Chapter 22

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Lena POV •||
This whole Kara and Alex situation will either go really bad or really good.
"Hey me and Maggie are going to walk to the store so you too can talk" Alex says thank you as me and Maggie walk out.
Kara Pov
" okay Kar here me out" Alex looks heart broken but you know what so am I. Can you even believe age didn't even rin- shit I changed my number. "What have you got to say?" " Kar I am so sorry, I didn't know Lena had kissed someone else but when you came the DEO that day I had just got off the phone with Maggie and we were all confused and we didn't want to panic you." " panic me Alex I just wanted my older sister I just needed you and you wasn't there for me." " Kar honestly I didn't mean to as soon as I found out I tried to call and go over to your place and you wasn't there." "Your my sister so I can't be mad at you but I am extremely upset that you didn't try harder I mean Maggie found me" "I know Kar and I'm so so sorry I will never not tell you something again I just wanted to protect you but in doing that i hurt you" I couldn't help but hug her so tight "Kar Kar calmmm" "oh I'm sorry", "so who is this person" " I think she may be your twin Kar"

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