Chapter Ten

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A/N I'm going to be adding sam and ruby into thisssssss story now!.... Recap:  "but you have to trust me and I promise you nothing will ever happen with me and James" Lena smiles so big "come on let's go back"
•|| Kara Pov •||
Do I tell Lena about me being super girl, I mean everyone in my life who is important knows. She is more that important I'm just afraid to tell her, we have been friends for a while and now we are together god she's going to hate me I don't know what to do, telling her might jeopardise our relationship but not telling her will too. Rao why is this so difficult. "Kar you okay" I feel a slight tug on my hand walking back up the stairs to my loft. I nod gulping softly. "We don't have to tell people yet you know I don't want to push you into doing something you don't want to do" she looks sad but honest, I kiss her whispering "I want to show people, I want to kiss you wherever i want to hold you're hand and stuff" she smiles big "want a piggy back ride?" Lena says I laugh "yaaa" I get in her back and walk into my loft laughing. The other four people look at us, James looks beyond annoyed and the other three look happy. I get off lenas lap pulling her to the sofa, then I sat on the floor to hear a knock I jump back up hearing laughs. " I'm so sorry I'm late I had to find a sitter for ruby and another investment contact" I laugh " it's cool me and Lena just got back" she smirks and I look at her funny. She just laughs louder walking in sitting on the floor next to me. "Kara can I talk to you" James said, I nod at him "in private?" I nod walking out the front door Lena looks so pissed, everyone else looks annoyed. I shut the front door looking at him. "So what is the deal with the hickey on your neck" is he stupid " the hickey on my neck is there for a reason. "Erm because I was almost with someone" "who?!!" He's getting so mad he is also shouting "why does it matter" I shout back, it's very obvious everyone inside can hear us. "Because it's not like you to just go with someone I didn't think you was like that" I'm so pissed " I AM NOT LIKE THAT YOU ASS" "seems like it, non of you're friends know who it is" "because it's obvious ? Your just to blind to see it" "to see what" "TO SEE THAT I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND" his face dropped and we heard gasps "WHO?!" "Lena and don't act so shocked, James I've told you multiple times I don't see you like that" James pushed past me coursing me to stumble. Is he joking he opened the door about to storm through, he knows Lena and Sam don't know I'm super girl so I have to act human like.  before they could see I pulled him back "Don't you ever touch me again" I heard someone run i knew it was alex. "James I think you should leave I don't want you here" "Kara look I'm sorry" "no James she just asked you to leave" Alex walked upto him, I'm telling you if you ever put your hands on my baby sister I will break them" he looked shocked walking away. I grabbed alex hugging her. She whispered "congrats on Lena" I gasped " you heard that ?!" She laughed loudly walking into the room I blush walking in after. Everyone was smiling Lena was blushing like crazy " well congratulations you two have  finally seen you got the hots for each other" Maggie smiled so big, I walked over sat on her lap giggling. "Told you nothing to worry about" Lena smiled big kissing my shoulder. "You two are so cute" sam said
"Wait so Lena you gave my sister a hickey" oh gosh this is going to be weird

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