Chapter 41

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"Hey kara" "yeah??" Kara looked confused "can we start over?" She smiled "Hi, I'm kara Danvers." I smirk "hey, I'm lena Luther"......

Lena's pov-
So me and Kara started off on a clean slate and it's actually going really well, like I actually get along with Kiera? So yeah Kara has been in a weird mood the last couple of days though trying to figure out and piece together what my mother meant a few weeks ago because they have went to quiet.
I have told her that she's probably just tired to calm her but I know my mother I know what she is capable of.

Kara Pov-
I literally walk through the door of leans and she is sooooo zoned out with a glass of whiskey in her hands like legit staring into space like krypton space ahaha, "le baby" Lena still didn't answer "leeeenaaaaaaa" I said waving my hand I front of her face. "Oh hi baby" Lena said standing up kissing me softly mm it was such a soft kiss such a nice feeling coming home to her, my thoughts where interrupted by a big explosion outside. Lena pulled away and looked in horror. "Kara?! The explosion came from the DEO" Alex's comes through my intercoms.

HEY soooooo short one!! But I am putting this book on hold for a few weeks because I want to focus on writing my Other KARA X LENA LUTHER FANFIC (  ) And hopefully get some inspiration for this one as I have no idea where I want to go with it?! But please check out my new one 😍😍 I think that the new one is 100000 X better than this one

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