Chapter Four

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Kara POV ||
Omgggg omgggg omg she kissed me back wait she's still kissing me omg Kara focus on her. I can't believe it. I genuinely can't my mind is going crazy. "wow" Lena softly runs her hand across my face " I wasn't expecting that I don't know what came over me I'm sorry" I blushed mumbling " The only thing I expect an apology for is ignoring me picking me up, by the way you are extremely strong. but you " she puts her hand on my face "never have to apologise for kissing me again" omggg she is perfect, I can't help but lean in and kiss her softly she bites my lip softly. " come on lets sit down and talk" talk talk what does she want to talk about" she sits down and pulls me onto her lap. i can't help but let out a soft squeal. she gives me a big smile.

"So Mrs Kara Danvers" blushes softly pushing my glasses up "erm erm hi" she laughs loudly at me smirking "You are so cute Kara" "lena stop ittt" "From the day you came into my office with Mr Kent, you made me smile and done something to me"


Lena POV

It has been such a long day and kat grant has Emailed me to inform me that Mr Clark Kent and Her new reporter Miss Kara Danvers will be over to interview me. If you are wondering why on earth did she agree. I didn't agree because of Mr Kent but I agreed for Miss Danvers. Like she is starting her career i would be a horrible person if I said no. Then everyone would think I'm just like my brother Lex and i am nothing like him and I want to show people that.

*Knock Knock *

oh gosh this must be them. "Come In" I heard the door walk in and I turned in my chair to see Mr Kent with a shadow of a figure behind him. is she really that scared of me ? "Mr Kent what a pleasure" i stood up shaking his hand smiling "And you must be Miss Danvers ?" she peeped out omg she is beautiful she is stunning look at her I cant keep my eyes off of her. "erm erm yea hi I am Kara pleasure to meet you" "There is no need to be nervous i won't bite" i smirk she went bright red looking down. throughout the interview she would look at me shyly taking notes of what me and Mr Kent where saying and she was truly beautiful her eyes where amazing. i want to hear her talk. "So Miss Danvers what do you think about this situation ?" "Hmm well hm Miss Luther" she pushes her glasses up nervously looking towards Mr Kent, he nods smiling at her, I really hope they aren't together but wait they strangely look alike that's strange I did my research on Clark Kent a few years ago and nothing came up about him having family he was an orphan. I look at Miss Danvers sweetly as she still works up the courage to speak to me "Miss Luther-- *ringring* " I am so sorry Kar I got to take this it's Lois are you going to be okay?!!" Kara Looked scared for her life but nods looking down "I'm Sorry I will meet you at your place later " he says rushes out. Damn that was weird she sits there nervously pushing her glasses up. " I don't think they could get any higher Miss Danvers" I can't help but to laugh out as she shakes her head blushing. "Okay this is a little awkward" she nods fast "Am I really that scary ?" I smirk "No No No of course not I just...your a very powerful successful Woman and I admire that, I am just little Kara Danvers the new reporter" she is so nice and cute omg she is cute. " well i don't normally do this but lets move this to the sofa and lets talk off of the books to get to know each other that sound like a good idea ?" "she nods smiling putting her book and pen in her bag".

we proceeded to go on about us she is a very smart girl. I learned that her parents died but she got adopted by an amazing family.


Lena POV

I can't help but sit there and smile at the memory that ran through my head of when we first met she has always amazed me and i am so happy that tonight happened.....


HEY HEY SORRY I HAVENT UPDATED I WAS IN PORTUGAL. It was so beautiful !! but yea I hope you like 10 likes for next chapter. :) PM If you want to talk or have any ideas :)

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