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Recap: " I will explain everything i promise, but you need to get lena incase we have to say goodbye" i chocked out. Realising I don't know how to deal with this situation. I might lose my baby sister the one who knows me the most the one who has been my side through it all. I can't lose her

Keira Pov:

I can't believe I have come this far just to see my sister fall, what am I going to do, Alex isn't who I thought she was and now I am on my way to get lena to possibly to say goodbye. I DO NOT GET IT!! WHY. As I land on leans balcony she looks at me like she knows she just walks over to be as a tear roles down her cheek. "Lena, we may have to say goodbye, so we have to be quick" lena doesn't say anything lena just hugs me. I hug her and take off, It wasn't long till I was at the DEO with lena.

Alex comes over to us and tells us that Kara is in surgery. "Keira" I look up "I really don't want to have to ask you this but please can you go to catco and hold them off pretending to be kara, Car is going to kill her, shit bad terminology, but yeah please Keira" I look at Alex she looks broken. I nod. I hate Karas work I don't know how she does it it it honestly awful. "You two look after each other right?" Honestly there is so much on my mind like kara? How can this be happening we have only just got to know each other it it isn't fair. I get to karas loft to change into her clothes and to grab her glasses. This is so weird by the way.
I'm in the elevator and so many people are speaking to me, saying hello, this is breaking my heart she's so loved we all love her so much it is actually so sad like everyone is here thinking that I am her I can't do what she does "KARAAAAAA" oooh ohhh that's me, she is calling me. 

"Hello Miss Grant" she looks at me funny and raises a eyebrow "why do you look and sound different?" I get nervous because Alex said j'onn had done this so many times and fooled her but me I can't fool her with a sentence, " you aren't kara are you?" see i told you, I look at her and shake my head no. "shut the door sweetheart and let's have a chat" I nod. " You don't need to be nervous I know she is super girl I have known for a while, she she ok? and are you a shape shifter?" I am in complete and utter shock I don't know how to feel or what to even say??? like huh "erm kara got hurt real bad and no I'm her twin sister? we landed in different places and have been getting to know each other, but she's um hurt" cat looked at me so worried "is she going to be ok?" I shrug because I honestly don't know how to even say this like her not being ok is such a big possibility and I don't know what to say to her. I am zoned out "what's your name?" she asks looking at me, "I am Kiera" cats eyes get watery and she smiles "I have called kara that literally since she started working for me its like I predicted this, Keira you should be getting back you need to be by her side" I smile and nod. "wait sorry miss grant, how did you know I wasn't kara" she smiles "I have my ways" I nod walking off. 

time to go see what's happening with my sister. 

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