Chapter Thirteen

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Lena turned to walk to the door, I just couldn't keep my tears in. I let out a sob, coving my mouth, waiting to watch her leave because I know it's over as soon as she walks out the door. She burst into tears " why didn't you tell me kar" she turned " I couldn't" "Kara I'm going to need a little more than you couldn't Kara please" "The agency I work with was against it because knowing who I am can put a target on you and with your mother already trying to get to you, I didn't want you to get hurt because of me. I'm sorry Lena I've wanted to tell you before we where us you was my best friend and it's been so hard to keep it from you" she turns to the door again, but I refuse to watch her go,I walk into my bedroom changing fastly, siting on the edge of my bed, waiting for her to leave, I've been sat in my room for 10 minuets and age still hasn't left. "Kar" "hm" she walks in sitting next to me, no words she pulls my face and kisses me softly. "Kara, I know this is soon but I think I love you, I didn't go because I know it would be over if I just left and I don't want that and I hope that's not what you want either. It's going to take sometime for me to get used to, and for us two to be back like us, and god no more secrets please no more" I can't help but cry like sob I hurt her and I know she hurt me but what I've done was worse. " I'm so sorry le" she wipes my eyes kisses me softly. " I'm so sorry too I shouldn't have been that naive creating that divise" she pulls me into a hug kissing me so soft and passionate. There's a knock at the door. " I won't be a minute" I smile shyly walking out to open the door. It was alex and magy, "Hey, we was just coming to check on you before we head home" alex says "omg you've been crying are you okay" magy says I nod "I'm okay we are okay, there was a lot but yea we're okay" alex mouthed "she still here" I giggle nodding. "Okay we are going to head out I'll come around tomorrow to check on you and don't worry about DEO me and j'onn can deal with it, you stay with Lena" I smile hugging her they walk out "Bye little Danvers" they both smirk "BYE LENA" I shake my head shutting the door, walking into my bedroom, Lena is looking out my window so I sneak up behind her and hug her waist. She jumps a little but then relaxes. I kiss her shoulder softly. "Have you got work tomorrow" Lena shakes her head no "I took the week off, I couldn't concentrate" "I'm sorry" "have you got work tomorrow?" She asks completely ignoring my apology. "Nope" she turns her head arching her eyebrow at me "I was a mess cat gave me the week off" Lena pulled me to my bed making us both fall on it, she kicks her shoes off, let's nap I've missed you then we will order nonans" I smile cuddling into her closing my eyes.

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