Chapter Seven

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•|| Lena pov•||
Waking up next to her knowing that she's mine is the best feeling in the world. I mean she's beautiful her eyes are beautiful when there uncovered from her glasses and she's so peacefully sleeping. She's so pretty
"Lennnaaaa stop looking at me" she whispered in her morning raspy voice covering her face getting her glasses from next to her. Putting them on looking at me. "I can see you know" she giggled, I can't help but smile at her she smiles standing up running to the bathroom "I need to peee" she blushed I can't help but smile once again, what is she doing to me. She comes back out with a tooth brush in her mouth, what do you want for breakfast I'll go get it while you freshen up you can wear whatever of mine she smiles walking back into the bathroom. "Anything will do but not potstickers it's too early" I've never saw someone move so fast she's looking at me with the cutest pout tilting her head "hm" " it's too early and unhealthy " "fineeeee she walks to her wardrobe pulling off her top so she's left in a bra and shorts. My mouth dropped her body is beautiful and so insanely good her stomach looks so hard and flat omg "take a photo it lasts longer" she laughed loudly "erm erm sorry maybe you can have potstickers your body Is insanely beautiful and in good shape" she blushed hard "thanks, okay I'm hungry I'm going she says pulling up her skirt.
•||Karas pov•||
I never released how hard it's going to be keeping that I'm Supergirl from her I want to tell her but Alec would kill me I know a super and a Luther in a relationship what ?! Oh rao Clark is going to kill me. I've got mine and Lenas food and Im walking back when I see a bunch of cops chasing a car the car was heading straight for a little girl so I dove and moved her out of the way while the car plowed into a building, what I just did looked so human like legit the little girls mom was so thankful and an ambulance man was checking if I'm okay. Wow what a way to start my morning I giggles I picked mine and Lenas stuff up walking back into my apartment seeing her on my couch with some of my jogging bottoms I smiled big at her and gave her, her food and coffee smiling. "Thank you miss Danvers" I smiles walking into my room changing into some sporty tight shorts and a baggy shirt going back sitting next to Lena smiling. "What film babe" "damn I really like it when you call me that but any" I can't help but giggle out, Lena smiled so big at me putting on a random film finishing her food pulling me into her, I smiled big snuggling into her. She smiles placing a hand on my thigh drawing patterns I can't help but whimper, Lena smiles big pulling my chin up so that I'm looking into her eyes she softly placed her lips on mine softly biting my lip making me shiver moaning in response " Don't tease me Lena" she smirked " what if I'm not teasing"

authors note •||
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