place. This time I have done something wrong and it's your own fault and I'm not going to beg you to stay that's your choice because I'm done begging and apologising.

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