Chapter eight

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Recap- " Don't tease me Lena" she smirked " what if I'm not teasing"
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Kara POV-
Oh my rao is this happening Kara stop don't freak out. "I'm serious le don't" she smirked as she started kissing my neck sucking softly as she hears me whimper when she found my soft spot "mm I love when you whimper for me" she comes back to my lips kissing me hard I can't help but bite her lip softly asking her for more she moans softly sliding her tongue in my mouth, our tongues fight for dominance and she won, this shocked me but I could feel her smirk on my lips I moans and she rubbed my sides putting her hand under my shirt. Breaking the kiss she leans her forehead on mine opening her eyes I smile catching my breath, "I've wanted to do this for so long kara" my heart flutters"same le" she smiled so big "I love when you call me that" "I'm happy that you like it" I can't help but giggle, she pressed her lips softly on mine whispering, "are you sure you want to carry on I'm just checking I wouldn't want to do anything your not happy with" "your so cute when you ramble" my smile turns into a little smirk whispering in her ear " I don't want you to stop anything that your about to do Ms Luther"
She gasps picking me up carrying me to the bedroom I couldn't help but giggle.
She's driving me crazy god damn, hearing her call me ms Luther in that tone i couldn't well oh my goodness she does certain things to me. I press her softly against the wall, she raps her legs around my waist as I pull her shirt off, smiling kissing her inner neck slightly sucking and biting on her collarbone, she gasps whimpering "mm le" i can't help but smile big as I unclasp her bra looking at her to see if it was okay, she blushed hard and nodded, my smile is so big right now, I let her bra fall to the floor as I stair in Ora of her beautiful breasts, "Lena stop looking deeply" I look up at her " you are so beautiful my love" she blushes even harder, I kiss her lips lightly smiling, I then take one of her beautiful boobs in my hands as I massage it softly while lightly kissing the other, "oh my goodness" I smile as i take her nub in my mouth and suck softly "oh fuck Lena" she lightly starts grinding into me "mm fuck Kar" I grab her thighs and take her to the bed, slowly putting her down I take off of mine and her jogging bottoms (sweatpants) straddling her I pull my top of showing myself to her I blush but kiss her "mm your so beautiful ms Luther" I gasp as I feel Kara grab my ass, she burst out laughing "I've waited so long to do that like soooo long" I can't help but giggle " your so cute kara" she blushes as she re tied her hair placing her hands on my waist rubbing my sides "your body is so beautiful Lena like beyond sexy" Kara bites her lip and damn she looks so hot. She sits up so I'm now sitting on her lap and smiles at me as she un dones my bra throwing it somewhere,she then lay me down switching positions so she now had the control and she smirked, this made my stomach feel like there was a good explosion in there. She kissed my lips softly traveling down my chest to my stomach she looks up as she passes my underwear softly kissing my thighs, "shit kar don't stop" she smirks pulling my panties down *knock knock* this has to be a joke this can't be happening right now, kara looks so pissed, * knock knock* she whispers I'm so sorry throwing a baggy shirt on walking to the door, "KARA" multiple voices say, well I best get dressed as people don't know we're together yet, I put her joggers and t.shirt back on fixing my hair groaning seeing she left a hickey on my neck.
Did that really fucking happen, did my friends actually just c*ck block me. "Hi guys what you doing here" James, Maggie,Win and Alex all look at me in shock. "kara are you okay ?" "Yea ?" " you look flustered and you never forget games night" oh fuck " oh shit sorry guys come in I just hand a blank moment I invited Lena she's already in there. Alex and Maggie both looked over at me suspiciously, "what?" They both shake there heads walking in. Urgggggg, "hey guys you set up let me go grab Lena" I walk into the bedroom shutting my door. She looks so cute in my clothes. "Hi" I can't help but say nervously and shyly, she giggles at me walking over to me "hey beautiful" I can't help but blush as she holds my waist "I'm so sorry about them I promise I'll make it up to you" Lena giggles kissing me softly whispering "don't worry princess there's going to be so many more opportunities" I can't help but blush and hide in her neck giggling as I see her hickey kissing it. "KARA" she whimpers "yep I'm so not sorry"  Lena roles her eyes ahah, "come on kar lets go out before they suspect something" "fineeeee" as we walk out James and win are arguing about something where as Maggie and Alex smirked at us. "What?" "Oh nothing small Danvers" as were sat on the floor about to play monopoly, Lena is sat on the sofa next to alex and Maggie and I'm on the floor next to James and win, James moves closer to me whispering "we need to talk later" I'm confused "just about us" I nearly spat out my water, please please please tell me he doesn't like me. Lena looks over at me and James and raises her eyebrow at me i shrug and roll the dice and take my turn. "So Lena did you stay last night" Alex asked smirking at me "yes she did" I answered fastly Lena looked at me and giggled, everyone is laughing and taking there turns "OMG KARA HAS HICKEY" win shouted, how is that possible that can't be "BULLSHIT" I jumped up and ran to the mirror i do have a hickey I'm so confused "how is that even possible?" "Well Kara we all know how it's possible" everyone burst out laughing but then Maggie looked confused "no but seriously how did she" now Lena looked confused because we all knew I'm supergirl and she was the only one who didn't know. Lena took her hair down so that her neck is covered. I smirked at her and she rolled her eyes. " "wait so Kara actually has a hickey can we come back to that" Maggie said laughing her ass off, "how about no" I said not even looking st anyone " OMG come on kar" win said " NOOOO, it's nothing" "it's got to be something if they've actually managed to mark your super skin" James said annoyed "I push him "shut up" I say "why we all know it's impossible to mark you-"JAMES BE QUIET" alex butts in "why we all know" Lena looks so confused "all know what?" I don't know if he's going to say about him and Lena or me being super girl. "What is wrong with you?" I say to James " you have a damn hickey?" "Why is that any of your business if I have a hickey" everyone looks extremely awkward "because it is my business if someone I like has a hickey when she can't be marked and the fact non of us knew you where seeing anyone" " well I'm sorry if I don't tell you everything it's pretty recent-"it's pretty obvious too" Maggie said "Maggieeeeee, and how they marked me like every other human when someone they love does something it stays. "Loves ? Wow" I think he clocked about the human, Lena is extremely red. I can't help but stand up and go in my room getting some running shorts on and shoes. I walk back past them through the front door. I heard Lena I'll check on her. Hearing the front door shut "kar" she walks over to me "are you okay" I nod tears threaten to spill "don't cry baby not other him, it's obvious he has a little crush on you and is annoyed that You got a hickey and the reason everyone being so confused about you not being able to get marked I'm confused but ignore him he just wants a reaction" "damn I'm so lucky to have you" I kiss her softly hearing the door open and a gasp...

Hey lovelies. 7 likes for next chapter ..., also I have fractured my ankle and shin bone in football (soccer) so I'm going to be updating more because I have this boot on >>>>

, also I have fractured my ankle and shin bone in football (soccer) so I'm going to be updating more because I have this boot on >>>>

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